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Did you hear? Did you hear?
He led a life that was Christ-less
then got his life in a crisis
and now he lays on the ground lifeless.
and did you hear?
the blasts from sedans shotguns
the bullets flew and this man caught one
through and through he could not stop one.
Did you hear? Did you hear?
He was into the gangs as a youth
Heard gangsters spit in the booth
dreamed of a grill for his tooth.
And did you hear?
He never got where he was going
A train wreck in full view, never slowing.
I even heard that he got his first piece to protect his niece from the dangers of the streets.
And did about you hear?
That niece cooked up rocks
after those gunshots
Shook like stun gun shocks
Burning like no sun block.
Did you hear, did you hear?
These streets are poorly paved
Cars make potholes and the streets they dig graves.
These men got know god, so god knows he can't save
The streets leave the people desperate and depraved.
And did you know, did you know?
Everyone is aware.
But nothing ever gets done.
Because nobody cares.
I used to loving the idea of being a nomad,
Moving without a road map, forward on never to go back.
But now I know that: life goes full circle
You do laps around the track just to jump the same hurdles.
Maybe moving forward can come from staying rooted.
Build a base of safety then risks can be pursuited.
I've always thought my self ill-suited for  any commitment,
Perhaps I just convinced myself that nothing has ever fitted.
It's easy to get lost in the swirling sights and sounds
A wanderlust explorer seeking all but solid ground.
You know what though? I've had my fill of moving.
Shuffling round long enough not sure of what I'm doing.
It's real easy to quit anything, anytime, anywhere,
when you convince yourself concerning everything: you do not care.
I'm 25 now and feel the need to start caring,
Too many nights I've spent drinking and swearing:
That I could change the game and put some lights around my name,
step into the life of fame and never see the house of pain.
****, what a shame. Pretty positive I did the opposite
Tried to get deep and ended higher than a rocket ship.
But experience I pocketed no chance someone is robbing it
I'm done throwing away my best from now on I'll keep it closeted.
Use it for myself when I hear the moment beckoning,  
It still hasn't passed me yet, at least, by my reckoning.
No more talk of time wasted getting too stupidfaceded
instead I'll unleash my own hard will and embrace it.
Learn to find my own high inside my mind's eye,
Use every skill that I have with each tool that I ply.
I'm moving from barrels bottom straight to the top shelf.
Never thought it'd feel so good: improving my self.
I'm on the verge of starting a real career and trying to put away many childish ways of thinking. It feels nice. And terrifying.
It's been a while since I've been at it.
But that's okay I've been making more moves for the static;
been high as attics like addicts
Not saying that's what I have been doing all of the time,
I'm steadily just on my grind
looking to expand my mind.
But, it's nothing I always find
so **** it.
Today I am amused by nothing,
think I found a muse in nothing,
nothing in the search for something,
nothing never needs confronting,
no hide and seek or hunting.
So now this muse I use will surely be left abused
but, don't get it confused, I found my muse in nothing.
And nothing is not a person for certain
so can nothing ever be hurtin?
Nothings in front of your eyes,
more of it's behind the curtain.
You occupy your mind all the time
but nothing is constantly lurking.
I wanna say that you can grab it and hold it
you can't console it
but should stash it away as if you stole it
and when you need inspiration just dole it.
You better embrace the nothing cause it won't go away,
I'm feeling inspired since I embraced it today.
I wanted to plant my flag way above yours
just in a way to say "**** yours"
but I got bored of the chore
of watching us both shoot
while I try to outscore.
I wanted to speak bolder with words all underlined
just to keep you undermined
but I realized it's just a **** waste of time,
so fine.
I wanted to go faster and faster
until I passed her
but I looked back after
turned around and struck disaster.
I wanted to fly higher like I was Icarus
but these feathers and sticky ****
was hit or miss
into the sky that I tried to kiss.
I wanted to be stronger,
and bigger,
and always better,
but the need to be like that just kept me fettered.
I thought I needed to be superior to you
until I realized how that was untrue.
If I want to improve myself it's now plain to see
I don't need to be better than you,
just better than me.
This is kinda about how I hold myself to others too often when I should just be focusing on my own ****.  You can't measure your successes against those of others, you can only measure your failures against yourself.
