Yeah, yeah...
I'm O-k a' a' a' y,
I'm just sittin' round,
It's a 'Sat-tur-day,'
this place still a palace,
little small they say...
...just sittin' round,
And that's O-k a' a' a' y.

yeah, yeah,
O-k a' a' a' y,
WHO-CHACA' -liquor strong,
got my liquor on,
Oh ho sip-sip,
Wearing wing-tips...

Got my liquor on,
it's a 'Sat-tur-day,'
going out to party,
going out to play...
and I'm...I'm O-k a' a' a' y.

Come on mirror-mirror,
Oh ho sip-sip,
lean in a mirror-nearer,
My legacy a ship.
I couldn't make it clearer,
Oh ho sip-sip,
I'm gettin' fu cked-up
And I'm O-k a' a' a' y!

The doors they open up, 'auto-matic-cally'
Now I 'out-about' and they all seeing me,
Raise the liquor glass, uh-huh sip-sippy,
They try-ing to mimic, they all want-to-be-me.
Give me a fuckin' break, I breakin' off a buzz...
You standin' lil too close, back it off now couz'

Got my liquor on,
Diamonds, sparkly-shit,
Suit smooth, mirror,
they can't see my clip,
got my liquor on,
Uh huh sip, sip.
Now break out a mirror,
chopping up some shit.
Got my liquor on...
And I'm O-k a' a' a' y!

Got my liquor on,
it's a 'Sat-tur-day,'
going out to party,
going out to play...
and I'm...I'm O-k a' a' a' y.

Come on mirror-mirror,
Oh ho sip-sip,
lean in a mirror-nearer,
My legacy a ship.
I couldn't make it clearer,
Oh ho sip-sip,
I'm gettin' fu cked-up
And I'm O-k a' a' a' y!

Music Going Crazy!
Music Going Crazy!
Music Going Crazy!

And I'm O-k a' a' a' y!

<musical break>

And I'm O-k a' a' a' y!


Lady Bird
Lady Bird
Feb 13

sometimes my words can hit so instantly
that just the way that  they flow from me
powered by imagination is the best to be
its at my fingertips and its my magic key
I put my heart and soul in my creativity
making masterpieces throughout my poetry

What is it I'm here for?
I swear I stay in my feels
Yeah I fuck up man
But come on what's the deal

I work really hard, &
I tell  uto keep it real.
But all these mother fuckers out for positivity to steal.

I Keep my head high or something like that...
Hating ass bitches still tryna tilt it back.

I don't give a fuck about about what everyone has to say..
I'm out here living and guess what my  rents still gonna get paid.

You fake bitches I'll slay...
Looking for a man to pay your way.

I don't need shit from any of you sheep ass bitches.
I'm a wolf, lead the pack, quick attack.. you need stitches.

You can't  keep up with me
At least not mentally

All you haters do is talk shit all day but could you really step it G?
Ha. That I'd like to see.

I don't know if it's just me..
But for once everyone
Just leave me be.

Rapping is  poetry right? Lol
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Feb 1

Nobody no haffi know seh me and yuh a fuck
Nobody no haffi know seh yuh like it rough
Nobody no haffi know dat I give it to you hard
Baby, tek off ya draws
and tek all mi all
beat di pussy good
slam it off da wall
wet up di bed
wet up ya draws
mi make di pussy cry
cause you shave di pussy bald
mi no pick up no signal
mi just answa ya body call
spread you out wide
Take all of mi inside
rip off your skirt and frock
Beat up di pussy
till mi put you in shock

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Hey! They say. Got a problem?
Hey! You say. Got a problem?

Hey! Are you gonna get attention.
Hey yay! Why ignore the inside tension

K! K! Okay, this is pretty smooth
I mean you, not me, please explain the truth

Wow? Wow? Wow! Above ground
Chink chink ringing boom beat holy sound


ignore this if you want. i was just bored~! hahaha
#rap   #ignore   #beat   #yay  

I was walking home staring
At the crowd before me, headphones blaring
Passed a white dome stair case
There I saw some protesters
Bitchin about sexuality, the poor and race
They all were white faces
Straight faced liars
Jacking each other off
Go home at 3 when they’re tired
Wired in their brains to think everyone’s discriminating
Women hating and tearing
The country to pieces
But I’m tired of hypocrisy and political movements
that fizzle out before anyone important starts moving.

