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kayla morrison Mar 2014


Caarpe Diem

Keating whispered
He whispered.

in Delay there lies no plenty
Shakespeare warned,

gather ye rosebuds while ye may
Herrick advised.

We don’t
whisper, warn or advise

Generation Y

We shout, strong, sure and proud

We chant, graffiti, hastag

We get
one shot one opportunity
to seize everything in we ever wanted in one moment

**** the romantics,.
The critics, the experts, the analyzers too.

Who says we can’t be prophetic,

This is us,
Our time
our chance,

let’s make the most of the night like we’re gunna die young.

It is our excuse.

The reason I hit the gas
rev the engine and slam it to the floor.
With squealing tires,
loud exhausts and smoky exits
You can hear me
we are young so lets set the world on fire we can burn brighter than the sun.

We need to do this now,
before the light in our eyes,
light of our lives,
go out.


The reason we face mountains
of debt with a smile.

The face we put on
brave, ready, awake
when the bill collectors call,
the healthcare goes into reform
and the government shuts down.


This moment, we own it
this second in a catalogue
of years.
The months we spend crashing cars, bars and acting like stars.


The reason we apply for jobs,
we’ll never get.
Taking rejection with a grin
we will always try again.


it is the reason I joined the race.
After all,


-Kayla Morrison
Andy DM May 2014
yo yo yo yo yolo
from the tip of your hat to the bottom of your toe
all you hear is the word yolo
it ain't that big it ain't that small
but its as hard as a sold brick wall
where did it come from where did it start
was the guy who made it a big old ****
is there anything else that I could say
ooh I know I shout hip hooray
yolo mc swagins
the end
Usgaga Aug 2014
it stands for
you only live once
this is what i live for

yolo swag
Taylor B Aug 2013
You only live once
Is that not obvious enough that we needed to turn it into a catch phrase
We all have one life to live so why dissipate it living out someone else’s dream
Live out your dreams and not theirs

Every second we get closer and closer to death
It’s a very short time
So make every second worth it
Make life unforgettable
Be rememberable

Some people think after all you only live once you have to go out and do berserk ****
Skydive, bungee jump, eat a five pound 1,000+ cal burger
There is nothing wrong with going out and doing berserk things
But life is short and don’t you want to live long enough to see another day?

Every second we get closer and closer to death
It’s a very short life to live
So make every second worth it
Make life unforgettable
Be rememberable

We all want to live life to the fullest
But don’t you want to grow old with the person you love?
Watch your {great}grandchildren grow before your eyes?

You will never get there if you live your life in the most audacious and “cool” way
Go get a tattoo, one that you may or may not regret later
Go vacation somewhere where you can really experience the worldliness of the culture
Go vegan or do something life changing

Every second we get closer and closer to death
It’s a very short time
So make every second worth it
Make life unforgettable
Be rememberable

YOLO you only live once
And we all know that so start a bucket list, at a young age
Put things on it that make you aggrandize your comfort zone
And things that help you realize who you truly are
Don’t forget to take care of yourself otherwise you will not live long enough to complete it

Every second we get closer and closer to death
It’s a very short life to live
So make every second worth it
Make life unforgettable
Be rememberable

One life to live
One chance to make it
One chance to leave your mark
And when I say be rememberable, be rememberable for good reasons, change the world for better.
Jenna Johnson Oct 2013
You only live once
How optimistic
You only die once
Put some sense in there
Stop acting idiotic and ignorant
amt Dec 2012
You only live once...
More commenly known as YOLO
God, I'm such a nerd...Did I actually just say that?
...well that's new...

Though the song actually doesn't serve this message much good, (but has the capacity to get stuck in my head ALL THE TIME) this message is quite true.

I've been spending far too much time moping around about how my dreams never come true and a bunch of **** that means the world to me now and won't matter later....

I know this isn't poetry, but I wanted to get this out and write something that felt personal... Something that felt like me talking...almost...

So I realized that we really do only live once (duh) and that I don't want to follow the standard little path we're all started on and brainwashed into thinking  leads to success. I don't want to have a ton of money but hate what I do. Really, I'd rather just be happy.

When I'm older, I want to look back at my life and be proud of myself. I want to look back and think that I lived a happy life.

So I know I'm young. I know that 20 years from now I won't remember the cold winter night at 2:17 am that I wrote this. I won't remember why I had a crush on that one boy in 8th grade.

But, I will remember being happy, or more commenly unhappy and I don't like being unhappy, no one does.

