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chrissy who May 2016
Is constant.
It’s everywhere
And in everything.
But our perception of it is not.
For us,
Perfection is fleeting.
It comes in small doses
Like a shot of tequila.
It shocks on impact
Then warms from within.
Perfection lingers
For as long as the good feeling stays.
The problem?
We know that shortly
The liquor will wear off
And the world will again be *****

But you…
You stay.
You stay past the buzz
Past the next-morning feeling
Past the hangover
Past the fog.
You’re still here.
You’re still perfect.
Because what people don’t get is that since nothing is perfect,
Is perfect.
Perfection isn’t a shot of tequila
But a long
Of water.
Perfection is a breath of fresh air,
Or maybe even stagnant,
Because perfection
Is everywhere.
Perfection is that tree over here
That lake over there
The crazy blue streak
In that girl’s light brown hair.

Is constant.
It’s the waves crashing
The river flowing
The clock ticking away every moment we spend together,

Is your mother telling you it’s time to come home.
My father telling me to hang up the phone.
Your best friend taking a year long vacation
My history suddenly obtaining clarification.

Perfection is learning
From stupid mistakes.
Perfection is holding hands
Through all the heartaches.
Perfection is black rivers flowing down your gorgeous perfect face
And perfection is knowing there’s nothing we can’t shake.

Because perfection is there
In every code-name fight
And perfection is there
Through every sleepless night.
Perfection is present
On the drives along winding lanes
And perfection is present
When we hide from cars in vain.
Perfection is you
And perfection is me
Because through all our flaws
We’re as perfect as perfect can be.
Yet the world still doesn’t understand that
Nothing is perfection
So perfection
Is everything.
Chandler Higgs Jul 2013
This world was built on a foundation of perfection
No weight lies upon our shoulders
Each person needs no other to survive
No others need to be added to this perfect world
For perfection is perfect

But the storm rips us apart
I huddle by myself
Covering my eyes to make it not true
The pieces of the world cut through the air
Not just the air, but my flesh, my soul
The others cower alone as well
We all hide our sobs
And muffle our cries of pain
For Perfection is not weak

The storm moves on
And the world is now dull gray
The wounded tend to themselves
And the children cry alone
We do not reach for the pieces we have lost
But instead begin to build a new world
For Perfection knows no past

This new world is perfect
Each person takes care of only their needs
Nothing can be added or lost to make it less perfect
But the perfection weighs upon my shoulders
And slices into me like glass
It hurts so much I cry
But no help is given when I reach out
For Perfection does not care

Doors close
Windows slam shut
The people scatter as they hear my rage
They do not want to talk of or hear about the terrible past
The future is what matters, they say
For Perfection does not know pain

But I find another who shows pain
The other and I, we search for the pieces of the lost world
The other and I, we lay them out
But the pieces do not fit
What has been ripped apart cannot be fixed
For Perfection is not in the pieces

The other and I, we show the pieces
To the citizens of the new perfect world
The past stands before them
Some faces are masked
Some are in tears
Worse are the cries of anguish
But each person does not acknowledge any other's pain
For Perfection is self-sufficient

The other and I now realize what Perfection is
It is covering what's inside
And pretending emotions do not exist
It is showing your faults to no one
And not caring for another
It is thinking only of the pain you are in
And being swallowed by your own misery
So much that you forget that you can heal another's pain
Just as they can heal your own
For Perfection is a mask for those too selfish and weak to show the pain inside
For Perfection is forgetting there are others like yourself
For Perfections is not knowing
That Perfection is not real

The other and I, we stop putting together the pieces
The other and I, we leave that perfect world
The other and I, we begin to make a new world
Full of imperfections
The other and I, we do not hide our pain
We show it to our imperfect world
And because it is shown
It drifts towards the heavens
And because the other and I, we show our imperfection
The imperfections fill our world
And the other and I, we begin to mend
For imperfection is healing

They all begin to see
The happiness that is brought to the other and I
The other and I, we teach them
How to show their pain
To display their imperfections
To heal the wounds inside
For imperfection makes our world beautiful

When new pain is found
We display it to the world
We help others as they help us
We are dependent on each other
Losing a person fills us with sorrow
A person being added fills us with joy
For imperfection connects us all

To say our world is perfect is far from true
Perfection and imperfection should never be compared
Pain is in our world, but there is also happiness
Loss, but also gain
Every pain we feel is matched with joy for something else
For imperfection means to have emotion
For imperfection means to live
Thia Jones May 2015
I want perfection
I want that moment where our eyes meet
and neither of us can break the gaze
where our souls open to one another
like buds thirsting for the rain
where I see eternity, endless infinity
expand and share their secrets
from within you and know in that instant
that you see the same in me
I want that perfection of recognition

I want perfection
I want a shared empathy
an effortless telepathic connection
to feel that golden thread that links
all my chakras with all yours
I want to wake thinking of you
to drift into sleep doing the same
to know this is true for you too
and to meet even in our dreams
I want that perfection of synchronicity

