Anggun Russell Nov 2015
She needs a man more than I do.
She has plumbed the depth of despair
People come and go.
Promises are broken.
Once a man and gave her hopes.
She was the happiest woman.
She thought it would never end.
She was wrong.
It was only a day, not a lifetime.
He came and he left.
She’s a victim of a wrong man.
I let someone go for her.
I hated him as much as I loved him and
I also hated her, but I realized
She needs a man more than I do.
Alas.. he is not the man that she’s been looking for.
She needs a man.
And she has been waiting for the one to come and
save her and her little angels.
The one who can love her and her little angels.
Anggun Russell Nov 2015
The darkness has come to twine the clouds.
The rain starts to trickle down the window pane.
The smell of rain brings back my memories.
The rumbling of a distant thunder is a phantom.
A phantom that haunts the children.
But now there’s another phantom,
A phantom that haunts my lonely soul.  
The phantom that comes without being called
And refuses to vanish.
An evil phantom that lives on my memories.
That evil phantom is the portrait of you.
  Jul 2015 Anggun Russell
Joseph Paris
Each realized desire only grows a new desire.
Fulfillment can never make you happy because desire is endless and fulfillment is limited.
There will always be the next want or desire making you unhappy.
Therefore, the wisdom of poets who transform desire into beauty.
Anggun Russell Jul 2015
I dont know how to find
I dont know how to be found
I dont know how to choose
I dont know how to be chosen
I dont know how to love
I dont know how to be loved back
Anggun Russell May 2015
Would you stare at me
If I were a star in the night sky
Would you feel me
If I were the wind
Would you pick me
If I were a rose
Would you touch me
If I were snow
Would you lean on me
If I were a wall
Would you chase me
If I were a butterfly
Anggun Russell Apr 2015
Seeking for perfection is imperfection
Blaming the imperfection
for its existance is imperfection
Perfection is your reflection
Everything in you is perfection in disguise
You don't need to show the world who you are
Because it knows
You just need to see the world
see its perfection
see its imperfection
Every step you make is a history
History of your perfection
History of your impefection
You create your perfect world
You create a perfect figure
A figure of your ideal self
You are classic
Your world is full of impressions
You are living with your ambition
You breath with your passion
Your eyes are filled with affection
Your grin warms the dandelions
Your heart is full of devotion
Your hands are full of emotions
Your mind is full of treasures
#admiration #perfection #imperfection
  Apr 2015 Anggun Russell
Diana V
This is it...
I've fallen into something
I couldn't get myself out of.

There's no looking back
I'd be lying to myself
If I say, I'd never like you.

I might just be stuck in a coma
And dreaming this whole thing up
But my heart can't lie, I've fallen for you.

Here I go again
With unrequited love
Why do I keep punishing myself?

Falling for someone who can't be for me
Forcing something to happen
When it's an impossibility.

At night, my eyes burn
With tears of longing  to be in your arms
At night, I close my eyes and dream

Dream about the impossibility
That I could ever be for you
I hurt knowing the truth.

You push me away
Yet I keep hurting myself
Trying to hold on to the sharp end of the knife.

My demented heart, it beats for you
But you just let me be
Ignoring the fact that there could be

...a possibility...
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