Something's wrong and I think it's time to stop acting like it's not.

So yeah, I'm young. I've got a long road behind me and an even longer one ahead. I've got a lot of choices and mistakes to make. I've got a lot of things to fix.

I've got a pile of homework to catch up on, and a couple thousand ideas to write down.

It used to be when I grow up, I want to be a doctor.
An astronaut.
A figure skater.
A singer,
A gymnast,
A doctor,
And so on,
But at this point, I want to be happy.
Because #YOLO

So I know this probably isn't at all what you're used to getting from me, but I felt like this should be written down... So there it is...
Rose Jul 2012
Life is a video game,
or so it seems.
It's difficult, hard to beat.
Just don't give up right away,
Beat the game.
But always remember,
Once the game has been beat,
You're dead.
Never to come back alive.
It's done there, nothing left after.
So enjoy the game while you're playing,
Make it last a while.
Don't pass up a level,
Don't cheat the game,
Take your time.

#YOLO , lol. Just kidding, that's annoying.
Amelia Robin Oct 2018
They say you only live once
so cliché as it may sound
But do make the most out of it
as you live your life
Do it according to your own parameters
No need to compare it with others.

For as long as you decide for your sake
Never hesitate to figure things out on your own
When you set your pace of living your dreams
You will never have to worry.

Happiness and success are two interlinking entities
Having both is a blessing
But flourishing in every circumstances you encounter is way more than pleasing.

And as you only live once,
Maybe you can always try to do something to forget than to regret later on.
The voice Feb 2013
I'm tired of this fight
All the scars
All the bruises
All the pain
"For what?"
I ask
"there is nothing there for me"
There is
There might
There could
"what purpose do I have"
I'll tell you
"what do you know"
I know enough
"prove it"
I will
"what purpose do I have"
To live
This life
Before you
Living through
Max Friedman Jun 2013
You can tease me,
Beat me,
You know you wana be me,

You can hit me
Curse me
I'll pretend it never hurt me,

You can set me on fire,
And Call me a thief
You can call me a liar
And give me great grief

You could call me a gay
You can call me a dunce,
You could hit me all day,
But you only live once,
hater gonna hate
Nightmare Nov 2013
I never said that
I was a poet, I'm not
I am an artist
Usgaga Aug 2014
It stands for me
I am the meaning of swag
Don't hate appreciate

swag yolo
Adele Aug 2014
What are you thinking?
Why are you screaming?
Empty bottles and ashes on the ground
I can hear the blaring sound
Get your clothes on
What do you expect
When you've always wanted a respect?

It's your motto?
I tell you
YOu're slowly LOsing it kid
Why not get rid of it?
Oh, right, it's your life, my bad!
Might be the best thing you ever had.

But look at your folks!
They've been missing your talks!
Observe the crease and gray hair
Show them something they deserve
The recipe of love and care
Let them sit & watch your best serve!
In that, you'll witness the exquisite curves :)*


You  only  live once? False, you live everyday, you only die once.  
I barely notice how
they look so different now.
As I grow old, they grow older.
And this, another thing in life
that I'm actually missing.  

The bruise in her knuckles
and sacrifices,
I come to realize
she's one of the best mother.

He took care of us like a mother,
a strong  man with a big heart.
I adore my father, I really do.

To my mom & dad
you all mean the world to me.
I love you both!

My parents, they're my  everything
JAY-ROD01 May 2014
Burgers, burgers, burgers, burgers,
Burgers, burgers, burgers, burgers,
Burgers, burgers, burgers, burgers,
Burgers, burgers, burgers, burgers...

You only live once.
It is truth, but the teenager’s dream methods of showing it are uncouth.
These recklessly foolish stunts
Should tell a sleuth, the frailty of life, and the stupidity of youth.
Louis Bitchop Apr 2013
a mans drink
only consumed by AFL players
i dont play but i still drink it
dont even give a ****
mr patch is a ***** *****
keen for that vb when i get home, in the fridge
need a new carton
******* hell maclean high has the cross country today
dont even wanna go
wanna drink my vb
keen for some steak and pork
with a side of vb
aussie mate, get some stickes on my commy
vb stickers
oi ****, come round later for a bbq
and a vb
tru auzie
chris iannotti Jan 2013

MR. REYNOLDS: university linguistics professor in his 30's.

MS. LENDER: 1st-year graduate student in the university linguistics program.

SARAH: university undergraduate.

