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Lara May 6
You’re my soulmate

I never thought I would meet you.
The one person that is just like me and understands me like no other.

But I did.

She is my best friend, my everything, my soulmate.

You just have to wait for him, her, it or whoever the person or animal is.

Never go out of my life.

You are a part of me.

My heart would shatter if you would leave.

You are my soulmate.

I love you.
Kris Balubar Feb 2018
There are many words inside of me
that I feel I need to say
But there's always something in the way

Every time we get a chance to talk
you always have to go
The words are keep building inside of me
And I wish it wasn't so

You are part of me, perhaps my daily routine
I become weirder all because of you
I'm not blaming you or anything
I'm just glad your part of my everyday
And I wish to stay this way
idyllicrainydays Jan 2016
I always emphasize my love to him,
like the tree standing on an empty field when I was young.

The tree struck by a thunder many times,
and each time the thunder strikes that tree,
it loses some parts of it
but remains standing tall even if it seems weak.

It's like my love to you,
even if how many times you hurt me,
I'll stay on the ground and will never leave you.
I might lose some parts of me

But I'll still be here.
Q May 2015
You don't haunt my nightmares
You no longer walk my dreams
Your soul isn't hidden
In a deeper part of me


No Caller ID
Cazandra Leia Oh Dec 2014
The dark has always been part of me,
it still is
and forever will be.
I try to break free of its touch,
Only to
Realize its me.
I am the daekness which lives within me,
We are one
Its true all can see.

— The End —