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James Court Mar 2018
Oh America,
Latest reports don't bode well;
they say you're hurting.

I saw on the news:
two executed, Texas,
the Dow Jones is down,

war with Korea,
White House scandals blowing up,
robot fired from job,

a kitty got stuck
in a sycamore tree, and,
just down the road, a

spring assault gun fest:
cheap military wares, school
shooter starter packs

When faith trumps reason
there are a lot of things that
fall by the wayside.

What does it feel like
to be cut down to size? Does
common sense matter?

Does it yet exist
in the souls of your people?
Or is that all dust?

America the
powerful! America
can be great again!

Hail America!
Come to the land of debris
and home of the graves!

Sort your **** out, for
our sake, America. We
need you in sound mind.
haiku sutra America Trump ego guns
gelap malam membuka mata
hening pikir ku meraba cinta
begitu banyak lembut dan kasar
setajam sembilu selembut sutra

angin bertiup menghempas debu
debu kasar debu halus
cinta kasih yang ku tuju
tibalah aku pada dirimu
James Romano Jul 2018
Living like a kite seems fun and free
But who's pulling the strings, is it you or me?
I'm higher than you but you claim to see
More than I but I am we
I see above I see beyond I see the future
Let me live life my way, f#@% your Kama Sutra
Real people say more power to ya
You love me, but really, who am I?
So I'm sorry ma but I gotta cut this tie
I'm a real diamond in the sky and that ain't no lie
Flew way high, now I'm just another star in the sky
but I'm happier so why you gotta cry?

At the wrong end of the string
Is it you or is it me?
Who really tying each other back from reality?
I want you to shine but really I'm afraid
Diamonds are forever but stars seem to fade...
Guess that's the trade
Always thought dreams were dreams now my life been made...
I let you cut this tie so you can live life freely
So don't worry, I'm crying because I'm happy really
Don't get the wrong idea, I know you still see me
From the sky, the starry field that was once beyond my reach
I let you fly baby because God put me here to teach.
Momma's word
There is no one truth, there is only decisions
Andrew May 2018
How can I
Falcon fly
While I die
In a web of lies
Where they brutalize
Us like flies

We must communicate
By connecting
To avoid rumors of hate
That are infecting
The non-inspecting
No problem detecting
Yet happiness expecting
Tyrant electing
Issue deflecting
Fascism respecting
Public that's perplexing

So the Internet should remain harmlessly neutral
Instead of adding to our economic Kama Sutra
Finding new ways to ***** each other
Like restricting access to information
So we won't hear the screams of our brothers
To the rich and powerful's elation

Dealing with this pseudo-fame
Feels like a burdensome shame
In order to listen to people
I have to hear them talk
But I fall into a deep hole
When their ignorance is written in chalk
Easily erased
But also easily traced
Yet not so easily faced
Until we're easily replaced
By the voices of our oppressors
Promising to alleviate the pressure
If we'll take a position that's lesser
And never ask them to be a confesser

Each electorate
Must be kept separate
And must be made desperate
So take away their voices
That should limit their choices
The rich want to be molding the clay
So they say to touch it you'll have to pay

I can't sit here and stand it
This particular predicament
That's beyond my bandwidth
Eating this **** sandwich
Given by a grand witch
So I add the name capitalist
To my ******* list
Which they seem to agree with
They rationalize you have to be an ******* to survive
They explain in business that's the only way to thrive
Yet get upset when I call them the biggest ******* alive

The Internet can do infinite good
Yet it is minimized and misunderstood
The faithless fathom
It as a nameless chasm
Made inside our rage filled cabins
But they refuse to see the connections
The healthy introspection
And historical corrections
They'd rather use deflection
Mentioning mundane memes
Or divisive digital teams
They see the shell
But not the turtle
They put us in hell
With a data girdle

Everybody has the same capability to add to the Internet
So they should have equal capacity to use the Internet
Sometimes our economic systems make us act counterintuitively
To what is fundamentally needed by our species
Something humanity has never had before
A comprehensive brain that can connect and inform us all
We've seen money corrupt the minds of humans
Let's not let it corrupt the minds of humanity
Really appreciate all the support thanks. Won't be writing as much poetry until I try a long form narrative. Thanks for reading.

— The End —