I want perfection
I want to explore your body
to marvel at its complete perfection
even though you believe it imperfect
I want you to marvel too
at the perfection you see in this body
although I know it to be far short
I want to be consumed in mutual lust
to burn with your tastes sounds and smells
subsuming our senses into one another
I want that perfection of sensation

I want perfection
I want to run and work and sweat with you
to experience the joys of music, of performance
to travel with you to places of wonder
to inspire your creativity
to be inspired by you in every way
to reach new heights as yet undreamed
to remain forever grateful
for the gifts of your love
I want that perfection of complementarity

Cynthia Pauline Jones 4th May 2015
I have still to meet this person. There was someone who ticked some of the boxes and who for a time it seemed might complete the set, yet drew back. So I continue to search.
J Nov 2016
perfection is
a hot cup of coffee
in a cafe full of strangers.
perfection is
christmas music
playing softly in the background.
perfection is
and all the love it brings.
perfection is
and all the joy it brings.
perfection is
family gathered together
in rooms filled with love and laughter.
perfection is
mass on christmas eve
and the peace it brings.
perfection is
sleeping in on christmas morning
and waking up to a house filled with the smell of the ham cooking.
perfection is
the smiles on my loved ones' faces.
perfection is
a hug
from someone i love.
perfection is
a hot cup of coffee
in a cafe full of strangers.
i'm so full of love and happiness today i want to shout it from the rooftops
Sophia Nov 2012
Oh you.
Sitting in the front of the classroom.
School royalty.
I want you.
And there you were,
smiling back at me,
talking to me,
making me think i had a chance.
I know you don't know me well.
I know I want to know you better.
I let my heart fall for you.
But you like her.
And she likes you.
And I know that I would never have a chance with you.
I never did.
I felt as though I'd found you.
But you played with my heart.
without a care in the world.
I hate you.
I love you.
Spare me the heartbreak and just tell me so.
Even though I already know.
Rob M Jan 2014
Perfection: skewed over the years;
in our quest for longevity,
in our denial that good things do end,
we have tried to make perfection
into a permanence.
We chase it all our lives:
the perfect car,
the perfect lover,
the perfect relationship.
We've forgotten somehow that
perfection isn't a state of life.
Perfection isn't normal.
Perfection doesn't exist naturally.
Perfection is something we create,
and like all things humans make,
it is temporary.
Perfection is a moment to be lived in-
a glistening diamond moment that
we get to exist in for such a
precious little time.
We breath in and are filled
with satisfaction,
that most powerful ******.
We glow in our souls
until it radiates from our faces.
It is the second right after a first kiss,
when you draw back and look into your lover's eyes.
When all things are brimful of possibility and all
futures are open to you.
It is the moment after you achieve
something you worked for your entire life.
Something you bled for, lost sleep and friends
and years of your life over.
It is the second when your child
screams and draws breath for the first time.
When you see reflected in their tiny face everything you were
and everything they will be.
We are perfect in that one moment.
Of course all of it will end.
Your girlfriend may leave you behind after a time.
She may break your heart and carry it with her,
leaving you scarred and unable to love again.
You may lose everything you've worked for
in a single, capricious moment.
In one simple, thoughtless mistake.
Your child will be with you for a time,
but they will grow old and leave you,
never to speak to you until you are on death's door.
as we sit on our unbelievably vulnerable world,
one of billions in a universe full of singularities and solar flares,
comets and quasars,
evolution and extinction-
Shouldn't we just be glad that the moment happened,
instead of realizing it will end?
Life has so very few of these anomalies of perfection;
enjoy them while they are there,
do not miss them when they are gone.
Hyder Nov 2012
The subjection of one’s interjections
Based on the world
The world of today
Can you change what you think
What others have to say

Were interconnected but not in connection
With a convection of perfection that inhibits rejection
Or constant correction of certain parts or sections
That people fail to mention for their own protection
Believing a misconception to gain desired affection
Wasting their discretion for a false obsession
Thoughts of concession and encouraging suppression
This is just one dissection of perfection
It is but one path, one direction
But this should lead to many other questions

What about succession from the term perfection?
Is it needed to drive people to higher ascension?
Maybe one day society can undergo a social resurrection
Where creed, religion, race, freedom are not held in contention
No more crimes, no need for detention
Everyone is happy, no more thoughts of depression
Everyone can be comfortable with their own reflection

Hopefully this dissection can leave a lasting impression
And drive home the need for a universal intervention
To stop and think what it means strive for perfection
For you may have it wrong upon further inspection
Eowyn May 2014
D                         E
They tell us to strive for,
C                         D
They tell us to live for
D       E
They’re set on a quest for
C           D
Making us test for
D     E
So they stuff us in uniform
C    D
Make us have perfect form
D           E      C                 D
And never let us stop working for
I don’t want to
Spend my life
Until I do

Is not what they’re making
They’re really just faking
As they make our hands aching
Our times they are wasting
Our lives they are taking
Our souls they are raking
And the worst of it is they will never reach

I don’t want to
Spend my life
Until I do
So these were supposed to be song lyrics but i want to share them so I'm pretending they're a poem
Jenna Johnston Nov 2010
What is perfection?
          Perfection is an opinion
          Perfection is an illusion
          Perfection is a lie
There is no such thing as perfection
          Perfection does not exist
Those who claim to be perfect do so to hide something
          Nobody is perfect
          Nothing is perfect
There is no such thing as perfection
This is an original poem by Jenna Johnston. If you like it, by all means write it down, but give credit where credit is due, please.
Casey Mar 2019
I hate the word "perfect".

