My mind is looking
For an answer.



I'm not sure anymore. Because,
When I look up, there you are.
And I..... lost it.
Those thoughts that make me - an individual.
Those thoughts that me me - unique.

........... End so quickly - with you in my presence.

My own being - lost.
My own mind - lost.

..........You can be too much.
To many thoughts, emotions, ideas for my being to

And I am losing what I need.
Who I need to be.

- One Day, I will not need question marks (?)
One Day, I will not need last minute calls...
- One Day, I will not need confusion
One Day, I will not fall so deep into my delusion
And I will not hold onto a faint, loose, illusive - idea

To be in your presence -
I will, one day, not feel the need to be beside you -
Because I hope.

You're are no longer a hope......

And I will stand with my own two feet -
I will be planted in my own being, not hoping - for an idea.
I will be brave!

And I no longer wait for strength from other's before I ask it from myself.
I will no longer wait for their question marks to become my ideas of romance.
I will no longer wait for an idea
I will become the idea - of who I am meant to become

So I will never lose again.

Trying to make sure you take care of yourself before you let a day-dreaming mind become to strong.
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1 day ago

I don't want to cry again
I want that  cry in the past
To be the last one

You don't know how long
I have waited for this time to come
That I can face the world with strength
Even my walls are breaking

I will never stop loving
But I will never beg for love
My love is real forever
So I deserved something real
I just want you to know
How much I love
But I won't ever ask
To love me in return

I will never beg for  love
Because I deserved something real
So I will stand here alone
But I will never cry again

Inspired by a piece I just read
#love   #cry   #strength   #last  

I am a flower,

Planted in this earth to become something beautiful.

When stormy weather comes to my garden,

I will only prosper.

2 days ago

Be the catalyst
Summon strength from deep within
Motivating all

Journey of Days
Journey of Days
2 days ago

keeps me here
slows my mind, my heart
settles me in the present
holding me firm
keeping me standing

as I face down hell

Kay Ireland
Kay Ireland
2 days ago

You said I meant the world to you

because I was the one person

who had never given up.

I was a name

you hadn’t yet added to that list.

You mistook that for love.

I will never give up on you;

that’s the truth.

I will never give up on the notion

that one of these days

you’ll find a way to be happy. 

But it will be with another girl

in another land, 
far from here. 

I pray you never set foot on the soil I’ve tread.

I will give up on us. 

I will give up on the fantasies.

I will never exist to you 

outside of your own self-interest 

and that’s okay.

But that doesn’t mean I have to live with it.

That doesn’t mean I have to stay.

I will never give up on you.

I will give up on you, with me.

Written for a series of poems that will eventually be a finished chapbook.

Recovering Addict

Numbness disillusion,
The impending intrusion,
Visited by the ghost,
One you fear most,
Shaking fighting
Nails now biting,
Sending purges,
Head aching
Body breaking,
Yet relentless,
Unbearable desire
To fuel the fire,
Maybe feels like dying,
Don’t give up trying,
The light will be bright,
Come, end of night.

this poem is about a friend of mine who battled with alcoholism for many years, he has turned his life around and now councils people who suffer with the same condition, many a night he would call me telling me he could not beat it but he did.. Hope you enjoy.. JB
Michael Brogan
Michael Brogan
3 days ago

You tell me I'm a great teacher
but what about the others?
What about the layer behind the gold?
A rotten apple?
A whore in a church house?
I sit on my throne of dirt
waiting for the maid to come.

They always come. Ready to take even that away.

#doubt   #strength   #school   #teacher   #will  
4 days ago

She is an angel
with the devil inside her.
She has fire within her soul,
and if you
are lucky enough,
to see her dance
beneath the moonlight,
this is her home.
At this hour of midnight,
beneath the full moon,
she is at her strongest.
As if all the witches
that burned before her,
now stand behind her,
guiding her,
by leaving secrets,
hidden in the constellations,
and written in
the ancient
language of the stars.
She being,
the last of her kind
that can decipher
their meaning.
Watch her
as she dance's
in the moonlight,
and see her ancestors
dance beside her.
She'll spin,
and leave you tranced,
because she knows,
you cannot fight her beauty,
or the magic,
hidden inside her gyspy eyes.

#love   #poetry   #life   #strength   #witch  
Benji Platski
4 days ago

You are not afraid of the darkness
But what hides within.

You are not afraid to move on
But to accept the reality of loss.

You are not afraid of heights
But falling from them.

You are not afraid to talk to her
But of her believing you are a fool.

You are not afraid to love
But to not be loved in return.

You are not afraid to speak
But mockery of what might be spoken.

You are not afraid to die
But of ignorance of where the journey ends.

Fear devours rational minds.
Preying on the unknown
Making our imaginations run rampant.

Take heart. Courage dwells within you.

For it takes but thirty seconds to open wide the door to a life of bliss.




I can.

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