Rubi Sandoval
Rubi Sandoval
8 hours ago

Tame the fire inside my soul but please, don't extinguish it.

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9 hours ago

Fair to the broken
Who through mankind have been slain
She make's them all pay

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Arcassin B
Arcassin B
16 hours ago

By Arcassin Burnham

Cracking necks and sneezing to prevent
Pure evil from letting go your misguided
Soul from this hell and her hell and his
Hell is a lot different than what it might
Seem in his or her eyes,
We prevail,
To be human beings in these dark times,
Pushing and pacing and paving numbers of
The population while playing sick games,
When all we want is sunny days with fresh
Cut grass,
Playing Frisbee in cold winters and make
Beds for summer,
Some are quite good swimmers,
Some are good runners,
in the grass we go.

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Graceopher Mills
Graceopher Mills
18 hours ago

The angry words
Rain down on me
A violent
Downpour on a
Kid who's afraid
Of getting wet

#words   #rain   #water   #wordsmith   #fighting   #wet  
19 hours ago

And I tell him all the things
that I want to hear,
and sometimes I even sing
to disguise the silent fear.
And I tell him all the things
I wish he said before,
but the wounds that sting
of expectations,
  still lay sore.
I tell him not to worry,
I tell him how he's pretty
I read him poetry
and smile at all his silly.
I tell him that I trust him
and ask him how he feels
For I'd take away his grim
If for once he didn't shield.
I say things to console,
I say things so he'd tell me more.

But then I wonder if at all
words are to be counted on,
or why I while my time away
solving what those lyrics say.
And I wonder if by any measure
a thousand words could compete
with the smallest selfless gesture,
And then silence, tastes so sweet.

And all those fears, they melt away
as I watch him slip the curtains on
and all the worries turn dry & grey
when he holds my arm & walks along.

And sometimes as I watch him sleep
After a day of making love and tea,
I wonder if I'd trade that view
for a hundred words waiting to be true.

And yet I'm here, typing away,
playing with these senseless words anyway

#love   #words   #fear   #gestures  
1 day ago

Let them speak, let them talk.
Will they preach if they spoke?
      Give them pens, hand them papers.
   Let them in the world of writers.
      See them learn, watch them grow
   Using metaphors and similes too
    This my love is a sea of words, the sea you're slowly diving in

#words   #writers   #sea   #pens   #papers  
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
1 day ago

There will be a time when you need me,
But I'll already be gone.

Flesh may be a measure of mortality,
However these words cut deep.

They carve themselves into infinity,
Scribing the rise, climax and fall.

Each piece is a violent declaration,
Against the tides of hate.

While I could not wade in the water,
The storm of truth rains down.

Falling victim to fate and telling times,
All exits are crafted by these hands.

#words   #life   #death   #art   #power   #violence   #mortality   #protest  
1 day ago

The feel,  the touch on my skin
Brings ecstasy to last forever
I feel your love all over me
Kisses so sweet and tender

The dreams,  the promises we made
Carry me to a wonderland
I see myself walking with you
On a beach walking hand in hand

This fairytale inside my heart
A prayer I always sing
Your words of love bring me to tears
As I look in this silver ring

Love always...
#love   #dream   #words   #us   #ring   #promise  
1 day ago

the pulse of raging flame
sitting in wait           deep
within the core of light

the flicker of spark ignites,
like the screech of dead, cold metal
along your wooden floor
as I fight the need to scream
and break your vaporizer--

this slumbering dragon
sitting in my chest
with billowing wings of
emerald green and burnt-orange
like a whirlwind of autumn leaves twirling
crescent magic of destruction
pulling and pushing
this rage up and down
until the tendrils of flame simmer
and I stand on tip-toes to kiss
your soft lips, the smoke
escaping as exhaust and love, tender--

Rebel Heart
Rebel Heart
2 days ago

My pencil scribbles
on this empty sheet
defining the story of my life.
Incoherent lines for
incoherent thoughts,
unable to describe this strife.

These useless words dance
on the empty edges of lined pain.
These ruthless monsters rejoice
on  the empty corners of my brain.

My mind is a battlefield
of meaningless words
and demons of the past.
The only hero left
is a sole broken soul
that'll never even last.

But one look at you
and the lost soul is no more.
Something new flickers in its eyes,
a new flame of hope for the war.

But the flicker of hope vanishes
as the last straying colors fade grey.
The hero knows it is a zero,
and doesn't want you to stay.

Because I'd let hope in to help,
but it's too late to try.
I have to fight this battle myself
Can't let you in to drown and die.

I'm bad news and a lost cause
all rolled into one
I may smile but I'm shattered,
incurable when the day is done.

Like these words I pour out.

Chained up by demons, too broken to shout

#words   #life   #empty   #battle   #brain   #strife   #story   #mind   #shattered   #stuck  
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