Nobody can be perfect.
It's literally impossible.

They say, "Don't change, you're perfect as you are."
Humans can't be perfect.
It's not in our nature.

Our media portrays perfection as people's personalities painted in pretty pastel.
Don't be fooled.
Perfection is disgusting.

is tearing your hair out over a simple dashed line
in front of the "A" on the report card.

is raking chewed cuticles across your cheeks
for missing the kick in Phy. Ed class.

is spilling your guts out after every meal and screaming into the mirror,
"Am I perfect yet?! Am I good enough for you?!"

is ripping apart the artwork you poured your heart into
because someone pointed out a flaw, and now you can't unsee it.

is gorging on painkillers
as if they would take away the emotional pain, too.

Don't you dare tell me that I'm perfect
because perfection is disgusting.

I hate the word "perfect".
I'm tired of people saying that perfection is something to glorify and strive for. Some people are literally broken apart by the expectations of perfection.
Hersch Rothmel Jun 2013
I want perfection right now
I don’t want perfection later
I want perfection on the first try
I don’t want perfection some other time
I want perfection right here and now
And if I can’ t have it I’ll  scream
But to want perfection is an imperfect notion
So why would I want perfection to happen to me?
Dev A Mar 2014
Don’t let no one tell you,
No, not ever,
That you are not perfect, perfect, perfection.

Some people may say,
That there is no such thing
As perfect, perfect, perfection.

But let me tell you a secret,
A secret that shouldn’t be a secret,
All about perfect, perfect, perfection.

You are you,
That’s the best you can ever be
Making you perfect, perfect, perfection.

There will be some days where
People will bring you down,
But always remember
That you are perfect, perfect, perfection.

There will be some days where
People will make you feel good, cheerful, and happy,
And you’ll have proof
That you are perfect, perfect, perfection.

But no matter what kind of day you have,
ALWAYS remember,
It is believed to exist;
It is often what we as people strive for;
Something for which we are prepared to persist.
Perfection is a drug, perfection is a demon;
Perfection is what often makes us forget that we are human;
By virtue of expectation,
We engulf one another in clouds of smoke;
Creating a screen for ourselves,
Causing one another to choke;
We make it a burden for others;
Make their lives unbearable,
Yet we ourselves never want to bear this yoke.

Perfection as an ideal isn’t bad,
It has brought man to, and through,
Millennia where men believe in themselves.
Man, as a creature, will never fly,
But we have inventions that bring us perfectly close.
We’ve created environments that allow us to do things at lightning speed;
We’ve more or less streamlined our every need.

But that’s what we don’t get!
Perfection, however lovely, will forever be an ideal;
We all need to understand that it isn’t real;
Like most things on earth, perfection is relative.
I’m not , for one moment, suggesting that we stop being competitive!
No, not at all!
All I suggest is that we stop burdening one another;
Be it you friend, wife, husband, father, mother, sister or brother.
The societal norm of giving each other 10 crosses at a time,
With no apparent reason, is only going to cause the issue to deepen;
Propagate itself, as we bid humanity adieu.
Do not expect what you cannot give,
That, for me, is the better way to live;
And if you can give something to others,
Try and not expect it back always.
For we are all human,
And can only dream of perfection in any case.......
Shane Knubley Oct 2013
Every single one of us has our own perception and definition of perfection and beauty.

My definition of perfection and beauty is simplistic, but at the same time is insanely intricate and alluring.

My definition of perfection and beauty is her: her riveting smile, her luscious brown hair, the glint of her admirable brown eyes, so perplexing and captivating.

She is different, not quite like all the other girls.

Something about her makes her stand out.

Could it be her inspiring and enchanting positive attitude?  

Or could it be her constant yet elegant and exceptional charismatic display of intellect and wisdom?

Whatever it is, it’s entrancing and spectacular, constantly forcing me to crack a genuine and stimulating smile, even when I may not be feeling the greatest.

The feeling she makes me feel when she’s present is indescribable through words; it’s a feeling that can only be truly understood through enduring it.

There is only one word to truly describe how I feel whenever I talk to her, and that is bliss.

I may be naïve to believe that I am deeply in love with her, but that intense smile and sense of self-worth I feel when I talk to her tells me otherwise.

She gives off similar vibes, leading me to believe that she may feel the same way about me as I do her.