People leaving jobs and homes
to join the growing
mob screaming in the streets
like piles of leaves
before the street cleaner comes
to sweep them off their feet.

They're grabbing signs and posts
and roaming with provoking slogans
forming chaotic masses
walking with sticks up their asses
following Twitter feeds, Snapchat and hashtags
looking for a reason to blow their tops
tired of being soft
trying to jerk each other off.

I mean what would you call it
when thousands of people are stroking their ego
and blowing their load of shit in your face
like they have something profound to say
when they really just don't have the balls
to go all the way and do something great.

"If you don't agree with us
you must be hating us
trying to suppress us
you discriminating racist."
Just because I don't agree
with the way you're rampaging
about unclear desired change,
doesn't mean me and Satan are on the same page.

Do you think Martin Luther King
went screaming in the streets
with misplaced anger and a vague ideology?
No, he preached freedom in churches
gave speeches in public places to all races
with a plan and clear demands.
And managed to start a movement grand
while here you are starting a media fad
of angry disruptive rants.

You fools are using your hate
to hammer away
at people who can't bring change.
Instead of placing it like a fine tool
at the faults of the human race.

If you're going to stand in the streets
screaming at me
and whipping up a psychotic frenzy,
then at least go all the way.
don't stop after a few days

Get together and have a discussion
let your hearts sync
forming one percussive beat
of a worthy goal.
The kind that matters
that arrests men's souls.

#society   #rap   #political  

<soft spoken intro>

...see your still here again,
    .....think your still welcome here?

Closed our mills, took our jobs, put in down our throats,
Fed us lies, took the pensions, thought we were a joke,
Media all bia's -steal my sentence, voted 'ere to revoke,
Cratering down! Cratering down the steepest slope!

We're taking you, out back and to the side,
Gonna be a genocide...

We're taking you, out back and to the side,
Gonna be a genocide...

White people,
     are raging, against,
           The Machine..

So Welcome, welcome...welcome...
      To The Machine...

I once woke up covered in blood on my parent's steps,
My truck was miles away on the side of the road.

We're taking you, out back and to the side,
Gonna be a genocide...

Trevon Haywood
Trevon Haywood
Dec 31, 2016

This past year was a bummer
Looking back, it kinda makes me wonder
How it came and went and damn near took everyone under
Its crazy out here and even though it was tough
I'ma run it back, this is 2016 Rap Up

