Jan 26

We order a mushroom-cheese omelet

Now see you’re the kind of guy who eats jam on toast
And I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t eat toast as all
So when the plate comes, I give you both pieces of toast
And you spread the strawberry jam on it
While I’m busy cutting the omelet in half
But before taking a bite of anything
We both pick up a hashbrown simultaneously
As if somehow we’d planned the entire thing
And we both take a bite of it and
We love it
It’s cooked to perfection and potatoes are my weakness
Back to the omlet though,
So I’m not that great at cutting
And the omelet cut unevenly in half
So you take the smaller piece
Even though you’re bigger than me
And I steal the bigger piece
Even though I’m smaller than you
And you eat your half in three bites
While I’m struggling with mine
And the string cheese is caught somewhere between
My fingers, my mouth and the plate
And it takes me a while to eat
About twenty bites in, there’s no way I can eat more
So I ask you to eat what’s leftover
I guess I should have given you the bigger half to begin with
But I guess that’s just how we work
Where you’ll always take the smaller portion
But end up eating most of the food
Because I’ll always take the bigger portion
And leave most of it untouched
You eat my leftovers in two bites
And the coffee arrives
I almost knock over your espresso
While reaching for the complimentary cookie
I eat my cookie
And then I eat half of yours too
And by this time I’m pretty full
But I see a sign for a free cookie
And I want it
You don’t really care for it but you laugh
Because you haven’t seen me want anything as bad
As the cookie (it's free!)
And so you get me the free cookie
And I’m too full to eat it
So I put it in my bag
Very proudly; it’s my success for the day
I finish my Americano faster than you finish your single shot espresso
So you give me a sip of yours
But you drop a few drops on me
And now my pants look like they have blood stains
And I smell of espresso
And you’re trying to clean it with a tissue
But the waiter thinks we’re doing something naughty
So I tell you to stop
And even if we were doing something naughty
Who’s the waiter to say anything anyways
So we finish out coffee and we call for an uber
And my pants are stained
And I’m carrying my cookie
And I don’t think I’ve ever been happier
While we wait for the uber
You steal my glasses
And you try them on
They look funny on you
I like them on you
I think I like you
And you can’t see anything
And I can’t see anything either
Except for your outline
That’s enough for me
So the uber comes
And he calls us
And we’re leaving
At the counter you pay
And I see a Nutella cookie in the window
I want it
But you just paid for breakfast
So I’ll keep quiet
We sit in the car
And I put on pomegranate lipbalm
And I give you some too
Your lips look nice and soft now
And I think today has been a really great day
And I think you fit me well
Because you love toast and I leave toast
And it works out
(except for that baked tomato no one ate)
But look the point is
Is that we work
And we squish in the back of an uber
And guess what?
The seat was made for two.

We ordered a mushroom-cheese omelet
It was a good day

Dec 29, 2016

i like your crooked teeth,
and the fact that you’ve never
attempted to fix them.

i like your unruly eyebrows,
unkempt and raw, they intrigue me.

everything about you is so imperfect,
and its such a shame that those who have
come before me have not fallen in love with
all of your flaws, and its such a
travesty that you,
my love, cannot
see the beauty
in all of your
so called physical

two poems in one day , oops .
Kyle Ray Smith
Kyle Ray Smith
Nov 4, 2016

When my friend committed suicide, I didn’t find out directly.
I found out through a teacher. I was called in the office later that day along with everyone connected with my group of friends.

We sat there, and as the counselor told us why suicide was bad they gave us a pamphlet from the back wall.

How? How could they put suicide alongside heroin, ecstasy, HIV, AIDS, Party Drugs, Teen Alcohol, Texting and Driving.
Depression is not something offered at parties or given out for 20$ a pop. Depression doesn’t make you tipsy or destroy brain cells.

Like that pamphlet my eyes were opened.
Bi-Folded and Arranged like an informational epiphany

Kyle Ray Smith
Kyle Ray Smith
Nov 3, 2016

The first thing that I noticed when I walked into the psychiatric hospital was how cold the floor tiles were.
You See, they took my shoes off because I was a thirteen year old, five and one half foot, one hundred and ten pound threat.
I made grown men think I was off my edge...and looking back on me, I was.

I mean, killing myself? That’s the ultimate game show bet.
“WHAT’S BEHIND CURTAIN NUMBER DEATH” I seemed to ask myself.
And also, what games would I have to play to get there.
How long do you have to hang to die?
How much blood would it take to bleed to death?
How fast does my mother have to be going on the freeway to make my jumping death quick?
Someone would have to be mad to even bother looking behind that curtain.

But like I said, the first thing i noticed was the floor tiles.

#love   #suicide   #father   #crazy   #slampoetry  
Kyle Ray Smith
Kyle Ray Smith
Nov 1, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen, Today I am Taking You to an Amusement Park.
You Know It? It’s right between Bastardville and LonelyTown.

My favorite ride is depression, it goes so far down!
Abuse is like a Kiddie Ride.
The Bully Stand has the best Food imaginable.

Oooooooo, or have you been to The Freak Show?
It’s by the Broken Home Balloon Stand.
Ooooo, The tension on insecurity, and G-Force on Divorce will drive you WILD.

