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Louis Bitchop Nov 2013
I have swag
lots of the swag
im a really boy
footy at school never heart anybody
**** the law
**** the politics
Matthew Worde
shazza tazza
Louis Bitchop May 2013
Oi **** ya make me a sandwitch
ya ****
i hate you i wanna brake up
nah babe just kidding i love you
love is a cruel thing but its worth every minute <3
"like" if you love love!
Louis Bitchop Apr 2013
a mans drink
only consumed by AFL players
i dont play but i still drink it
dont even give a ****
mr patch is a ***** *****
keen for that vb when i get home, in the fridge
need a new carton
******* hell maclean high has the cross country today
dont even wanna go
wanna drink my vb
keen for some steak and pork
with a side of vb
aussie mate, get some stickes on my commy
vb stickers
oi ****, come round later for a bbq
and a vb
tru auzie
Louis Bitchop Apr 2013
when i play footy,
i win da footy,
even tho the odds are against me footy team,
i still win the footy,
mades my dad happy,
might get footy for dinner,
makes me happy,
kicking the footy makes me good
thanks to teach me to footy
Louis Bitchop Apr 2013
My wife, a beautiful young lamb
eager to meet new flocks of sheep
a beautiful man
i mean women
keen for a floggen
of me *****
cant get hard
cry everytime :(
Louis Bitchop Apr 2013
As i look deep into his eyes,
deep, deep into his eyes,
he lightly touches my cheek and plants a kiss on my lips,
its an unusual sensation,
but i only see him once a year so i allow it,
he is my only real father,
i value his pasion towards me,
i fell insecure around him naked,
my teachers say this is weird,
**** them,
i make my own choices,
my choice is to stroke his *****,
stroke it hard,
and stroke it soft,
stroke it with my hands,
and stroke with my tounge,
after all he is my father
and i love him
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