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Hyder May 2019
Pious millennial era
Blinded by pixels
Unknowingly naked
On digital crucibles

Self built?

Lost control?
What is yours

A cross to bear
Heavy shoulders
Give it time
Knowing is older
Hyder Oct 2015
I awoke suddenly
A tear started from my eye
How a dream could feel so real, yet reality cruelly denies
My Grandfather's essence and a love words can't describe
Even though he has left behind, a loving family
A tangible sign,
With my dream, I now know he is alright

The love in my dream was so powerful I could not stop my pride
I cried and cried, feeling his love, it warmed my heart inside
But that was only a dream , I only remember him smile
Somehow with a dream
I forever know
The memory of that love will stay with me rest of my life
Hyder Oct 2015
Let go of yourself, you are everywhere
Language hides Mystery, thus the Truth is not here
See with your eyes
Hear with your ears
Taste with your tongue
Feel with your heart
Experience our tiny windows
The view will hold sunshine and rain, but
Fear not, for the home within will always lend shelter
Hyder Oct 2015
To break the fall
Clasp a crutch
Tread lightly
The depths are calling

Vitality lingers
Truth, or Fiction?
Perspective harbors light

Choose wisely
Be human
No black or white lesson
Always a school of gray
Hyder Dec 2012
The mind inept, unable to comprehend
What does it mean to have no end?
Can it be defined, or entirely mapped?
Proof of divine, or knowledge untapped?
Faith in reason, or reason in faith
All we ever want is to put a name to a face
But we cannot
Not yet
A lofty goal constantly beset
To understand something beyond all our senses
Without any answers, we have no defenses
The collective conscience exploring the unknown
The universe, the cosmos, so much to be shown
Looking for the beginning, proof of the start
Gaining better insight, to know who we are
Hyder Nov 2012
I can't shake the feeling of being lost
My mind ponders future dreams
But none have come to fruition

What do I have to pay, what is the cost?
I don't want to create elaborate schemes
But I don't want to lose my ambition

Every opportunity, I seem to exhaust
It has become a common theme
An almost permanent condition

Every line has been crossed
My life is breaking at the seams
I'm ready for a new transition

A different disposition
A lasting vision
Hyder Nov 2012
A good friend prompts your simmering swamp
As creative ideas fill the draught
But the draught can't be drunk as once thought
You can't always catch what was once caught
Yet the draught still boils and oozes froth
So what can you do but skim it off
Collect it and make a new froth draught
Never forgetting what was sought
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