Scene 1

MR. REYNOLDS' office. The walls are covered with prestigious accolades and degrees. MR. REYNOLDS and MS. LENDER are sitting together, both with good posture, on one side of the table. SARAH is sitting comfortably in a chair on the other side.


Okay, first of all, Sarah, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to work with Ms. Lender and I.


Oh, like no problem at all. When I saw the bulletin saying that you guys needed like research subjects, I thought to myself that I would like love to talk and help.


(Staring). Do you work in the Student Union? And do you know--


Ms. Lender, those questions are irrelevant. Let's get right to the task.

turns to make direct eye contact with SARAH

Are you ready, Sarah?




Great! We are delighted with how excited you are. First question, Sarah. Would a sentence like this be something close to what you might ordinarily hear amongst your peers: 'I think I like like John?'


Yeah, totally. Except, if you want to get like technical, I need to ask you like a follow-up question.


Oh, there's no need to, Sarah. We're not testing for content. Only grammaticality. There's no need to get--


No, please do. Do get technical.


I'm just confused with the way the sentence was like worded. Does this person like, like-like John, or does he or she only like John like a friend?


I'm sorry, come again? All I heard was a series of 'likes' and what may have been English if we really--


Ms. Lender! Excuse me, Sarah. One moment.


Oh, no problem.

MR. REYNOLDS turns his chair around to face MS. LENDER. He motions her to do the same.


(Whispering). What are you doing? Why are you being so hostile towards our subject?


I'm sorry, Mr. Reynolds. It won't happen again. It's just that one of my biggest pet peeves is like-insertion.


I understand that, Kathryn, but you are damaging your professional integrity by getting mad at a test subject. Remember, we're only here to record the descriptive rules of English language as it is spoken on campus, not prescribe suggestions or ridicule.Do you understand?


Yes, completely.


Splendid! Now, let us continue. (Turning). Sarah, may we proceed?


Of course, just I have to like leave soon. I'm sorry about that. It was totally like unanticipated that my ride would be here so fast.


Oh not a problem at all, we can continue this another time if we have to, but we'll try to speed things up for you.

Okay. So, the second question runs with the same conditions. Would a sentence like this be something close to what you might say personally or hear on campus, amongst your peers: 'John and I partied all weekend. Oh well, YOLO!'?


Yes, please think really hard to yourself about this one. Are there any John's that you may have partied all weekend with, or for several weekends in a row with, and decided to say at the end of a good run, 'You know what? YOLO! You Only Live Once, so why shouldn't I be an ******* and steal someone's boyfriend?!'


That's enough, Ms. Lender! Out of my office, right now.

MS. LENDER grabs her belongings and exits stageleft. She sits outside the closed office door.

SARAH and MR. REYNOLDS make their exit. SARAH is halfway out the door with an apologetic MR. REYNOLDS following on her heel.


I'm very sorry for the unexpected turn of events. You will receive due credit if we decide to publish any work containing your responses. Please take care, and once again, I am so sorry.

Sarah walks offstage

Kathryn, we need to talk. I am incredibly disappointed in you. What was that whole fiasco about? You are aware that she was an integral part of the research for your end-of-the-semester project, aren't you?


Mr. Reynolds, please forgive me. It's just, of all the kids on campus, it had to be her...I mean, I'm positive it was her. It's just my luck that it had to be Sarah Ross.


Pardon? Where did you get Ross from? I'm afraid I don't understand, Kathryn. Her full name was Sarah Blackstone.
C S Dec 2013
If you counted up all the seconds we spent tweeting,
All the minutes  we spent repeating,
All the hours we spent faking this thing-
"#YOLO", we call it.
If all 7 billion of us added up,
How many lives could we make
With the tick-tocks we spent talking about their brevity?
How many lives could we have saved, changed, re-arranged
With the attitude of using that one life to make a difference,
Instead of abusing the battle cry of a short life to do useless, irresponsible ****.
Calories, pranks, drugs, lust, rebellion.
Do you feel stupid for the things you bought with YOLO now?
'Cause you got it wrong.
Your life will flash before your eyes,
But will yours be worth watching?
It all counts.
But did you make it count?
jerelii Jan 2014
Exotic & dangerous

Life is shorter than what we know or think
so i must enjoy my life freely
do the extreme things before i die

Had to do  things that i want
and dreams that i want to fulfill
even from my last breathe

Because i want to
Because im curious of every single thing
Even from the way you breathe or ****
Then i want to spread this
and lend me a hand

