George Mitchell
22 hours ago

I was walking home staring
At the crowd before me, headphones blaring
Passed a white dome stair case
There I saw some protesters
Bitchin about sexuality, the poor and race
They all were white faces
Straight faced liars
Jacking each other off
Go home at 3 when they’re tired
Wired in their brains to think everyone’s discriminating
Women hating and tearing
The country to pieces
But I’m tired of hypocrisy and political movements
that fizzle out before anyone important starts moving.

People leaving jobs and homes
to join the growing
mob screaming in the streets
like piles of leaves
before the street cleaner comes
to sweep them off their feet.

They're grabbing signs and posts
and roaming with provoking slogans
forming chaotic masses
walking with sticks up their asses
following Twitter feeds, Snapchat and hashtags
looking for a reason to blow their tops
tired of being soft
trying to jerk each other off.

I mean what would you call it
when thousands of people are stroking their ego
and blowing their load of shit in your face
like they have something profound to say
when they really just don't have the balls
to go all the way and do something great.

"If you don't agree with us
you must be hating us
trying to suppress us
you discriminating racist."
Just because I don't agree
with the way you're rampaging
about unclear desired change,
doesn't mean me and Satan are on the same page.

Do you think Martin Luther King
went screaming in the streets
with misplaced anger and a vague ideology?
No, he preached freedom in churches
gave speeches in public places to all races
with a plan and clear demands.
And managed to start a movement grand
while here you are starting a media fad
of angry disruptive rants.

You fools are using your hate
to hammer away
at people who can't bring change.
Instead of placing it like a fine tool
at the faults of the human race.

If you're going to stand in the streets
screaming at me
and whipping up a psychotic frenzy,
then at least go all the way.
don't stop after a few days

Get together and have a discussion
let your hearts sync
forming one percussive beat
of a worthy goal.
The kind that matters
that arrests men's souls.

