Hannah H
Hannah H
1 hour ago

A sense of failure
From a lot of hard work
With no gain
And nothing achieved.

16:46, 01.10.16
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Hannah H
Hannah H
2 hours ago

Demons hide inside your mind
In control of your thoughts
Your actions and words
The angel's been injured
You're all alone
Scared with no one to turn to
You feel so much hurt
Devil's stabbing your back
You need a release
You need some relief
Different pain
Coping mechanisms to try
If you fail you surrender
To the demons locked inside
You can't back out
You're right in the corner
The only way out
Is through a slice in your wrist
Wait, that's new
The demon's taken over
Already in charge
Leading the way through the red
Out and into its land
The blood drips to the floor
Crying, falling, collapsing
Your arm hits the ground
Your body follows suit
A rush
Lights, sirens, screams
On the floor you lay
No movement or breath
The demons took over
And now you are dead.

19:00, 23.11.15
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Armin Tavakoli
Armin Tavakoli
5 hours ago

I didnt give you poems,
I gave you parts of me.

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7 hours ago

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I really do.

Your words
sometimes heal me
only yours can be the cure
But sometimes kill me
because it's like a sword

And when it does
you said I never listen
but I always did
The same line you'll repeat

                                that I am,

Who should I blame
for I am being such fragile kid

I need your love
I see there's love
but sometimes you love to hurt
and I am so sick of being hurt by the world
the last thing I'm asking is for your protection
so I have a safe space at least; home

It's not your fault
that I am so weak
Not your fault
that I am hurting

Never be yours
cuz I love you so

Never be yours
that I chose to not speak

Never be yours
that you don't get me

I'm sorry.


I still love you and I always will.
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Sean Dunne
Sean Dunne
1 day ago

please dont ask me if i miss it when you know that i do,
please dont ask me how it felt to sit in the passenger seat of your car every day for four months straight.
because i will tell you.
how it felt like yellow lights in a dimly lit café on monday nights,
like dirty snow underneath your tires,
like a resurrection of fresh air after feeling trapped since september.
every now and then i come back to this.
now that it's february and i cant remember what your house smelt like.
i often wonder what your parents think happened to me. and your sister.
i've started to wonder if i would have gone to her wedding with you.
i hope she's happy, and i hope you are too.
don't get me wrong, i needed you to leave i know i did.
sometimes it doesn't feel like you did much for me although i know you did.
sometimes it doesn't feel like you were ever part of me although i know you were.
now that it's the end of february the weather has started to become lighter and i keep finding myself rolling the window down, making the music louder and wanting to sing, wanting to smile, wanting to feel what it's like to be euphoric again and i just, can't.
not right now.
i don't know if a year later can be considered "too soon" but i do know
that i hate you, and the way you made the snow feel like you so now i dont even feel at home when i look out my bedroom window.
i hate you, and the way you made the car feel like our safe space so now i don't feel space when i'm driving with my mother.
i hate you, and the way you made me think that you would stay,
the way you made me feel like you were going to be a part of my family
the way you threw me away as if it was easy for you.
i hate you for everything that reminds me of you like guitars and troye sivan and sleepovers and driving down the fucking highway and having someone that cares about you so much they'd miss saying goodbye to their dad to spend another night with you.
so don't
do not
ask me if i miss it
when you think you know that i do.
because i don't miss any of it.
not anymore.

i finally finished this poem i wrote for you. did you ever finish that song you were writing for me?
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If a poet falls in love with you,
Don't take it for granted;
They don't write poetry
For just anyone, you know.

February 24, 2017.
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2 days ago

There are monsters
choking vodka
into my hip bones
like skeletons
crawling into
unnecessary authorities
that unhealthy juice is
exhaling isolation
of ingrained
crippling grits of teeth
because unquenchable thirst
is my figurative
blurring delirium resonance
glistening calcium nature
defining “ambrosia is a
ghost protruding my eyelids”

A lot of people ask me "How do you write these poems that are so vocabulary strong with strong  messages?" Well I admire people from a far , I have gone through some things myself during my life even though I am still young, but that's not the point because age , race , doesn't describe us. I write poetry because it's my therapy , not even my fucking therapy my best friend.  
Writing is a way to express our thoughts and that is all I do
but may be drinking coffee helps too because who know's my coffee might talk to me , anyways i'm rambling now , but yeah sometimes my poetry is very hard to understand, but that's the point , there is a story between every line, every word
Austin Bauer
Austin Bauer
2 days ago

Orsemas Caldwell
was a curious old man
who lived deep
within Elderwood forest.
Everyday he'd gather
branches and boughs
to cook his dinner
and warm himself
inside the drafty,
dusty cabin
he called his home.

I clearly remember
the night he invited
my wife and I over
for biscuits and tea.
We left our car
at the entrance
of the single-file
footpaths that led
into the darkened
shroud and stillness
of his forest.

We sat at an ancient
wooden table covered
with the inscriptions
of hundreds of writings
from decades past.
I remember his wrinkled
trembling hands as they
set down the tea
he had dried for us,
I believe it was chamomile
with a hint of lavender.

We talked about a great
many things, but nothing
made his eyes light up
like when he told us
about his wife, Percilla.
They were ministers
at the old baptist church
until they retired to their cabin
in Elderwood forest.
Young lovers again, they'd
lay under the trees and laugh.

He showed us her picture
and smiled remembering.
I could hear in his voice
the sweetness of their love
and a longing for reunion.
I don't remember much more
than his words that echoed
in my head as we drove
back to our modern day
amenities, holding
one another's hands:

'Don't let one thing
come between you.
You are one flesh,
you are not two.
Don't let children,
or money, ambition,
or your vocation
come between you
and the one God gave you.'
This is the memory of
Orsemas Caldwell.

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2 days ago

it is
the little things that hang in the ribcage
when they spoke with such
raw intensity yet soft
when we held one last time

it is
the worry that comes after
that'll hunt my old wounds to come crawling back
they try to remain a little unscathed  

can I still write the final line
which is simply, stay
before you look the other way?


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