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Lucy Jul 2017
I've never been happier, and it's your fault. Thank you.
Just read all of my old poems, need to get back into poetry. Missed this platform.
Lucy Sep 2014
I wonder if he knows how perfect he makes me feel as he lifts the back of my t shirt up to get closer to my skin?
The way he flips us over without effort, almost to the point where I can't move even if I wanted to.
The way his hands, slightly rough, yet soft and warm all at once make me feel like silk.
I've never felt **** or desired, but laying on my bed kissing him I do, with him I feel like I could rule the world.
Or that when he kisses me and I can taste that chocolate ****, a hint of raspberry, and orangina it makes me smile.
I could spend hours kissing him, forever loving him, his eyes, his hands, his back, his arms, everything.
I would love to spend forever with him, because this is happiness, and for the moment we're happy.
Lucy Aug 2014
I told you stuff and it felt like something changed;
Lucy Aug 2014
you make me happy,
because you love me,
and i love you.

i make you sad,
because i don't think i'm beautiful,
but you say i am.

we share apples, showers, chocolate,
hammocks, beds, tents,  
love, happiness, joy.

sadness, anger, pain,
tears, hugs, cuddles,
kisses, each other.
Lucy Jul 2014
I had nightmares, 5 or 6 in a row, your dad told you to go and see me, to calm me down. and it worked, but it scared me having you that close, because my nightmare is you. Even when I'm in your bed I have bad dreams, one place I know I am totally safe and nothing could get me.
Your nightmares are spiders, something I'm not scared of any more, and you're scared of me not loving you, which I tell you won't ever happen.
I'm scared of the future, of what we will become, because while we both say we want the same thing, I wonder if you really do, or you just say it because we're young and in love..
I've seen you cry, laugh, be angry, be happy, and I like it when I can change one of these things, but when you're so annoyed with yourself, or call yourself stupid it makes me sad, because while I try and pull you back, its tricky.
You're not stupid, not any old idiot would be able to make me this happy.
Lucy Jul 2014
I want to sing and shout my happiness
Being woken up at 7am to the sound of your voice,
Right from the 'Allo?' I heard down the phone,
I knew today was going to be a brilliant day.
I want everyone to be a little happier,
Who cares that they sky is grey,
Who cares that it's spitting down with rain.
Than the thunder is on its way,
I have done everything I needed to do,
Even snuck a "french" kiss or two.
The sunflowers are yellow,
The maize is growing tall,

Lucy is just feeling happy.

Lucy will conquer the world.
Today will go down in history as a brilliant day. One day year's from now when people ask what happened "on this day" the answer will be "on this day in 2014 Lucy was very happy"
Conquer the world.
Lucy Jul 2014
untilibegintocalmmyselfdownandstartbreathingproperly again, and stoppunchingthedamnedorangewallbecause lets be honest it didn't do anything wrong.
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