Then come with me!
And make this world worth living!
then we can jump to tallest building like hell

This things that i wanted really so bad

To fly somewhere
were everyone can't recognize me

To play in the rain
and be a kid once again

To travel around the world
were i can find myself
and perhaps discover something knew
that i haven't been before

Go picnic and eat some snacks with friends
were i could laugh on top of  my lungs

Go partyin' late at night
were i can control and make some noise
like a dj bass

Go to a concert
to a great rock band

Go shopping to the mall
and be a fashion clique

Produce a music
were birds could come and go with you

Represent to your country
and be a world champion human beatbox

Write stories
and be an author
of my own journey

Cause YOLO
you only live once
in your life
and there




                 A        D       V           E       N        T        
© 2014 January
Albatros , albatros
verstik aan my tong
, begrawe geheime
agter die bitterbessie bos,
Waar my geliefde swaai
aan stilswy se galg.
Weenlied van die Albatros.

Ek wortel my moed
in rooigrond en klei
, maar berre my binnegoed
in n blinde man's boek.
Wees vry , wees vry
jou sondes bely
, maar stommemans kreet
oor die liefdesoek.

Albatros , albatros
skree in die waak.
Verslenter jou naam
in die buurt se stil slaap.
En die wraak van die
doodstong sal
jou nietig verlaat.
Deel jou bitter bessies , want
dit was gister reeds te laat.
Megan Aug 2014
Wait for me, my love.
Purgatory takes some time
when life is well lived.
This one's for a contest, so promote this one, kay? :) I'm not catholic, nor am I much of an adventurer, but if it turns out I'm wrong, this is what I'd say to him. And either way, when I'm dead I won't use half as many commas...
Austin Day Aug 2012
I swear these days the kids think they can rap
With their #swag and their #yolo and snapback caps.

But I'd like to show them what RAP means in this country

Without your stanzas and word composition
you're just another rapper with an arrogant disposition.

Without a positive message and a humble demeanor
you've got negativity causing the children to get meaner.

You blast the bass and you spit your rhymes
you claim that the haters, "they be lying."

But you fail to see that at the heart of it all
you're more like Lil' Wayne than Biggie Smalls.

I'm truly sorry if you get offended by this rant,
but first thing's first;

Pull up your pants...
The Ink Well Nov 2013
I prefer to look at life
As a gamble;
You take risks
But a good player knows when the gain
Is not worth the risk.
Jenna Gibson Dec 2013
I wish I were a cat
Because they live nine lives,
which is more than enough,
especially for a cat.
Solo, Tolo, Seeit.
{ Be it! }
you took despite with in these words
this is all is true
BlACk '         and          Blue"
we live once.
And tell it loud.
and do whatever.
In the ******* croud!
we'll hit green but pass on the mean
if you think you have a clue....
stick around and learn the truth
we have clean sheets!, We got good beats,.
Fealing weak?
just be a freak.!

we make the noise we make the now.
we take the left          because        we know the right.

we make steady,.
Even if you're not ready..
Need a friend I'll be you're your'e lend
Nd put up a fight
untill the end
yeah?. plus we know black betty (;
Damian Murphy Mar 2016
Tomorrow is another day
I will be ready come what may.
Though should I not see tomorrow
There is no great cause for sorrow,
For I make the most of each day
Or do my best to anyway!
You only live once as they say!
Why would you waste a single day?
Reality can keep the glamour and it can also take the glitz,
cause nowadays we discover ourselves on computer chips.
We  see  how others live in all kinds of far places
then try to be individuals in books full of faces.
And lets face it these days our lives are being recorded;
information on your likes and activities stored and sorted.
You ignore it; never get hurt by what you don't know
more concerned about how you'll crop your next photo.
Gotta make sure to fit in all your clothes logos
cause it'll for sure make haters go loco.
When they see how you live life with the motto 'yolo'
it will make them all wanna examine their livesand say 'oh no'.
Man I swear this yolo fad has gotta run into the ground
cause if you lived twice your second one wouldn't be spent ******* around.
But nowadays we become a grown up on webpages
with profiles full of pictures and landmarks to chart phases.
Some might call it art in the way that we all make it
but, its a mirror to ourselves til the minute we all break it.
Can't shake it - the feeling we've crossed realities borders
into a digital realm ruled by coded orders,
with back doors and corridors,
and plasma screens and lots of cords,
USB's and PC's,
Web Cams, and DVD's,
terrabytes and touch screens,
reach out and you can touch dreams.
but all that you touch it just seems
without the intention to be.
Because locked inside the screen is reality invested
you wouldn't waste your time if no one else was interested.
It's been suggested that staring at the screen is bad for your eyes
but I do imply that being glued to it is bad for our lives.
Now when we meet face to face we cannot even socialize
we apply on dating sites and get further categorized.
So now it's like who we are is only what does appear
to others on all these sites we might never even come near
some attraction that was natural pulling in with real excitement,
so I guess romance is gone in the age of social enlightenment.
Andy DM Jun 2014
i love peperoni
i love the madams sconey
it tastes like gold
even though it ain't that bold
my favourite meat it ham
ham is my jam
everyone loves pizza except for that old geezer
Showman Feb 2013
Cocoon. Gloom. Womb. Doom. Room.
For most, words doth froth forms.