I love the Rejection food stand, they have some delicacies like the slit wrist salad bar, or even the starvation sandwich.

Shall I Go On?
The final ride is called SUICIDE, often times it breaks down, but when you ride it you won’t want to leave....

Oct 25, 2016

Some days I am only human,
Burdened by a choice of
Which elegant wine?

Existence lingers on non-linear lines
While loneliness seeps in by surprise.
This place is just a home for the greedy,
Ill and confined.

Armed against one another
With needles and knives,
We all weep swollen-eyed.

Quick, think.
Where will you go when you lose your mind?
Come find me and I’ll tell you,
Consciousness is not a waste of time.

They say this is freedom,
A place safe to confide.
Well where will you go when the doctors prescribe?

Force-fed till we swell
With lies.

Home is no place to find.

You see some days I am a god,
Dirty and free.
I have peace in my heart
This angry mouth is a sign.

But I won’t vanish.
I will watch from aware eyes,
As they glide through the streets
Following paths well-defined.

By force of parent or government,
The machines arise.
I retreat to my mask,
Do my homework and post online.

How is this freedom?
How is this human?
Are you even alive?

Why don’t you transcend this?
Your feet are your wings,
I promise you can do more than just survive.

"Fall through space, out of mind with me"

A slam poem inspired by:
Empire Ants- Gorillaz
My hatred for constant routine
Oct 22, 2016

If i ruled the world id have hockey games settle evry dispute now that may not seem cute but if all that passion by politicians is displayed on the ice then we might not be in needless disputes
If you're rude to me if i was emperor you see id not be cruel and force you to eat nothing but bread and gruel id simply have you put out of your misery because you're clearly a loon
Now you may not like every whim and policy but i promise id try to come off as endearing I'll kiss babies and give to charity and explain my thoughts with the utmost clarity and maybe go on Larry King

But all punchlines aside if i ruled the world and everything in it id make it so we treated addicts like humans not vermin and remain sane to help the insane and truamatized because so many people suffer behind their eyes and
I'd decide to abolish money so greed wouldn't decide the fates of those out here in these streets
Id make it so we gave back to the earth so much that weve taken from it and actually do things that benefit the environment not kill wildlife

Kyle Ray Smith
Kyle Ray Smith
Oct 13, 2016

Remember your father.
Yes, you’ve not met him.
Yes, not a card, phone call, or letter.
Those absent baby days are so far gone, remember when your son wants to be held by his father, he will not be in the arms of a stranger to you.
When your son cries, do not be in the other room snorting oxycodone.
Remember to not sleep around with other women.
And if you do, Do NOT hit your wife when she brings it up

Remember your first step father.
Remember that your son may be different from you.
And if he likes baseball, buy him a fucking baseball.
When he argues, don’t lay a finger on him.
Remember each and every retched night in which he’d touch you

Remember your second step father.
Do not punch holes into the walls.
Your house is not a work zone.
Do not taunt your children.
Do not threaten or take your son’s emotions as false.

To The Man I May Become,
Do not reflect on the past, use it as motivation.
Remember your mother.
Remember the compassion she had.
Do not cast out anyone in your family.
Including yourself.

This is More of a Slam Poem
Amethist Jude
Amethist Jude
Oct 4, 2016

Ang saya matulog
Ang saya managinip
Walang problema
Hindi masama ang ihip

Ang saya matulog
Para lang akong nahuhulog
Nahuhulog sa ideyang tayo
Pero di masasabihing totoo

Pagtulog na mag-isa ka
Sa panaginip kasama ka
Magkahawak ng kamay,

Pagkagising mag-isa ka.
Nakahiga sa kama
Walang kayakap,
Marahil na nagdurusa.

Nagdurusa sa ideyang dapat may tayo,
Kung hindi lang ako bumitaw sa kung ano ang totoo.
Naniwala at nagpaloko
Sa mga sinasabi nilang kuro-kuro

Minsan gusto ko nalang matulog
Kase nakakapagod na mahulog
Mahulog sa kalungkutan
Mahulog sa kasawian

May oras na ayoko nang gumising,
Sa tulog kong mahimbing.
Dahil alam kong kapag ako'y namulat,
Gugustuhin ko ulit sumulat.

Sumulat ng aking nararamdaman,
Sumulat ng bagay na ipinaparamdam,
Sumulat ng mga bagay na di mo nararamdaman
At sumulat ng bagay na di ko mararamdaman.

Pagkatapos sumulat muli akong mapapagod
Mapapagod sa nararamdaman
Mapapagod sa katangahan
Mapapagod sa kabiguan

Pagdating ng gabi ako'y hindi makakatulog
Dahil sa mga bagay na naglalaro sa aking isipan
Pagdating ng alas dos ako'y makakatulog
Dahil malinaw na ito'y isang katangahan

Sa susunod na pagtulog
Sana hindi na ikaw ang laman
Ng panaginip
At Laman ng puso't isip

Dahil masaya matulog
Ang saya managinip
Walang problema
Hindi masama ang ihip

Mala-slam poetry ang nais ko pero fail
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