JM Romig
JM Romig
1 hour ago

She's sitting in a nearby booth
telling her friends a story.
She says

"It was mid-day.
Like, noon.
Like, the sun was, like,
directly above us"

I was on my way out,
so I did not catch the rest
but I secretly imagine it sounded like this:

"We were, like. almost exactly half way through,
like this twenty-four-hour period.
It was the opposite of, like, midnight -
like, the opposite of crickets, gazing at stars
and contemplating the utter insignificance of,
like, all life on this planet."

"It was all, like, birds chirping, and like,
one single star in a blue sky,
so close and so bright that gazing at it would, like,
blind you or something."

"It was like this pure moment,
like, a rush of endorphins, or adrenaline.
like there was nothing
that mattered more
than the two of us,
like, around twelve P-M, to be specific"

"It was, like, you know, lunch time.
So I asked if they, like,
wanted to hang out,
grab something to eat, maybe,
or maybe, like,
you know, do something else
or whatever..."

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7 hours ago

it was now, entirely
a clear unknown looking face
that rose right before my very eyes
we played off
let our fingers bite the goddamn chains
that stubbornly
skirts around from getting all locked up
God knows
what crept into my mind
when I nearly slit his vision through
into blindness  
before I could even take
my last pull


7 hours ago

I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I do. I really do.

Your words
sometimes heal me
only yours can be the cure
But sometimes kill me
because it's like a sword

And when it does
you said I never listen
but I always did
The same line you'll repeat

                                that I am,

Who should I blame
for I am being such fragile kid

I need your love
I see there's love
but sometimes you love to hurt
and I am so sick of being hurt by the world
the last thing I'm asking is for your protection
so I have a safe space at least; home

It's not your fault
that I am so weak
Not your fault
that I am hurting

Never be yours
cuz I love you so

Never be yours
that I chose to not speak

Never be yours
that you don't get me

I'm sorry.


I still love you and I always will.
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1 day ago

I can't resist
to toss my inner voice
when this almost heart spills
such devotional whisperings of prayers
without unsaying your name
after all,  
they've already been purely calligraphed and written
I'd imagined that's where
the aid of all good and pretty things splatter
and don't just disappear


Arcassin B
Arcassin B
1 day ago

by Arcassin Burnham

On rainy days like this one here was just a wreck
in a short distant memory that only i can recollect,
i had to process the problems in my head to really
check on the thoughts in the air of my forehead to
break a sweat,
And you would have thought i pepped,
the people that push up my problems in a flash while
thinkin' back in this reality a man,
That i am more than them in every way to be exact
and not cocky but very optimistic to say i can.

Rebecca Scull
Rebecca Scull
1 day ago

Only the bruised and beaten
Remember their screams
Once heathen

Only the torn and broken
Remember the words
Once spoken

Used and abused
#broken   #words   #abuse   #beaten   #only   #spoken   #torn   #bruised   #heathen  
AD Fox Spirit
AD Fox Spirit
1 day ago

Every time a sentence is spoke,
It can never be taken back,
Its out now for the whole world to hear.

Once someone opens their mouth and lets words drip out,
Those words are imprinted onto the world,
And time cannot be re-winded.

"So speak wisely," Everyone says,
But no one can seem to follow this small simple rule.
Why is it so difficult to think before speak?

Arguments can leave scars,
Lies and rumors can hold such damage.

Words have an impact, but many seem to forget,
As the letters dance out of their mouths and into thin air,
Already turning into a wild tornado storm and destroying who every is in its way.

Words seep deep within ones skin, burring in deep,
And burning that victim, as tears soon slip out and begin to fall.

"Words hurt," They told me,
But I never knew that they would make a tare in one's heart,
Damaging for a long time, and placing it in deep into one's memory.

Words have affect, words do hurt,
And words have a lasting effect,
So choose carefully before you let out a sentence that is filled with hurt.

Words have a huge affect on someone, no matter if they are kind words or painfully, just remember that once those words are out you can never take them back, so please think before you speak.
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My heart lives for just a male.
All for him, not anybody else.
Breathe, all of me in, and never exhale.
And because of him, I’ve learned to cherish thyself.

Showed me a love
That I’ll never forget
Oh my beloved,
I wish we could have met.

Teach me everything you know,
Promise to speak to me, every single hour
And always, be with me in the shower.
For, my lion, I’ll be your throne.

So now I lay, here in bed
Playing memories of you in my head
Searching for the love, you used to lend,
For my broken heart, to try and mend.

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2 days ago

This fascination
With material things
Pictures and words
Promises and lies
It make people forget

They forget what really matters
What is really important
They get too absorbed
In their pictures and words

A simple gesture
That's all we need
Nothing more
No pictures
No words

We get wrapped up in the technicalities
We complicate things
We add pictures and words
Even though we do not need them
To express ourselves

We have no need for these new languages
These new pictures and words
What we need is something old
Something nearly forgotten

It's older than the desert
Older than the ocean
Than the trees
Than the mountains

It's pure
Purer than a snowflake
Or a child's laugh
Or a sunbeam

It requires no explanation
No pictures or words
It's something we all understand
Yet we have forgotten

We have forgotten it
It's simplicity
It's embrace
It's warmth

What we need is love
True love
Love that does not need explanation
That does not need pictures and words
Pure love

#love   #pictures   #lies   #truth   #words   #happiness   #emotions   #pure   #warmth   #feel-good  
Lola Park
Lola Park
2 days ago

Words are just words
but sometimes we hurl them until they hurt
and whoever said "sticks and stones" --
well...they were swift enough to dodge bullet shaped words.

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