Oh, foolproof.  
Lord John, Jov, Thor, Job.
Lord John knows Thor's job

Now. Photoshop. School Of Rock.
Tomorrow. Hop On Pop.
Zorro Snorro.

Mr. Roboto; old clown of Oslo won’t.

Yolo. Boom!
Jackie G Aug 2018
Temptation at its finest
Bad decisions, like they're mindless
As i look at all the blindness
Living life like it's timeless
Some shout yolo, others think nobody could see them

If i were them I'd be COMBATING all those demons-even start praying more!!!
Good intentions are always first
But next comes PAIN or should i say hurt
then your trapped doing dirt
Or should i say"pay backs"
Very unforgiving
Trapped in sin

Hurting no-one but self.
Trapped in sin
I wonder if they know
With pain comes power
But you hand it over
When you're trapped in sin

It's foul, it's *****, it's sneaky, it's deceiving, it's spiteful,it slanders
It's hurting others, it's nasty, it's unforgiving, it's lustful
It's sin!
Release yourself of it.
We are not perfect but we are able to become new and regenerated wash yourself of bad things in your life so you can get what your heart desires
Calvero Mar 2014
You only live once?
What an interesting thought.
But maybe it's true.

If death's but a door
To paradise forever.
The blessing of God.

No one asks for life.
God provides it free to all.
"You only live once..."

That portion of life
We spend on this planet Earth
Is just a prologue.

While here we should love,
Do good, and glorify God...
Set our sights on Him.

My BODY will die.
But my SOUL is infinite,
And will be reborn...

My corpse will decay,
To dust my tissue return.
But I will go on....

You only die once.
And thus escape this cold world
To the arms of God.

If we live just "once,"
Then life goes on forever...
Aim for Paradise.
Lucy Jul 2014
untilibegintocalmmyselfdownandstartbreathingproperly again, and stoppunchingthedamnedorangewallbecause lets be honest it didn't do anything wrong.
Alcohol in the air
Even more in our systems
Whole room spinnin
Whole room sippin
On that Bacardi Limón
Feel the bass in our bones
The lights turned down low
Hands to the sky
Music getting us high
Energy moving
From body to body
Can’t help it
Can tell it’s
Time to let go
Of all moral control
You only live once
So you might as well dance
This is your chance
Tonight luck
Is on your side
As am I
It’s a **** good night.
The poem that I'd never write..
The kind of poem that'd show me in a different light.
I scoff at Benja F bills
Women come and go,
I be popping pills that make the world turn slow.
I yolo *******,
Holler at team swag,
Money and the *******,
Tell her throw it in the bag..

That's the kind of poem that I'd never write.
The kind of poem where I ****** everyone in sight.
I keep it real hood.
Gangster all day.
Look me the wrong way,
Dead body in the hallway.
You don't want no problems,
I'm strapped like Velcro,
Dummy I don't play no games, Nintendo.

This made little sense,
something wasn't right.
This is the kind of poem I would never ever write.
JAY-ROD01 May 2014
Every time I see something cool, I say YOOOOLLLLLOOOO
Johnnie Rae Aug 2012
Would you like to learn to fly?
Or would it be better if I tried,

Just leap off the edge,
like theres no chance of death,
and live like its your last day,

Whats the point of living scared?
come on, take the dare,
live life like theres no risk,
just for a minute,
pretend you don't care,
dance in the rain,
and sing like no one can hear

You only live once,
live like you'll die tommorow,
you'll have a lot more fun.
in reality, i'll never ever say YOLO, but i just gave it so accomplishedd.

— The End —