When she displays affection towards me, my face turns slightly red and inevitably, I smile like an idiot.

When I talk with her, everything feels at ease, and I don’t ever have a single worry on my mind.

Every single one of us has our own description of perfection and beauty.

My definition of perfection and beauty is her, and she’s the perfection and beauty that I need.
about a special somebody, thought I'd share
Nostalgic Mar 2019
Perfection doesn’t exist

It’s a non-existing standard we can define by nothing more than our desperation and pursuit of completion
It’s deluding and is painful to bare, in fact letting of go of it opens up so many pores of acceptance and contentment without hindering ones ambition of aspiration

One shouldn’t go with the other
Perfection is not meant to go hand in hand with ambition
In fact the healthiest more achievable form of ambition is that which exist without the ******* of perfection in its walls and foundation

Ambition is healthy, the idea of perfection on the other hand is dangerous and so mythological that it causes a great deal of inadequacy to those that still hold on to its empty promises.

Let us produce great results, great being the profound collective exchange between good and bad, happy and sad, what is positive and what is negative

These are not opposing forces, that’s what perfection has convinced us of, they are parallel systems of reality that make and break it equally, as one cannot exist without the other in specific instance

Belief in perfection is as dangerous in a mentally ill person’s conviction to jump off a sky scrapper believing he can fly, it’s becomes more damaging the more we believe in it.

Perfection is not peaceful it is stagnant, it’s monotonous and deceptive
In fact perfection is cruel because it convinces is of a reality we seek and pursue when we can’t even imagine

It has no beginning nor an ending because that’d process and progress
Meaning perfection in a reality of progress never was and will never be but doesn’t want you to believe that, in fact the only thing that brought perfection into conception and gave it the nerve to even exist in our reality as the theory it exists on is the falsehood it’s made a home of in our hearts and in our souls, that’s why it’s hard to imagine but even harder to get rid of and eradicate.
Jellyfish Jun 2012
I dreamt that I'd tell you,
  I dreamt I'd convince you.
I dreamt you would love me
and I too would love you.
I dreamt of perfection,
a dream so romantic.
I dreamt you would smile
and carefully panic.
I dreamt you would hug me.
  I dreamt we would both see,
together we're better -
  I dreamt you weren't choosy.
I dreamt up the ways
of how I could tell you.
I dreamt up bouquets
and a time and place too.
I dreamt that I told you.
  I dreamt that I could do.
I dreamt that it happened.
  I dreamt of a breakthrough.

instead i told you
at 3am   drunk   on facebook
*and i took it back the next morning
The pain hurts less than regret.
kaylalynn Aug 2013
I couldn't tell you
what perfection is.
For every time I try,
my mind closes its windows and locks its doors,
frightened by the concept of flawlessness within a single person.
I could, on the other hand, list the many things perfection is not.
perfection is not twirling a blade between your fingers, wondering where it will leave its mark next.
perfection is not buying shirts 4 sizes too big to cover up what we think is there.
perfection is not tilting back the bottle again, promising yourself that it is the last time.
perfection is not the face I see staring back at me each and every day.
Lovey Jul 2015
Perfection to most is a key to being "right" to everyone else.
Perfection is almost like what you have to be.
perfection whatever the hell it is has become.more.important to worry about than who we really are inside.
Perfection doesnt last forever.
Perfection doesnt even exsist.
there will never be such a thing as someone being perfect.
we all have our things we all have our worries,our fear, our little things.
How did this "perfection" become more important than our dreams?
how did looking good enough just not to be made fun of become a reality?
When did these groups be casted just so everyone could feel lonely.
Everyday we wake up and wonder if we look right.
Or if we are gonna be made fun of again.
im on the outside of it all looking at those who worry more about what people say more than a future they hold.
After those 4 years are up and you were so worried about being "perfect" to a person who left you in three seconds ill be the one going to yail while you sitting there wondering what you did for those 4 years. So instead of worrying of words worry about your dream and catch it.-mickie rouxe-
Alec Boardman Mar 2017
Mother warned me not to be too absorbed
In the mirror. I need to instead pay attention
To the world around me. “To form an identity,
One needs not to worry about perfection.”
She said. But, mother, you are apathetic
If I am anything but. I calm my impulses.

I buy and obsess over material possessions by impulse.
Catch me with a teen magazine, completely absorbed
As I block out the real world with an apathetic
Attitude. As I sit and read, I pay attention
To the celebrities who demonstrate perfection.
I will copy their traits to form my identity.

Lost in this dreary world, searching for identity,
I collect people’s personalities, stealing them on impulse.
Searching for happiness coincides with the pursuit of perfection.
I laugh at those who say I am self absorbed,
That say I am only looking for attention,
When it comes to criticism, I am apathetic.

I don’t care that I come off as apathetic.
It just happens to be part of my identity.
I don’t do it for attention.
Or maybe I do? I’m too impulsive.
I’m only this way because I’m self absorbed.
Obsessed with the idea of perfection.