#society   #rap   #political  

Whatever the attempt was in the experiment i exempt from,
obviously failed and I was the result of flaws and then some.
Being alone is my only choice.
I've grown into a routine of protecting me against any connection to human emotions by blinding myself to any affection,
in order to keep my heart clean of love's infection.  
pushing all life away, keeping boundaries at bay has allowed me to maintain a heart to perfection.
no cracks,
no leaks,
total privacy in the darkness within the safety of being heartless,
the skill to mastering prevention of ever being broken hearted.
love to me is just hope dragging you through darkness.
leaving a trail of blood old and new,
freshly dripping over the dried black rust,
straight from your heart,
raw and nude
the source of the many layers of bright red sadness.
you try to make yourself feel better but you can't get over what happened,
let alone process and accept the loss of what you had.
blood now looks like gold in your eyes you just want to watch it pour out of you along with your life,
you think about the pain youll feel as you perform beautiful incisions
staring into the air wishing on decisions.
it's no surprise when you wake up to bone, tissue and fat exposing cuts,
what is worse is in your mind you feel like they aren't deep enough.
depression is the sleep aid that cries you to bed at night,
insanity  is the alarm that reminds you to hate your life,
feasting on a diet that consists of anxiety and starvation,
eventually relying on prescribed medication,
taking  one overdose after another and it's not your name on the label,
just taking anything that allows you some escaping.
falling to pieces because you realized what you needed by the time it was too late then.
thinking so much,
spend all day crying
ever notice how long the days become, when you're in so much emotional pain you honestly feel like you are dying.
as if the hurt is so great it evolves into a physical presence that follows every move you're making.
the sorrow you can literally feel in your chest just taking away every last bit of your breath,
it hurts even worse than any way these words could ever be said.
describing the agony is nothing compared to the  feeling of death,  that you get...
no amount of drugs could bring you the slightest relief even at maximum strength.
you just want to stop waking up in the morning because it's pointless to live without the reason you had, and you try as hard as you can to never be sober again.
thinking of what you could have done differently when it all even began,
when there was still time to take a chance.
the days when everything started to go wrong
and you finally realized you couldn't walk away nor go on
hoping that one night you stay asleep
from the amount of prescriptions you managed to eat,
crying yourself into the next life,
hopefully it'll be worth it next time.
if you've ever loved then you are bound to fall apart.
I've grown up to believe that to trust is to be deceived,
and i wouldn't change a thing
it's what keeps me on my feet.
getting to know people is fine ,
but i always keep in mind ,
expect to be stabbed to death by the nature of mankind,
and left behind to lay there and die,
on the surface of rock bottom ,
soaked in your own blood while you are being forgotten..
I naturally gravite toward being lonely,
im in love with its solitary appeal.
to be by myself is what life owes me.
Not because I have no other options,
but because being alone is my preference  and it has been for years.
just myself, wrapped in silence with solitude's empty  distance running miles around me,  spaciously surrounding.  
it's priceless to me to be able to be as comfortably me as i can possibly be.
no one to worry about judging me.  
i couldn't care less what the fuck they think,
but it's simply lovely to be sure there's no one to worry about.
i live for the feeling in the moment when there's no one around.  
the only time when you are truly yourself because there's no fear of the opinions of anyone else.
all of the emotions,
if i ever had any,
they were collected like tokens and i would pay my last penny,
to have this time to myself.
to laugh and cry and whatever else.
i can be as manic as my unstable mentality forces me to be,  
no need to put pieces of my personality up on a shelf,
strange voices screaming homicide in my ears while someone is choking me,
but im the only one here, must be
someone i cant see.
do you see what i mean?
i don't have to hide who i really am when i know it's just me.
being more of me more openly,
not having to hide who i am from those who disagree.
I rather be alone, as alone as can be.
Loneliness is my perfect company,
ive grown to know and  appreciate what being alone has done for me.
By myself in the dead night with no one to invite.
that's just the way i like.
no one to interrupt my atmosphere as it remains untouched
In the mind of my heartless persona,
All I have to worry on is the sudden strike of boredom.
the impact it has on the mind is rather dangerous.  
especially a brain like mine with tendencies to do things that often stain me.
love has swung me from the basement of hell to the stars,
and while in space i decided to leave my heart,
if falling back to earth meant I could  feel even worse then why not just litter my broken heart into the endless nothingness that is space.
in time it'll burn.
let true darkness with a few stars there be where my only connection to another human stays.
as far away as the distance it takes from where i stand to what's outside of the sky, exceeding every limit, i made sure when i left that open everlasting place, i wouldn't be able to visit,  
leaving no trace for love to find that i existed, even if it is mine,  i want no part of it .
i had to leave the most humane part of me where it could never reach me and i could never regain touch.
i am psychotic as a result of my experiences with love so i had to know that i can now control my interactions with never worrying about caring too much.
so when i come back and hit the ground there's not one person around who can get anywhere with me or further damage me now.
im a solitary person its just the way i grew up and i will never change that about me even if i had the choice.
my senses catch a fever when too many people are near me,
socializing is not something i enjoy,  
it's more of a trigger to anxiety rising beyond fatal levels inside of me,
i'm not used to vocalizing or expressing myself in anyway,
if it isn't drawing or using words to imitate the sensation of pain
if i ever feel pain
but that doesn't matter.
i just need to be away from people and present day.  
when im alone i am away and i like to stay away.
i was fed lies and rejection
taught to accept but make no exceptions.
No one is true, i always knew to act as if every one i encountered was hiding bad intentions.
never love because that's a waste of time and it takes too much energy for me to connect with someone mentally
only to have them desert me right after promising they'd never hurt me,
i never wanted love and im perfectly fine without it,  
never have i ever wanted  to do anything about it.
when you love,
you allow pain
and the kind of pain that comes from loving someone and having then hurt you is the kind of hurt you can almost never work through.  
it seems to only continue to hurt you.
the kind that is impossible to avoid and too effective to ignore.
it's worse when you get stabbed twice and it leaves you even more traumatized, than before.
it is inevitable that the fait of love in the long run is simply unacceptable,
at least to me i believe based on how i came up and what i came from.  
i was shown every thing raw and uncut,
from being upfront and modest to then become dishonest,
and it happens out of no where they just have no care for what they cause when they lead you on they just want everything that is convenient to them,  
they get so good at taking advantage and using perfectly chosen words as a skill to do further damage ,
what's sad is they get better at destroying us from the inside as we get hopelessly adapted..
seeing every male figure who  introduced himself to me
portraying a proper man with mannerisms that never lasted longer than a week.
the truth behind the "hello" is the question "are you a freak?"
seeing guys with my own eyes cheat on their wives in front of me,
sending the exact same message written to one girl was sent to three.
so you tell me,  
after having never seen a real man in my life why would i ever want to give any guy the right to the ability of controlling how i feel,
and my mind.
to have potential to be the reason i am happy or broken
when inside it's already noted no love is real.  
seems like every heart born is meant to be broken.
maybe it can be formed into something that'll never open.
it's gotten to a point where i don't believe faithful individuals exist,
it's gone so far i don't expect anything more from any man than him wanting to hit.
i prefer to stay to myself and never have the liability of how i effect  someone else,
or even allow them to have any impact how i felt.
the only person i let  influence me and get in my head is the person that is there with me always in the end ...
and in the end
that person is me.
i stand by my choice with no shame but a voice to say not everyone is living to find love
given all of  the testimony and having witnessed the death of old me
ive come to the decision that this kind of commitment
Will only get you as far as you can get until you can no longer give it
after being extracted of energy you imagine how impossible it was never supposed to be to find yourself happy again.  
from the moment you became broken it made it easier and easier to not want to live
without the love
that drained you entirely
and disappeared,
hurting you,
betrayal was the cause to me learning when i went through....
the experience of once having love i will never want again
being killed dead for months leading up to the final punch
my murderer was at one point the only thing i ever loved,
until he became the reason i wanted to just jump,  right off of the ledge, completely numb to any fear of falling through the air and landing where i may.
there's no love that resides here, just layers of masks that i use to hide in,
from the sight of any faces i dont want to be approached, i just want to be a nameless   being who can only survive alone.

