10 hours ago

You're hiding who you are
and I hope you realize
that once you show everyone
the real you, they will love you
even more.

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Sarah Elaine
Sarah Elaine
6 days ago

Towering above realities,
A facade of sorts,
     of protection
     of security
     of isolation
     of preservation
Attempts to bring down, break through..
                    chisel away piece by piece.
                    claw, scratch, dig.
Only the true get in..
Only the real get in..
Only the true persevere... Only the real persevere.

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Mercury Chap
Mercury Chap
3 days ago

A lot many times,
I am too handicapped to write
A sentence
Two... words, one word, three words, four words...
Like a poet. I am too unconfident or inconfident or disconfident or... Is it unconfident? No, yes, no. Yes.
I am too broke, mentally, exhausted reserve of words, letters and alphabets that I am not native to, but are mine since I was born and my real language is lost amongst the chaos of my broken English. I can't be a good writer like this.
I can't be a poet, I am a person merely aware of a few things in life and can't express it clearly so I think vague poetry helps, even though I write it I can't interpret someone else's poems.
I am not qualified to be a poet. I haven't written 200 sonnets or a 1000 poems on various themes of life, not qualified to write poems on all stages of Human Development. I have only written a 100 poems... Actually, 150. But you can think it's 100.
I am not a poet. I am not old, I am not famous. I am not dead. Why should I be called a poet?
I am just a person who is expressing oneself, I shouldn't get so haughty and give myself a designation. Yet.
Let me grow old and decay in time, so when the earth swallows me up, provided people know me then by luck or chance, I might become a poet. I might.
I am not a poet.
But then, who IS poet?

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3 days ago

These past few years you have made me forget that I am still fire
I am still strong and powerful and capable
You have done your best to take all the best parts of me
and turn them into something useful only for you
but there is still that roaring heart inside my chest

For awhile I forgot that I used to be hell on wheels
miss independent with a kick in my step
ready to take on the world with an iron fist
I used to be the girl who rolled over men like you
put them in their place and said forget it

I am a volcano erupting
An ocean of feelings that are okay to feel
The loud parts of me are what make me burn beautifully
The parts of me you don't like me to show are okay too
I shouldn't have to be quiet about my flaws
because love is supposed to accept them anyway
if love is even what we can call this anymore

When my insecurities come out you leave welts on my skin
from being so hateful towards my most fragile pieces
when I am breaking you only help me shatter
by throwing stones big enough to break down whole buildings

All of me that makes me who I am is not appreciated by you
it is NOT fair for me to live hiding and walking on eggshells
to make sure you are happy, the only one of us who apparently matters
supposed to be partners in this life instead I am your servant

but Oh you are never wrong, you never want to hear it when I am bleeding my heart out all over the floor
I am a mess you just step over because heaven forbid you get your shoes wet

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kyle Shirley
kyle Shirley
5 days ago

love is evil
Hurt is truth
Pain is real

#love   #truth   #pain   #hurt   #real   #cheat  

God made each and every one of us into Genuine precious diamonds.
Then delivered us to earth to stand out as his creation.
Knowing that the earth was evil he made us beautiful;and Strong as the lord wants us to be.
To stand out as difference to the world to shine the light of his glory through the son.
The earth began to grow with in  us  with minerals,dirt and mud made up by evil trying to turn us into its own creation.
and to convince us we are just dirt that belong to the earth and nothing more; also to distract gods propose of life.
Over time we got so used to belonging to the world we forgot who made this ball of battleground; we began to only see what the world see’s us as. but the world lurks with evil.
we saw the world as it is and not what it could be.
We began to see only  what evil had told us,
and convinced us of.
so we forgot our father who created us and let doubts run through our spirits.
  We Slowly started to forget we were priceless diamonds and treasures of god.
and began to let people who seam to have more wealth in false success walk on us.
  and eventually for people to be so focused on them selves in this world they lost sight on the real idol.
  because they didn’t see as god did because evil took over there eyesight,
Evil convinced us of what we weren’t and was only their to bring us deeper and farther into the mud to be blinded of gods  true perpouse for us. God only wants to unburry us &lift; us up to be shown of what we really are again “Diamonds” and to be baptised washed and cleared off of all the mud on us that the world has thrown at us.
he want’s us to bring light for the hidden diamonds thats are still stuck in the mud;
and to recognize each other as precious diamonds of god and  not of mud or a stain that left a mark.