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I said I wasn't ready for how this begun
now the race has been run,
I'll say it has been fun.
So if the stars fell from the skies
you wouldn't see tears in my eyes
for goodbyes to  lies that this world has been telling,
those goods were poor for selling.
A felony for global enemies and lemme see
cause the blood can't scrub from these hands with ready clean
do you know what I mean?
I took them serious but I am laughing this time,
They thought that I would stand in line for this mankind
I'm like fine. No crime, But only for a second.
Never stay in order too long cause the chaos always beckons.
I think I love her for the trouble the love that I have is causin
So disaster is my demon and I'm addicted to her problems
Not trying to solve them too fascinated by the puzzle
I owned the hand of the master so bite that and get muzzled
And I can say for certain
all the serpents will get their serving.
Deservingly for causing uncertainty  with their obscurity.
Verbally the dawn and the dusk of us
could be the boom then the bust
so robust with lust like as we died we all ******.
Before we're all ******.
But you'll find no apocalyptic apologies from me
I didn't fall to greed or disease
I worked hard to fill needs.
And now  hells bound on four steeds
like the poisons on force feed.
But we will not drink the kool-aid
and shadows of comets are a cruel shade
the reason they move this way
to collide in for doomsday
and the doomed say nothing of light when in the dark
like they never knew the flame that could grow from the spark.
So I wonder if we knew there was no future to defend
would that mean no apologies because regret is pretend?
Reality can keep the glamour and it can also take the glitz,
cause nowadays we discover ourselves on computer chips.
We  see  how others live in all kinds of far places
then try to be individuals in books full of faces.
And lets face it these days our lives are being recorded;
information on your likes and activities stored and sorted.
You ignore it; never get hurt by what you don't know
more concerned about how you'll crop your next photo.
Gotta make sure to fit in all your clothes logos
cause it'll for sure make haters go loco.
When they see how you live life with the motto 'yolo'
it will make them all wanna examine their livesand say 'oh no'.
Man I swear this yolo fad has gotta run into the ground
cause if you lived twice your second one wouldn't be spent ******* around.
But nowadays we become a grown up on webpages
with profiles full of pictures and landmarks to chart phases.
Some might call it art in the way that we all make it
but, its a mirror to ourselves til the minute we all break it.
Can't shake it - the feeling we've crossed realities borders
into a digital realm ruled by coded orders,
with back doors and corridors,
and plasma screens and lots of cords,
USB's and PC's,
Web Cams, and DVD's,
terrabytes and touch screens,
reach out and you can touch dreams.
but all that you touch it just seems
without the intention to be.
Because locked inside the screen is reality invested
you wouldn't waste your time if no one else was interested.
It's been suggested that staring at the screen is bad for your eyes
but I do imply that being glued to it is bad for our lives.
Now when we meet face to face we cannot even socialize
we apply on dating sites and get further categorized.
So now it's like who we are is only what does appear
to others on all these sites we might never even come near
some attraction that was natural pulling in with real excitement,
so I guess romance is gone in the age of social enlightenment.
I'm perpetually indifferent to my own distinctive decisions.
What sets me apart from the pack is my lack of care for derision.  
The world is on fire, what an elegant effigy.    
So I say 'just let em burn if they wanna f--- with me.'
No time for leg pullers or those who rattle cages
Only time for those who chose to write their own history pages.
The stages I have crossed to play these different characters
Have been destructive in the way they allow me to break barriers
Harriers couldn't cruise over me and spot my directives
Because too many unanswered questions have me playing detective.
It's suggested that in darkness the good's inherently evil
but at least without the light you don't see the ugliness of people.
and I don't mean their faces with no cover up or blush
I mean they don't stop to help someone in need cause of their rush
lushes have become the focal point of social structures
so the male population has pants with flies about to rupture.
So much is fare of the flesh that now it's a flesh fair
and it is encouraged to have no respect and just stare
and we're determined to mix up some smoke in clear air
and we're demanding new jeans that are made with rips and tears.
and I'm aware of crazes and fads I'm not mad
as in I'm not crazy but this craziness makes me sad
I'm at a cross like plaid but this is more like forked roads
I am locked in online without any exit nodes,
I am inside the safe but no one else knows the codes,
so I am me by design 'cause I don't know any more modes.

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