in the beginning,  love feeds you.
happiness is where it keeps you and you fall deeply for how it treats you,
love flirts with your dreams and seduces your vision, it makes you feel like it needs you and before you know it, love is see through,  you thought love would last but as planned it didn't,  now it is murdering every feeling it gave and used to decieve you in every possible way... takes you beyond the point of thinking clearly now you don't even wanna be you.. you never imagined youd ever feel your soul actually sink inside of you deep down beneath you... it is shutting down and in the process of leaving.  but by now you are numb to anything love does and in the next hour it will be too late for any thing to be done. you're so  close to leaving earth , the more you hurt the closer death will come,
you'll just be one of us who have died and grown again but this time we bare nothing in the chest but a cold presence of death's emptiness that can never be what it was again. what was once a beautiful glass display holding you so preciously every day is now the soul of death to rob the beauty of honest love and take everything else it can take.
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<soft spoken intro>

...see your still here again,
    .....think your still welcome here?

Closed our mills, took our jobs, put in down our throats,
Fed us lies, took the pensions, thought we were a joke,
Media all bia's -steal my sentence, voted 'ere to revoke,
Cratering down! Cratering down the steepest slope!

We're taking you, out back and to the side,
Gonna be a genocide...

We're taking you, out back and to the side,
Gonna be a genocide...

White people,
     are raging, against,
           The Machine..

So Welcome, welcome...welcome...
      To The Machine...

I once woke up covered in blood on my parent's steps,
My truck was miles away on the side of the road.

We're taking you, out back and to the side,
Gonna be a genocide...

Trevon Haywood
Trevon Haywood
Dec 31, 2016

This past year was a bummer
Looking back, it kinda makes me wonder
How it came and went and damn near took everyone under
Its crazy out here and even though it was tough
I'ma run it back, this is 2016 Rap Up