I look at myself and all I see is perfection.
Others may see me with nothing but apathetic
Stares, but they are simply too absorbed
With their own problems of their identities.
Not my fault that they don’t feel the impulse
To love me. I don’t need their petty attention.

That was a lie, I live for attention.
Can’t everyone see I am the human embodiment of perfection?
Without their validation, I may act on my impulses.
And then when they ask why I did it, I will be too apathetic
To care. Dangerous and beautiful is my identity.
It isn’t so bad to be self absorbed.

I am absorbed in myself, desperate for attention
My identity relies solely on the thought of perfection
I am only apathetic because I care too much about myself. Here they come again, the impulses
November 2016
Emma Chatonoir Mar 2013
To fall and never get up
Saying there is no escape
Perfection, perfection
Caught in a bubble
Saying there is no escape
Not that one is needed
Caught in a bubble
Where people walk on air
Not that one is needed
Both feel to be important
Where people walk on air
Cloud nine on Earth
Both feel to be important
A mutual bond
Cloud nine on Earth
Endless love
A mutual bond
Make perfection noticeable
Endless love
Or rather “love”
Make perfection noticeable
Make everyone know this love exists
Or rather “love”
It’s not really the right word
Make everyone know this love exists
Almost common sense
It’s not really the right word
Cause there are many interpretations
Almost common sense
To fall, fall, fall
Cause there are many interpretations
It could secretly be nothing
To fall, fall, fall
Or at least claim to
It could secretly be nothing
Something everyone knows but them
Or at least claim to
Years later, it will be obvious
Something everyone knows but them
There was never anything to feel
Years later, it will be obvious
Perfection doesn’t exist
There was never anything to feel
Nothing ever fell
Perfection doesn’t exist
It was almost embarrassing to be there
Nothing ever fell
No feelings
It was almost embarrassing to be there
Realizing nothing happened
No feelings
None at all
Realizing nothing happened
Perfection, perfection
None at all
To fall and never get up.
Evidently I was very mad at someone when this was written...I wonder who?
Nat Lipstadt Dec 2015
Dialogue and Oratory Between
SPT and Nat:

At the Intersection of
Perfection & Beauty,
By Blue Candlight


come let us by and by,
soon meet,
under blue moon candle lit sky,
at this worthy intersection of
beauty and perfection,

be together,
yet unconstrained

let us speak of what
we see and sense,
come to come
to know,
of what does not appear
in this world easy readily,
what lies between
two points,
needy of,
crossing destination revelations

It's said of beauty,
once uncovered and
gazed upon whole,
be visible only at the
bottom of the bin of the
it was here, where, perfection
once was lost
and may yet now be found,
where souls,
singled and singed,
seek to find of,
the perfection lost,
the untarnished beauty
within ones self

from the meadow can be seen
The Field Where Wonderment  Grows,
wild is the bounty of colored beauty
and only there,
can oan one,
locate, judge and
what never departs
a self

at the road'meeting point,
at our time and place
arrived but come
crossed and creased
by the journeys
travels and travails,
burnt blind,
eyes by life's headwinds,
singled and singed,
and the mind disbelieves, doubts,
the existence verily,
of the locale,
beauty & perfection
from Feb. 21, 2015

Spontaneously combusted; collaboration by, SPT /Nat Lipstadt
'Twas for the first kiss
Reconnecting steps
Together filling spaces
A hallmark of events
Crossing bridges burning touches
Lacing fingers enhanced
A finality
Of our final descent

our smiles
a pathway molecular
a synapse over distance
thru mindfulness,
two poets embrace
their eyes closed
while opening for the last of the
first times

It was then
she embraced his voice
For not reading his words
For the first of the last time
Tracing his lips
Embarking eternal

lastly the first
was the best,
the fluids tasted
for the first time
we're the most pleasant
scars upon lips
that never forgot nor ever
obtain the same
sense of greatness,
though not for wont,
though not for want,
for such is nature,
Tis the first
that is the most

Please come back
I'll miss you ever more
It was just like that
I turned to look
And you were gone
Leave but don't leave me
I'll be here when you tire
On bended knee
Like pillars of strength
Surmounted by you
Together we shall
Be the bridge
That together bond
What could never be gapped
You and I
By time and space
Please, I beg you
Look back

look back, an impossibility,
the ******* word lock that joins two poets
at the lips, the hips, at the places
light never sees,
defies atom splitting,
defines the fire pillars
leading us through the dessert

No leaving what is yourself
Physics denies as a first principle,
the circularity of spontaneous combustion
cannot be severed ever,
and he lover/loved her from the first
teasing message, and the last
first poem kiss,
that closed their
sensual space