Denver won the Super Bowl, Cam came up short
Leo got his Oscar and El Chapo got caught
They got mosquitoes with the Zika, so don't get bit
Peyton and Kobe Bryant both called it quits
I gotta admit, Fam, I get mad as shit
When I swipe my card and they say "No, You gotta use your chip"
Damn Daniel, "Hamilton" was lit
Who let Kanye West get 53 million in debt?
And Rihanna went to work without taking a pause
ISIS popping and y'all worried about bathroom laws?!?
Come on, fam
How that sound?
So we out here standing up
Just so y'all can sit down?
Warriors went on a streak and then they got served
Panda was a hit and we couldn't understand the words
Huh, and Khaled kept snapping
These youngins keep mumbling
I guess y'all call that rapping
I've seen "Stranger Things", come on dude
Y'all out here shooting gorillas and punching kangaroos
Janet Jackson pregnant at 50, dog
So for you ol' broads, there might be some hope for y'all
I ain't throwing shade, it ain't that deep
Shit I don't want nobody out here fucking with me in these streets
Then Birdman ran up on Charlamagne
And Lil' Wayne still not 'puttin' respect on his name'
Michael left Kelly trying to get paid
But the world stopped when Beyonce dropped Lemonade
She slayed, and over-shared
And ya'll still trying to find out about 'Becky with the good hair.'
As far as questions, I got one
"Hey Hov and B, is y'all finished or is y'all done?"
Son, I don't know if it was fake
I know KD did the running man challenge all the way to Golden State
The whole year made no sense
Dog, we live in a world without Muhammad Ali and no Prince
Then Gucci came home
And he looked so different y'all was like, "naw, that's got to be a clone"
Y'all was glued to y'all phones
And LeBron got it done for the Cavs and brought the chip back home
Snapchatting all over the place
I swear to God, if I see one more girl with a dog on her face
It was a sad year for sure
Instead of being woke though
Y'all wanted to play Pokemon Go!
And rap got weird, should we be concerned?
Young Thug in a dress, Yung Joc got a perm
And everybody was in the Presidential race
Ryan Lochte, Oh he gets the Michael Phelps' face
Game and Meek beefing, Hillary and Trump
Kap took a knee, T.I., Brad Pitt got dumped
And Trump said he going to build a wall on the border
Ya'll will probably go to flip bottles water
The snow storm had the East underground
The kept shooting black men but wouldn't shoot killer clowns
They kept telling us to use our voices
Knowing damn well they ain't really give us no choices
Get an iPhone with no headphone cord
Or get a Galaxy and go and meet the Lord
See they go low, and we go high
You only got two friends. Why you trying to go Live?
I'ma miss the Obamas, I don't wanna see them go
My prayers to everyone that we lost in Orlando
The Oscars were so white they had to get Chris Rock
And the album of the year had to be Anderson.Paak
Cubs finally Won, Usain was on fire
Melania Trump hired the wrong ghostwriter
I'm petty with the manners
'Cuz I think Kim K. got robbed by Joanne the Scammer
Biters keep testin' me
They making rappers, but they ain't got the recipe
Huh, Yeah that's facts
Shout to Young M.A. for bringing New York back
And I hear y'all talking about "Kanye is fine"
Well to us it look like Kanye done lost his mind
Cowboys kept ballin', them boys in the zone
Bryson Tiller came along, kept telling us "Don't"
I'm highly favored
I clap back on my haters
I be the beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes
The mannequin challenge, oh, that's how y'all feel?
The World moving dog, we can't just stand still
Beyonce made sure y'all got in formation
One time for Phife Dawg from the Zulu Nation
Did Drake bag J.Lo? I say kinda
But y'all was all up in arms over Rob and Chyna
And that's a new level of female pimping
Biggest L of the year goes to Hillary Clinton
You ask me, man, I thought she had it made
You ask me now, shit, I think we all got played
Another sign of the times
And now the whole World laughing at us, sounding like ChewbaccaMom
2016 was a bully and a punk
On top of that, now we gotta deal with Donald Trump?
Pardon me, as I vent
Bro, we made a reality star the President
And that just makes me sick
Talking about, "We gotta give him a chance." Naw
I ain't got to give him shit
It's going to be hard to cope
Because you can't have progress, dog, if you don't have hope
More pros, less rookies
And if America's ours, how we let it get grabbed by the pussy?
They say I sound mad, off the cuff
Oh, I sound mad? Y'all don't sound mad enough
So from here on out, we gotta set the tone
Y'all protect yourself and protect your own
And way too many people got called back home
2016 you can go, and I'm glad you're gone
Felt like a long bad dream
I'm wishing you love and life, Welcome to 2017.

Skillz 12/31/2016.

#up   #rap   #2016  
Dec 28, 2016

Delight in these words,
As I enlighten your mind.
Twist and tie your tongue,
until you are twisty tied, its fun.
Your tongue, entangled with mine.
After just meeting for the first time,
in this precious moment; of a lifetime.
I cross the fine line, of your life line
until our lines are entwined.
Entangled encryption
the meaning defined.  
Everything happened,
to cause this moment,
Our stars must of aligned,
now our minds intertwined.
Juices flowing ripper than wine.
this scripture use to glow, now it shines.
your literal needs, encompassing mine.
The thoughts alone; truly divine.
These words, sinking into your unruly mind.
Our lips synchronized,
with the sinister hands of time.
The moment everlasting, in our minds,
even after -- the second time.

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