Denver won the Super Bowl, Cam came up short
Leo got his Oscar and El Chapo got caught
They got mosquitoes with the Zika, so don't get bit
Peyton and Kobe Bryant both called it quits
I gotta admit, Fam, I get mad as shit
When I swipe my card and they say "No, You gotta use your chip"
Damn Daniel, "Hamilton" was lit
Who let Kanye West get 53 million in debt?
And Rihanna went to work without taking a pause
ISIS popping and y'all worried about bathroom laws?!?
Come on, fam
How that sound?
So we out here standing up
Just so y'all can sit down?
Warriors went on a streak and then they got served
Panda was a hit and we couldn't understand the words
Huh, and Khaled kept snapping
These youngins keep mumbling
I guess y'all call that rapping
I've seen "Stranger Things", come on dude
Y'all out here shooting gorillas and punching kangaroos
Janet Jackson pregnant at 50, dog
So for you ol' broads, there might be some hope for y'all
I ain't throwing shade, it ain't that deep
Shit I don't want nobody out here fucking with me in these streets
Then Birdman ran up on Charlamagne
And Lil' Wayne still not 'puttin' respect on his name'
Michael left Kelly trying to get paid
But the world stopped when Beyonce dropped Lemonade
She slayed, and over-shared
And ya'll still trying to find out about 'Becky with the good hair.'
As far as questions, I got one
"Hey Hov and B, is y'all finished or is y'all done?"
Son, I don't know if it was fake
I know KD did the running man challenge all the way to Golden State
The whole year made no sense
Dog, we live in a world without Muhammad Ali and no Prince
Then Gucci came home
And he looked so different y'all was like, "naw, that's got to be a clone"
Y'all was glued to y'all phones
And LeBron got it done for the Cavs and brought the chip back home
Snapchatting all over the place
I swear to God, if I see one more girl with a dog on her face
It was a sad year for sure
Instead of being woke though
Y'all wanted to play Pokemon Go!
And rap got weird, should we be concerned?
Young Thug in a dress, Yung Joc got a perm
And everybody was in the Presidential race
Ryan Lochte, Oh he gets the Michael Phelps' face
Game and Meek beefing, Hillary and Trump
Kap took a knee, T.I., Brad Pitt got dumped
And Trump said he going to build a wall on the border
Ya'll will probably go to flip bottles water
The snow storm had the East underground
The kept shooting black men but wouldn't shoot killer clowns
They kept telling us to use our voices
Knowing damn well they ain't really give us no choices
Get an iPhone with no headphone cord
Or get a Galaxy and go and meet the Lord
See they go low, and we go high
You only got two friends. Why you trying to go Live?
I'ma miss the Obamas, I don't wanna see them go
My prayers to everyone that we lost in Orlando
The Oscars were so white they had to get Chris Rock
And the album of the year had to be Anderson.Paak
Cubs finally Won, Usain was on fire
Melania Trump hired the wrong ghostwriter
I'm petty with the manners
'Cuz I think Kim K. got robbed by Joanne the Scammer
Biters keep testin' me
They making rappers, but they ain't got the recipe
Huh, Yeah that's facts
Shout to Young M.A. for bringing New York back
And I hear y'all talking about "Kanye is fine"
Well to us it look like Kanye done lost his mind
Cowboys kept ballin', them boys in the zone
Bryson Tiller came along, kept telling us "Don't"
I'm highly favored
I clap back on my haters
I be the beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes
The mannequin challenge, oh, that's how y'all feel?
The World moving dog, we can't just stand still
Beyonce made sure y'all got in formation
One time for Phife Dawg from the Zulu Nation
Did Drake bag J.Lo? I say kinda
But y'all was all up in arms over Rob and Chyna
And that's a new level of female pimping
Biggest L of the year goes to Hillary Clinton
You ask me, man, I thought she had it made
You ask me now, shit, I think we all got played
Another sign of the times
And now the whole World laughing at us, sounding like ChewbaccaMom
2016 was a bully and a punk
On top of that, now we gotta deal with Donald Trump?
Pardon me, as I vent
Bro, we made a reality star the President
And that just makes me sick
Talking about, "We gotta give him a chance." Naw
I ain't got to give him shit
It's going to be hard to cope
Because you can't have progress, dog, if you don't have hope
More pros, less rookies
And if America's ours, how we let it get grabbed by the pussy?
They say I sound mad, off the cuff
Oh, I sound mad? Y'all don't sound mad enough
So from here on out, we gotta set the tone
Y'all protect yourself and protect your own
And way too many people got called back home
2016 you can go, and I'm glad you're gone
Felt like a long bad dream
I'm wishing you love and life, Welcome to 2017.

Skillz 12/31/2016.

#up   #rap   #2016  
Dec 28, 2016

Delight in these words,
As I enlighten your mind.
Twist and tie your tongue,
until you are twisty tied, its fun.
Your tongue, entangled with mine.
After just meeting for the first time,
in this precious moment; of a lifetime.
I cross the fine line, of your life line
until our lines are entwined.
Entangled encryption
the meaning defined.  
Everything happened,
to cause this moment,
Our stars must of aligned,
now our minds intertwined.
Juices flowing ripper than wine.
this scripture use to glow, now it shines.
your literal needs, encompassing mine.
The thoughts alone; truly divine.
These words, sinking into your unruly mind.
Our lips synchronized,
with the sinister hands of time.
The moment everlasting, in our minds,
even after -- the second time.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #poet   #happy   #romance   #rap   #thought   #sex   #rythme  
Scott F Hemingway
Scott F Hemingway
Dec 28, 2016

She bought my time
And felt my spine
It made her say many things here
Like venture on a map
Let inundate her wrap
Under a Christmas tree
Then balsam came with roust
That ben in Jericho would summon theirs alight.

