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Anna Dec 2017
A grey sky above the clouds,
it seems so lonely and weak
without some rays of sunshine.
Just like when i'm missing you.
Anna Nov 2017
You look up
and see
❅ snowflakes ❅ dance
in the air.
You reach out
to catch them,
but they melt
as soon as they feel
your warm palm.
It's just snowing outside and it's so beautiful, so this came to my mind.
:) < 3
Anna Nov 2017
As feelings get deeper,

your heart gets heavier.

You feel it in your chest.

As they will burst
                 ˚  ·   like a star      ✫ ·    
.       ⊹
    .      ·   
       ✵   in the universe.     
·  .    * *    ✦
   .  ✵  *  .
Anna Nov 2017
Wrapped in a blanket,

hearing the rain pouring down

at this cold night.

Hoping for tomorrow

sun to show its happy light.
Anna Nov 2017
Snowdrops will soon wake up
from their sweet dreams,
feeling the cold, light
and fluffy snow around,
the rays of sunshine falling over them.
Spreading fresh and pleasant frangrance.
Embellishing the season with their shiny, white colour.
They don't want to be detached from home - the soil.
They don't want to be trampled.
They want to be loved just as us.
  Nov 2017 Anna
Fall rested her head on Summer
So she could stay warm for a bit longer
I know I already wrote a poem about the warm weather but it's so nice and this just popped into my mind
Anna Nov 2017
Your smile is so contagious..
sun is smiling along with you,
stars and moon,
flowers and grass,
animals and nature,
ain't nothing left untouched
by the brilliance of your smile.
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