For they were each others first
And last
To leave
With a kiss
What words could never express
Spontaneously combusted
Alice Frost Oct 2013
What is perfection, for that which we crave?
We long, we desire?
Does this not cause envy, hate...
For don't we often embody this "perfection" in a person?
Our aspirations to hope
Similar fates.
Perfection is balance
And yet
We exchange morals for such a thing
Is there really such a thing as perfection?
Every means of obtaining as such
Does not immediately make you believe it
There will always be a compromise to this
Something that will continually obstruct it
For perfection is but a lie
Hidden beneath the mask
Of deceit and desire
Tori Hayes Jul 2014
I pity perfection
Because perfection will never know how fun it can be to be imperfect
Perfection will never know a sloppy first kiss
Or how it feels to burn your tongue on hot chocolate
Perfection does not know how to mess something up and then try again
Nor will it ever have a lazy day
Perfection will never stumble over it's words when it tries to speak
And it will never tell someone it loves them
Because we all know that's a mistake
But some mistakes are worth making
And perfection does not exist
Sachin Subedi May 2018
A man is like a flower
Starts with a bud
Blossoms into its nature
Natural ecstasy and perfection
In time it wears out too
Finally falls off the tree
A natural process
A natural phenomenon
Naturally the man
See as a flower
All the nature of being
To the base is the same

The intelligence the man puts into saying
That he is only the creature of importance
And everything in the world are the resource
Resource to be consumed by himself
Is the false flag he is raising
And is in the denial of the very nature

Anything which is resonant
And synchronous to the nature
Has the time in nature to the eternity
Whereas if not
In accordance to the nature
Sooner or later
On the verse of decay
On the verse of extinction

I see the human race is in the path of extinction
As civilization denying nature rather than glorifying
Human beings are far from the true essence
And are not synchronizing in the heart
Of the very nature
The so called intelligence
is what humans praise and glorifying
A lot full of ****
And it is a shame

We see the population of human species
To rise and rise
So may presume the statement
I just stated to be false
But seeing the thought processes
And so called intelligence
Is setting the human species
To a sense of decay
The step to the human race to demolish its own race
Is a unjustified intelligence in itself

The truth and laws of nature
Being in shade
Humans incorporating thoughts
As a tool of destruction
Rather than construction
In the field of criticism rather than motivation
In the field of extinction rather than sustainability
In the field of destruction rather than collaboration
And effort in maintaining the continuity
Of equilibrium and resonance with the nature

On the contrary
Making critics and complain about the others
Not realizing all are the part of the whole
Is creating a challenge to the nature
Going off beat with the nature.

We shall know
Anything not synchronous
And not resonant to the nature
Nature wipes out sooner or later
We cannot accept the very fact it is true

Even seeing our own life
As a child
The bud to the flower
The youth
The perfection in being and entire existence
The new ideas and new world
The fruit of generation brings about
The generation to come
To fertilize the seeds of the existence
The old age
To be renewed thoughts
Nature wipes out as per the plan
of its own
Accept it as a reality
As it is the truth

The sharpness of flower
Remembered as the youthfulness of flower
The bud is treated emotionally
With care as it is to be the perfection
In the time to come
The flower to be wiped out is respected
As it was once a perfection
Once roared the magnificence of itself
Upon this very world
The being-wiped flower doesn’t ask
For its claim in the now world
And indulge the new with its now state
But appreciate the perfection once it had  
Make believe the youthful flower to blossom
And accept its own existence in the present.

Every species and beings
Are in the nature of being
We are no different from the other species
We are no superior and at the same time no inferior
To the other species
And not the other species to us humans

Everybody and everything
Is the part of the whole
The whole is the nature itself.
Good enough is as good as its going to get you said to me
well *******
i refuse to settle
if that means im alone
so be it
if it means im the only one left
so be it
i will not settle
and i will not believe that happiness stops at good enough
because nothing is good enough
not until its perfect
and you may say perfection doesnt exist
but thats because you give up at good enough
and you dont know where to look for perfection
ive seen perfection in the eyes of the broken hearted
perfectly miserable
ive seen perfection in the arms of someone else
perfectly invisible
ive seen perfection in words
perfect explanantion
and ive seen perfect in myself
perfectly hopeless
so dont tell me that good enough is as good as its going to get
because i know perfect exists
ive seen it
and i know my perfect is out there
and ill be here waiting
and you, you can just settle
because thats good enough for you
and thats as good as you will ever get
Noel Irion Jul 2011
we all strive for perfection.
be it the perfect life, perfect wife, or just perfectly out of strife.
perfection in itself, is imperfect.
for in order to be flawless,
one must never skip a beat.
or give that vegan such innocent meat.
perfection has no regrets, no trial and error.
just trial and success.
how often can any of us say we have bested our best,
only to find that test and all the rest were but a jest.
we've all been made fools,
some even used as tools in a greater plan.
nobody is perfect or flawless.
even jerks can become jaw-less
when karma completes its cycle.
some keep their shields up.
i've laid mine on the floor.
you might dare to taunt me,
even flaunt your skills galore.
i laugh, you scoff,
i perform and you're off.
those who guard what's underneath
are still chasing perfection, they will not bequeath
the honor and glory of a more perfect story
than their own.
they seize the throne through force
while i am appointed as time runs its course.
honestly speaking, perfection is dead.
i perfectly love imperfection, unique from toe to head.
poe Jun 2014
"Perfect" is not a state of matter or being

It is everything

"Perfect" cannot be defined as a state of flawlessness
Yet cannot be defined in itself as flawed

it cannot be defined

it is a contradiction
A paradox

To an extent, perfection is infinite

Yet it is
so pure
So sinful
So complex
So simple

So finite

Perfection is not a material state

Nor is it a mental state

It is not a state at all

Perfection has no meaning

It's just a word, after all
We all have this pretense of perfection.
No one wants to believe in flaws.