Only evil fills you with doubt and tells you what you aren’t the devil in greek is accuser.  God is always there to tell you what you are and can be.
He’s trying to Defeat the purpose of gods work.
What would a this world be if every one was different and loved one another as god loved us?
If we saw perfection and hope in every one as god see’s in us?
If more people would stop stepping on what they thought was dirt and would think;

“ what does god think? is this dirt I’m stepping on or  are they actually diamonds of god that I’m being told aren’t worthy?  Is evil causing me to walk a life of judgments?,
Am I unknowingly  listening to evil and convincing people they are nothing more then dirt on this planet?
  evil has put wrong upon my eyes, I need to walk for god or am I walking against him.”

What would  this world be if every one was different and loved one another as god loved us?
If we saw perfection and hope in every one as god see’s in us?
It would be tremendous but horrible for the devil… Because he would have to give up Every one would realize he was a liar and that they were diamonds of god all along.
He would be losing and god would be winning.
This would be the cure every one’s eyes would be filled with love and acceptence of each other and the eyesight of evil would disappear.
God wants you to represent him. he want’s  to tell you that you may look like dirt to evil ,
but you are in fact a valuable unique gem he made strong under pressure to be a soldier.
He want’s you to go into the world to convince people of him.
He want’s you to be a soldier  and if a mans down don’t convince him theres no hope but bring him with you to the other side. To love

and to shine a light of hope for  a hopeless world and be the cure that victims of evil still suffer by.

please give me some feed back on your views! much would be appreciated. Enjoy! <3
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American Dream

Losing it one memory at a time,
how can I keep track of my friends all over the world,
how did America become a shell of it’s former Self,
what happened to the my American Dream?

I mean,
I have everything,

been to every continent still not at all content,
really though mostly because I don’t know the reason,
for my discontentment I’m in contempt when I try and defend Consciousness,

because most people don’t want to hear it,
myself usually included,
but this day is different an exception to the rule,
in a moment when nothing is excluded,

all inclusive with no illusion to allude to,
only positive punctual true proof,
that ever experience we gain,
is another memorie we lose,

and I suppose that’s the trade off sort of,
lost my money got my freedom feeling strung out like Adolf,
in this Waking Dream that's beginning to feel like a Ponzi Scheme,
was gonna blow the whistle on the whole thing until I got paid off,

hey Madoff,
I just got laid off,
or rather laid on,
a beautiful bed by a beautiful mare that's more like a Stallion,

and that’s the difference,
between the Exceptions to the Rule,
and the “normal human beings”,
I’m between and Exception and the Rules,

I’m losing things but Perfection costs a lot of jewels,
so I'm donating all my Championship rings and useful tools,


to pay the Piper,
there’s a toll at the bridge,
and a troll under the bridge,
and I'm tough not a Billy Goat Gruff with,

Hot Chili Peppers,
with Kiedis in Budapest,
got The Good Life high as Ini the Hotstepper,

nothing seems normal,
shouldn’t be so formal,
let the record play let the drums roll,

in times of gargoyles and turmoil,
having a drink at the bar and it's purple,
at Gresham Palace Bar & Lounge,
up high and getting down with a surplus,

with Anthony in Budapest,
at the Four Seasons Hotel,
on the River Danube,

the River Danube,
brings up memories,
of Lovers and Poems,
and all of the things that continue to make Me,

me and my memories,
I remember you and yours too,
when we walked across that bridge,
above the River Danube...

I can’t stand Truth,
He can be such a fickle creature when He’s free,
and I’m losing memories it’s true I just hope I’m not also losing you,
because She can be such a fickle creature when She’s free,

one round at at time,
on ground that was never mine,

and I know you don’t know the answers,
“But excuse me could you at least tell me the time?”,

to this you turn from your Enamore,
“Well since you asked I’ll tell you it’s almost One Two.”,
in other words what you said,
was it’s almost 12 which makes this the 11th Hour of Youth,
and I know we’re losing all of our memories,
but the only thing I fear losing is you,

Because I’m,
losing it,

Losing it one memory at a time,
how can I keep track of my friends all over the world,
how did America become a shell of it’s former Self,
what happened to the my American Dream?

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

It is hard for me
To let you go
Our love so true
My eyes do show

I miss you my love
Though I must move on
Only he above
Knows if we are truly gone

I cried tonight for the last time.  It was unexpected and caught me off guard but i felt something let go
#love   #ex   #future   #true   #real   #honest   #complicated  

Suffering incorporated,
Pain and vitriol mandated.
Baited the fools with timely set traps,
Taught the idiot to speak with pictures,
Man now only caring for his fellow man's money.
Not who he is, or his family.
Torment, Affliction made into businesses.
Spouting and touting society has advanced.
When we still live off of the sweat of the weak, the helpless.
The opulent get more,
The poor man gets less.
One could debate who has more,
The man who has nothing in spades, or the man who has everything.
At least the poorest man knows how to suffer with dignity.

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