#peace   #rap   #wonder   #gift   #xmas  
Amber Valencia
Amber Valencia
Dec 24, 2016

I'm a poet in my prime
Spiffing up my rhymes

I'm a legend can't you see
Only my words feel they spew to you and me

I'm a master at this connection!!!

My wonderful phrases
Creep into your heart
They pierce through like a dart
Shattering, mattering, caving a meaning
Keepin ya dreaming... beliving, comforting the soul!

Theese word like a bowl -- fill you up: with love, desire, the power to ignite!

I can only imagine what the rhymes in a singy-songy fashion
With fervor, power, and a burst of flaming passion turn up on paper

How they are presented by the maker

The writer, poet, artist of words - flowing, stringing tieing in the clarity with blurs

Creating a canvas that paints a moment through the feeling of words cascading by feeling, not structure

That sounds absurd, but these moments are momentous, in a passion of flury strung up in a phrase that summons the whole day

And the day has gone by, so has the year -- but I must keep rapping through poetry lyrics

I might not be as quick, fast, slick, or hip as some
With funky names, large persona, or partrying till we see the sun

I am a rapper of the moment in its purest sense -- of human nature and its surroundings through my philosophy, wisdom, passion, and emotions

I hope this year 2017, will acommadate this year's fast run

Rapping for 2017
#poet   #passion   #fun   #rap   #weird   #wild   #silly   #rapper   #funky   #2017  
Dec 23, 2016

Ignorance is bliss they say,
I never found it
When I was being put down
And they were shouting at me like
"You'll never rise up, you're nothing, ain't worth the time"
And it only gave me another excuse to rap and to rhyme
Expressing my feelings just to get it off my chest
While at the same time writing lines simply to be my best, it's a test
And so far I've been passing, they said I can't do it
But watch as I sonic speed right on through it
I'll defeat the Doctor Eggman and chill with my bud Tails
While you sitting in the corner pointing out all my fails
But I don't care, it's behind, another lesson learnt
So that I progress easier and don't be so badly hurt
I like to help others, a saint some would say
A blessing disguised as a kid you see everyday
But keyword is disguised, every man has his demons
They can be so bad that ol' skull-face takes to reapin'
But I haven't fallen yet, I still stand tall
On the hill, helpless just watching it all burn
I know I'm not liked, by many and still don't care
As long as I live happily then I ain't gonna be snared
By the concept that the best must have a good reputation
But solitude for some is the key to salvation
Why would you want to fit in with people that you don't like?
And when they try to conform you, tell em to take a hike

Wrote this off the top of my head
#rap   #vyscern  
David John Mowers
David John Mowers
Dec 20, 2016

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
Nose of light,
rock-night, crystal clear

My name's Ru,
My name's Ru,
Name's Ru...

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
Nose of light,
rock-night, crystal clear

One night a year,
I head the sleigh
Good or bad,
play or pay

My name's Rudolph 'now-what-do-you-say?'

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
Nose of light,
rock-night, crystal clear

My name's Rudolph,
I brought San-ta here
Got eleven brothers,
they call 'em reindeer
Rock the whole world,
Discovered on a farm,
no fans, yeah no cheer
Made fun o' me,
'cause my nose queer
Nose of light,
rock-night, crystal clear

My name's Ru,
My name's Ru,
Name's Ru...

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
Nose of light,
rock-night, crystal clear

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
Nose of light,
rock-night, crystal clear

So Santa comes up,
has this to say;
"There's no Sun, do we light the way?"
Brother reindeer's looking here nor there...
Santa an elves searching every-where
Nose lights up,
they stop and stare!

So Santa comes up,
has this to say;
"Your nose so bright,
why don't you light my way?"

Better not laugh,
or mess with reindeer
My name's Rudolph,
I kick it in gear

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
Nose of light,
rock-night, crystal clear

My name's Ru,
My name's Ru,
Name's Ru...

These horns is guns,
nose a la-ser
Eyes on target,
and that is you Sir
You better be good,
or I'm taking you out
'Remember-my-name' son,

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
Ruddy as Hell,
so listen right cheer

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
Nose of light,
rock-night, crystal clear

My name's Ru,
My name's Ru,
Name's Ru...

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
Nose of light,
rock-night, crystal clear

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
Nose of light,
rock-night, crystal clear

My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer
My name's Rudolph,
and I'm a reindeer

Taking it back to the oldey, oldey, ode ode ode o time! Sent it off to Jimmy-Baby!
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