We are pushed to be perfect.
Pushed so hard.
Pushed too far.

Reaching perfection
Is like touching the sky.

Always the goal
Not ever probable.

Many think that perfection is a dream.
Instead, it's a nightmare.

A nightmare we wake up crying from.

Love is the beginning and the end.

Perfection is a nice image
But never believe that it will happen.

Every day we get closer to perfection
And yet, we will never be as close
As we are right now.
Omakakii Walsh Oct 2011
A darkness that creeps in from all sides. No light can break through the shadows well. A valley of sand and loss, never has any king won a victory in these lands. Here in this plain no flower has grown for the water is hot and black like the sludge of a fools mind. No roads have ever been beaten, none of the twisted skyscrapers of thorns have been cut for no one wishes th settle here in this land of nothingness. The very air is thick with ache and longing for a time that never came to pass. Fear grips this world, fears that all have felt that of loss and the future but in this sphere there is fear that is like that of a nightmare, terrifying but only to the dreamer who is all but trapped in the dark cage of there own destruction. Waking, sleeping and nothing all these are ruled by this overlord, a twisted backwards and evil creation. Spawned from that which is supposed to fight with you, love you and drive you but its all went wrong and your greatest support sprang into your most cruel tormentor. But as he who knows first hand of beasts and woe spoke the words one must hear to shatter these walls and traps of despair
first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world.
        Our world is your world so bring light to a world with no memory of light, give as well as take and let it all form into a truth that will grow green and powerful. Hope will not be a need anymore for in your hand and heart you can hold the greats strength one that forms only in the correct conditions and at just the right time. Rare it is to win perfection and only in love can one truly gain happiness from the perfection they have one. There is only a few, maybe even one of these loves one will gain that will reach perfection and when you see someone who cast light onto you cast it back and take it in, let it become you, let your self take it in and let your self bee taken in and soon one thing will form, perfection; sweet unbreakable perfect love. No shadow will ever fall upon any one who becomes enlightened enough and lucky enough to find this love. Glad you will be when you feel this because no one can say they do not wish for this and no one who has it or felt it will ever say they don't want it or never did. Me, you, him, her, no body and everything seeks this rare love and few are lucky enough and gain it but for all the pain one will ever feel or fight through it will always be worth it if it is right, and i know what  right feels like  i feel it everyday thanks to her, my perfection, my love. So smile and wipe away your world of darkness, sand and pain and plant a garden that will grow with the sweetest of things.
Anggun Russell Apr 2015
Seeking for perfection is imperfection
Blaming the imperfection
for its existance is imperfection
Perfection is your reflection
Everything in you is perfection in disguise
You don't need to show the world who you are
Because it knows
You just need to see the world
see its perfection
see its imperfection
Every step you make is a history
History of your perfection
History of your impefection
You create your perfect world
You create a perfect figure
A figure of your ideal self
You are classic
Your world is full of impressions
You are living with your ambition
You breathe with your passion
Your eyes are filled with affection
Your grin warms the dandelions
Your heart is full of devotion
Your hands are full of emotions
Your mind is full of treasures
#admiration #perfection #imperfection
fffvck Apr 2014
we all strive for perfection,
and to not have any flaws;
though I find that flaws
are perfection
in it's truest form.
Fill Aug 2015
Perfection was in society.
Perfection is beauty within, not without
I'm ******* thankful I heard words from your ****** mind.
Perfection was my hair
Perfection was my face
Perfection was my body
Perfection was my soul

All my flaws are perfection,
thanks for recognizing my physical attributes
thanks for the perfection in society
Talia Rose Feb 2016
In a society, image is everything. You are judged from the people you hang out with, the things you do, the clothes you wear.  People shout out that the boy sitting in the corner of gym class is too fat or whisper about how that girl down the hall is far too skinny.  The head of the dance team is told she has one too many curves and should not be “poppin’ and lockin’” with so much confidence, yet the cheerleader is criticized for her petite stature and flat chest.  The boy with the glasses?  He gets bullied daily for his lack of social activity, meanwhile the football **** is faking his confidence and putting on a persona simply to hold up his high school reputation.

