Joseph Percy
Joseph Percy
21 hours ago

Is it weird?
I felt comfortably reliefed,
When I saw the email,
When you messaged me?

Is it weird,
How we talked with such ease,
As if the past was erased,
And our friendship never ceased?

Is it weird,
That I want to talk?

We were good friends, and our young mistakes ruined that. But that is expected I guess. :P
R Saba
R Saba
1 day ago

when you spoke
i choked
because the words you were saying
were already broken at the back of my throat

the next morning, i tried to eat
but couldn’t swallow

in a dream, you grabbed me
but nothing hurt

i will miss you
when something hurts
when i stub my toe or come down with a fever
like the one that haunted me last week
or the one you tried to calm on my birthday
the next time i try to take buckley’s,
you will be reflected in the liquid that taunts me, telling me
this is the right thing to do

i will miss you
every time i do the wrong thing
when i stay up too late
or drink one too many bitter coffees
or pretend to forget i might run into you
at the corner i’ve been visiting too often

i will miss you
too often for it not to be a pattern
too much for me to ever feel comfortable alone
too many times for me to count

i will miss you
when i’m not dressed for the weather
when the fresh air stings the marks on my skin
with reminders
of other, warmer winters

i will miss you
when i travel
remembering every little last wave at the airport
wanting to tell you each time i land
so you know i am safe

nothing feels safe
not even the words we called our own
or the new ones you taught me
words i no longer say
for fear of choking

#love   #end   #time   #writing   #missing  
4 days ago

i want to take a vacuum to my soul to rid myself of you
you're in my nooks and crannies
hiding from my efforts
no matter how hard i work you'll still be there
constantly driving my compulsive mind to the edge
maybe i don't want to vacuum you all the way gone but i want to rid myself of the pain i feel when you are not here
i can't decide whats worse
the pain when you're gone or the pain i feel when you are here
i'm so needy
i'm so clingy
cut me off so i can heal myself in pity and self loathing
release me from your grip that you didn't even know you had on me

#love   #pain   #hurt   #pity   #missing   #release  
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
4 days ago

I am sorry for letting a few bad people tear us apart
I am sorry for talking with so much bitterness
I am sorry for throwing you to the wolf
I am sorry for silently watching him destroy you
I am sorry for leaving you when you needed me
I am sorry for making you cry
I am sorry for being difficult
I am sorry for pushing you away
I am sorry for trying to fix us while I was still trying to fix myself
I am sorry for falling for you so quickly
I am sorry for holding on for so long
I am sorry for not understanding why we are holding onto each other for so long.
I am sorry for still having feelings for you
I am sorry for missing you like crazy
I am sorry for being the jealous type
I am sorry for everything
I am sorry for this since it probably doesn't mean anything to you
I am sorry I'll leave you alone and let you be happy
I am sorry for never saying sorry
So sorry.....

It started so quickly and ended so much quicker and yet we still are trying to put the missing pieces together. Even after going months without talking. Just sucks....So like I said I am sorry and just wanted to tell you that.
#love   #poetry   #relationships   #you   #maybe   #us   #missing   #friendships  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
5 days ago

I keep thinking I'll awaken to the day
and you will not have really gone away--
but reality dawns and I know it's true--
I can no longer reach out and touch you--
Still, the thing that comforts me somehow
is knowing that you are free of all pain now
and envisioning you being embraced by an abundance of love
and knowing too that you are watching all of us from above.
I cannot lie and say I do not miss your laugh, your voice
but I will admit, I do sincerely rejoice
in the comfort your unending love brings to me
and I know somehow you will forever be
a part of my heart and others' hearts too
And always I will be thankful for having known & Loved You.

Goodbye for now, my dear loved one
I'll see you again when it's time for my own setting sun...
©Pamela Rae 03.20.2017

I'll never stop missing his physical presence, but I know he is free of all pain and embraced in an abundance of love and joy.
That sustains me when I miss his presence in my world.
Thank you to all who have helped me through this most difficult journey.
I love my brother so dearly.
#love   #heart   #death   #goodbye   #realm   #missing   #rejoice   #nonphysical  
Alaric Moras
Alaric Moras
7 days ago

You steal your thoughts
From memories never lived
Hoping that terror will hide
In a whisky filled teacup

It's the 1 a.m blues again
(Everything is burning
Everything is burning
Everything is burning)
And your friends pretend happiness
By feigning death and snoring.

You did not sign up for this, you know,
Not the cold nor the bit of blood
From the lip you cut too hard
But you've got it, anyway,
So you may as well fuck
But everyone who'd touch you is gone,
Looking to love and not simply make it

You cannot think what then you were

Now it's morning
Go to church, eat a sermon
The leaves are crackling in the wind
And your Sunday is cried away at the pews
Breadcrumbs burning your ears
A poet can bleed, they say,
If his ears are torn up with words enough

Now it's night again and you're trying
"Beloved", you say. The mirror does not reply
"Beautiful", you say. The mirror does not reply
"Broken", you say. The lights go out
Now you can go to bed
With your eyes open
Waiting for sleep to say
"How do you do? Let's hold each other forever."

R Saba
R Saba
Mar 17

february ended without warning
and lent began, sharply unwelcome
as if time was forced to hurry itself into march
as if more than just a month was ending

something unnatural began
long, blurry days and painful nights
aching, stabbing belief in a future
that no longer existed

i do what i can to tell myself it still can
as i ride the bus, my bag occupying the space beside me
filling the empty air i drag with me
staying out as long as i can
just to avoid using the word ‘home’

something is missing
when i breathe in, my lungs are not filled
when i close my eyes, you are there
but as if far away, back turned

march drags on, the days grow longer
and i avoid the river

#love   #poetry   #winter   #writing   #feeling   #cold   #missing   #march   #river   #february  

I dreamt of you last night.
We were under the starry night sky.
Your hands were embracing me,
and my lips were kissing yours.

Then I opened my eyes.
I woke up and I realized,
you were already gone.
You weren't there for me anymore.

Sometimes, I wished
that dreams are reality.
And reality is just a dream.

#dream   #broken   #wish   #missing  

When you ask if I'm okay,

of course I tell you I'm fine.

but really,

I want to get high with you again.

Because the last time, we started getting


And I miss that very much.

I miss the way you held me.

and ran your fingers through my hair.

Until our friends walked in.

And we had to stop

#friends   #okay   #fingers   #stop   #hair   #missing   #weed   #high   #friendly  

in many ways-
he's just like you...
but it doesn't make me miss you
any less.

#you   #everyday   #missing  
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