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Farheen zehra Aug 2017
When you rise up
to start your day,
To chase your dreams
Do not delay,
Grab every opportunity
that comes your way,
Because You Only Live Once they say..!
Farheen zehra Jul 2017
Cricket fever rising high,
As the game unfolds
Under the sky..!

Every wicket, every run,
Watching it all is so much fun.

Spectators cheering full of life,
Commentators too adding some spice.

Twists and turns with every ball,
Each shot decides the teams rise or fall.

Some winning streaks, some losing shots,
One teams gain is the others loss.

And as the winners celebrate their win,
Losing too is not a sin,
As it may be a blessing in disguise!
For you can always Rise & Shine∞∞
Farheen zehra Nov 2016
Words that can stir your soul,
Metaphor's Simile & much more.

Words that take you to another nation,
A different world, the land of imagination.

Words that can make you laugh & cry,
Happiness laughter,emotions low & high.

Words that give you a different view,
Sparkling silver & golden hues.

Words that are packed with power,
To uplift, enrich & empower.

Words that can converse with the stars & the moon,
Talk about their shine, glitter & gloom.

Poetry has but a lot more,
Only if you open your hearts & minds to explore,
There is an artist hidden within each one of you,
So grab your brushes and paint your view...!
Just an attempt.All suggestions are welcome
Farheen zehra Aug 2016
Some are fake,
Some are true,
Amidst the many
you see around you,
There is something
hidden within too,
So....Be True
Farheen zehra Jul 2016
When you are all done for the day,
And u end it with a small prayer.

When the birds fly back to their nests,
Seek shelter  and take some rest.

When the busy streets are empty,
Closed are all bakeries and pantries.

When the skies turn dark,
Sails in the moon in its cloudy ark.

You buzz off to the land of peace,
No worries full of ease,
No joy no pain!
No loss no gain!

~Farheen zehra
Farheen zehra Jul 2016
When troubles and worries fill your life,
And you are in search of some divine light,
Call unto him and seek solace,
For he is the most merciful full of grace!

~Farheen zehra
Farheen zehra Jul 2016
Men were considered to excel in education,
But now women are taking up the tradition,
Excelling in arts, science and commerce,
Women have really made competition fierce.

For household chores,
Women were considered,
But now you see,
Sunita Williams flying high on earth.

So let us all bear in mind,
That women are never behind,
They can conquer any situation,
By showing sheer determination.

Educate your girl child,
So that she can fight her right,
Make her very strong,
So that she can distinguish right and wrong.

~Farheen zehra
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