Children grow up with the assurance that beauty is on the inside, and that what is on the outside doesn’t matter, yet this statement has proven itself to be false time and time again.  These children were lied to.  You were lied to.  I was lied to. The world is cruel.  It is judgmental and ignorant.  People are turned down their dream jobs over the most miniscule stupidities, such as the fact that they have a tattoo on their arm or because their hair is purple.  You are judged at every corner of your journey, and your world will always revolve around the physicality of how you look.  

No matter how many people believe that appearance is of little importance, there is always a whole world behind them willing to prove them wrong.  But that doesn’t mean we cannot dream.  Dream.  That’s all it is.  That promise that who you are on the inside is enough? It’s all a dreamful desire to look past the image your body presents.  And if dreaming is the only hope we have at being seen as our true self, than you better believe I’m going to keep on dreaming.

Because of the picture society has set out for me, I’ve constantly looked in the mirror seeing nothing but a disappointment.  Every day I find a new flaw, and every day, I realize I am even further from perfection.  But if I can dream that who I am on the inside is enough, than maybe I can become one of the first perfect imperfections out there.

You see, I have never wanted to be perfect, nor do I want to now.  Quite honestly, I don’t believe that perfection exists.  It is a myth.  And yet, everyone seems to be reaching to the stars, going out of their way to attain even the smallest ounce of this so called perfectionism.  Whatever you are reaching for, stop.  Stop and hear me out.  

Beauty is neither from within nor without.  Right is neither in this way nor in that way.  And perfection is neither in your world or mine.  Because we are one in the same.  And the only way to be what our society is calling perfect is to be as imperfect as possible.  Be yourself, because no matter what you do, I can promise you that you will be judged. With every step you take, expect a shadow to crawl up behind you and tell you are doing it wrong.  Expect to be an outcast and to not fit in “perfectly.” Expect to be criticized and ridiculed, because it will happen anyways.  Why are you going to strive to be perfect and risk losing yourself, when you can simply embrace each and every flaw to create the most beautiful imperfection possible?  Don’t live to please others.  Don’t strive to be perfect when perfection is nonexistent.  Embrace what your mamma gave you and rock each imperfection like it is no one else’s business. Because in the end, this is your dream, and being the captain of your own voyage is the only way to make it worth it.  It is the only way to become perfectly imperfect.
Jabin Jul 2018
Symmetry, balance-
It is possible.
You have to know how to blend.
Shade the yin with the yang.

Never say the curse.
You must know the truth.
Mix the knowing with pretend.
Now, choose your words well.
They listen.

The light from the screen
Pulls the dark
From within my mind.
It asks me what's on my mind.
If only you knew...
I type lies.

Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies.
Lies. Lies. Lies.
Because they don't want the truth.
You don't want the truth.
I need lies.

I can't be myself.
I am sin.
Worse than that, I'm wrong.
I can't ever change my mind,
Because there it is,

I show what you crave-
It's all tremendous.
This life full of happiness.
No gray, only white.
For your eyes.

When I power down,
I'm weeping.
Tears of confusion.
Tears of impotence and rage,
Because I know - Truth.

Each day, I fear death.
Wish for it.
Each day reminding,
I take a shot for sugar
Because I was weak.

Each day, I am weak.
I pretend.
I want to lash out.
Want the world to feel my pain.
But I don't do it.
I love you.

What is on my mind?
Hate, anger/
No one really cares.
If I die tonight, who cares?
The world keeps spinning,

Programming to cope,
Coded hope-
Trust we'll meet again.
But I'll be in the ground soon.
Fed on by the worms.
No more words.

So I stay hidden.
Sit with the truth
That I am pointless.
All of this is just pointless.
Symmetry of good
And evil.

I'll be what you want.
To save you.
I've figured it out.
Perfect in isolation.
I'll stay here and wait
For the void.

Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies.
Even more-----
I don't really love.
I don't have true empathy.
No, those are all LIES!
No, I choose.

Can you see me now?
Do you know?
My eyes are of fire.
My thoughts are vitriolic.
But my words are sweet.
So pleasant.

Do you understand?
Who am I?
If you say, "Devil"-
Oh you, so full of terror.
You fear yourself too----
Do you not?
Relyn Anne Ramos Apr 2013
art is the closest
to perfection
that we see

is describing
its perfection
in words aplenty

is the rise of words
to build up

we mortals
use our minds
to make sense of
things that we
feel and see—

that, in itself
is perfection.
Teka Lenahan Apr 2015
By all definitions of the word,
You are perfection,
You're pearly white teeth to your beautiful complexion
You are perfection,
You're bubbly and warm heart unthaws my cold and lonesome one
You are perfection,
Sometimes i wish there were more like you, but you're uniqueness is foreign
You are my perfection
Heartfelt poem of the women in my mind
Äŧül Oct 2013
Perfection is really hard to achieve,
Still I try not to budge from the path,
From the harder path to perfection,
For I wish to make perfection mine,
Staying truest is my determination,
Determination to achieve perfection,
For I am the one that will be yours.

My HP Poem #455
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —