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Isaacc Davis Jan 5
Someday I will live
Someday I will fight
Someday I will fly
Someday is not today


Mabey I will die
Mabey I will loose
Mabey I will fall
Mabey is not today

Someday Mabey

Not today
Not tomorrow
Not yesterday

Someday Mabey Not
nate mattson Jul 2013
When the wind of her breath reaches my skin I freeze , when the skin of this girl hits me I melt , when her words hit my ears its like the ocean waves crashing so calm and mellow , I can't think of anything better than her , when she leaves I feel alone , I feel empty , I love her , when I say it I mean it , I feel a spark , this spark is drifting , I'm confused , I don't want her to leave , but its what's best for her , that's all I want , is for her to be happy , even if we are both left sad for a while , being together now is what makes this love so strong , but in 40 days I'm gonna have to let go , I'm.gonna have to be alone , because that's what's best for her , I hope she dose well , I really do , and one day if its ment to be the spark will be lit and mabey one day just mabey we will be togather again , so for this last 40 days , I will make it memorbral , it will be one of the best 40 days of my life and mabey here's but all I can try my best for the one I love !
alebastard jones Feb 2014
This pen and paper are mocking me.
showing my many flaws.
This cause is a lost
my hand is cramping.
**** this writers block!
I know there's somthing in my soul,
a story to share with you all.
But alas, I'm still lost,
trying to fix this writers block.
mabey a tale of true love perhaps!
No, that's a bore and we've already heard them all.
Mabey an Odyssey of a powerful kingdoms fall?
But even if i try,
ii can not deny
i don't know where to start,
a total brain ****.
so my brother and sisters!
Lets all work around the clock,
And mabey together we can defeat our one true Enemy
writers block.
nate mattson Jul 2013
I can't stop , can't stop thinking , about her , the feelings are real and they just don't go away , she's the greatest person alive , I mean no one is perfect but if there was a perfect she would be pretty dam close, I can't think of her leaveing , it drives me nuts , to know that soon she will be thousands of miles away , I'm in love with this girl , and my heart is slowly shattering knowing she  is leaveing , why can't I handle this ? Or can I ? I'm so confused because real feelings don't just go away , real feelings make you feel like I do , happy , sad , confused , crazy , I don't understand love its the devil , at one moment your the happiest person alive and than your the saddest  person alive , love is a game , where you try new thingshopeing to find the right one , trying to sadisfy yourself with victory , but you don't always win , love  is great , love ***** , love is always good when its real , love is real , she is real and I love her , but I'm loseing her , the days are getting shorter and the nights not getting any longer , I wish I could just go with her , but we both need to try new people we are young , but I don't wanna try new people I have feelings and they are real , and real feelings don't just go away ! , but I have no choice and no say , mabey just mabey one day we will be together again but only time will tell if we are ment to be and I know my feelings are real and real feelings don't just go away
Paul Roberts Aug 2010
Ever try and find something, something really needed?
Find **** near everything else, except what your seeking.
I needed to find a letter ,  all legal and all,
I have found  enough other things to start my own mall.
There's that old collector *******, I could have sworn was taken by my son,
I'll have to apologies to him, I got that one all wrong.
Found the deed to the land, I had to go and file a new,
hell who knows what I'll find , mabey a dollar or too. Na.
Found the long lost pacifier, well it was really hid,
man  it took along time for Brande to get over it.
I should show it to her now and see if there's still a connect,
ok , mabey not  I know how touchy pregnate women get! Smile
So finally I find the letter, man  I thought was lost.
So I'll try and see the appoinment man , hope  this letter was all.
Paul Roberts. Turn the Page
taylor roff Mar 2013
I saw the man that lived in 2B a few times
At least that's what I tell anyone that asks about him
He was a well groomed man
Medium length black and grey hair
I use to imagin that he had a grey hair for every rusty nail he had pulled from his boot heel
Looked like he was in good shap at one time or another
I herd once that he could recall every drop of rain he'd ever herd
Didn't know any jokes
Had no real opinions on religion or politics
Mabey that's why he never came to the building picnics
Checked his mail everyday
He was waiting for something
I don't think it ever came
After some time had past
People stopped talking about him
I never saw him again
sara king Mar 2012
mabey its not always about  trying to fix somthing thats broken mabey its about starting over and creating something better .
Paul Roberts Feb 2011
The got down on their knees and asked The Man for rain.
Crops were drying up,looked like a bad year for grain.
The bills started piling up , the note came they'd loose the land.
They  held on tight as a family should, never lost faith in The Man.
Rain never  came across the parched land even the fish had a worry or two,
so the good folks came up with a last dith plan cause that's what good folks do.
They brought a few cattle down from the hills,
along with a few fat pigs.
Cleaned up and painted the barn ,then built a huge , fancy BBQ rig.
Got word out to the neighbors and everyone in between,
told them there would be the biggest three day gathering, the biggest they'd ever seen.
Well still no rain but no fret, there was work going on,
these folks never lost faith in The Man, they were not going to loose this farm!
Come Friday noon there came a rumble, almost like a distant storm.
No it wasn't lightning or rain, it was three thousand bikers mabey more!
They all lined up for this three day event, music, foolishness and good food.
Paid thirty dollars a head  and signed a paper they'd obey the rules.
Music filled the farm air that night and fun was had for days.
Then like the rule book had printed out, they cleaned up and road away.
Now the farm was saved and bills were paid, worries put away,
as the last biker road away in the dust....the sky opened up with rain!
Paul Roberts: Turn the Page
Marc Pruchnitzky Dec 2013
I wonder how many times I'll say hello to these strange people I am said to know. I can see the look on their faces and the false happiness that they all show. Why can't they be real why must they lie? I'm sick of being played by time! I want them to be straight up, I want them to know that I can see their problems they always show. I just want them to be real to stop the lying and hate. Why can't they just say these things to my face! Mabey I could help them or at least understand why. But no these idiots think its smarter to hide. To keep the demons that eat at their pride. I'll tell you this I want you to know that if I have a problem I won't be apart of your emotionless show. I'll open up express my thoughts. To many times have I welled up my thoughts, but now I'm boiled over to the brim. I've taken so much and held it all in. But not again I can't hold it in, I've been filled to the brim. I'm sorry but not again, I can't do it this is the end.
Simone13 Nov 2018
Mabey it was just the days
that seemed prolonged

My mind that resurrects the dead
To the reaches far beyond  

Fatigued i let myself wander
Fulling false emotions blurred by imagination

Confined in my prior self
Till Im a tyrant to my own degradation

The bittersweet animosity of false hope
Like watering a blossom in hopes of a willow

My self-pity only absent in my dreams
had i wished they where nightmares not long ago

Strangled with fists and stains my pillow bears quotes i suffocate through

That quote
Go to bed
He’s not thinking about you
When you love someone, but that love is not returned.
You know this as a fact ,yet you still torment yourself by hoping
nate mattson Aug 2013
With dreams comes nightmares , and thoughts come dreams , life is a dream is it not ?  one day you won't wake up , are we even awake ? Is life just one big dream with the ocassional nightmare ? I mean you do make life the way you want it ..... Eventually .... But for now you just keep dreaming thinking everything is fine , untill .... One night you wake up to an old dream , an old memory , a sad memory you thought mabey was gone , s good sleep woken up by a great memory to be shattered into sadness when your eyes meet the day light , is the dream the best part of life , to see what you want what you used to have , love , touch , smell ,or is it the now the new views , people lifestyle , what is better people ask , the response its different , undiscribeable , just different , nothigng is that similar if anything at all new towns , new states , west and east , sunrise to sunset , the thoughts end the dreams , the goals and the memories , the past and the future are what make who you are from yesterday to  today, the past is missed but the now is today so what will my next day bring , who knows but I'm excited for everyday !
Paul Roberts Feb 2011
They called him up to the main office, told him Friday was his last day,
he came back down to the shop, started puting his things away.
Took down all them old posters, been there since 84.
Hard to believe this day had come, not excited anymore.
Got the call to the main office, I wondered now what again?!
called me on the carpet, said I'd be replacing him.
Stood there in amazement, just couldn't get it to sink in.
I'm replacing my teacher, boss, friend.
Times we used to talk about how many years left to this day.
Sleep in with no alarm clock, fish the day away.
Finally buy that Harley or mabey take that cruise.
Somehow it's not like the dream when you finally get the news.
I walked him to his truck and found no words to say,
seems  kind of odd, we used to talk all **** day.
So I shook his hand and gave him a hug,
sent him on his way. Walked back into the shop,
it now seems so strange.
Watched him from the open doors disappear in a cloud of dust.
One mans journey ended here today, one is about to start.
Paul Roberts: Turn the Page
Paul Roberts Feb 2011
A red feathered hawk glides across the semi frozen fairways
as  potential morsels scramble off the daily menu.
He  picks  at random , enjoys his meal, then starts his
search anew.
Such is Life.
A flat bottom ****** has found his home near the pond on  green number two.
Surrounded by trees on all sides for his **** building to choose.
Atlas he chose what wasn't wise and took a beam from someones porch.
So now he dangles at the end of a trap secured to a tree of course.
Such is Life
Wild geese come and gather round, here they found a place to stay.
Each day their wandering gets kind of wild when golf ***** sail their way.
Their droppings cause quite a mess on these wealthy mens shoes
but I laugh inside most of the time , this isn't the worse thing they could do.
Such is Life.
To me , to see nature entwine with population and still come to some course of harmony,
brings a peaceful moment to my life but mabey that's just me.
Such is Life
Paul Roberts: Turn the Page
nate mattson Jul 2013
My heart broken like glass , eyes red as solo cups , and the tears of a waterfall , ..... My love has left , I sit and sob on the bed , looking through pictures to try and froget , but ... That just makes the tears flow again ... What do I do ?,... My mind twisting with thoughts as a tornado ripping through a old southern home , here I am still crying , over the girl I fell in love with , you might say you can't fall in love at first sight , I used to think that way before I laid my eyes on this beautiful women , I just felt something and I dident even know her name , I was crazy  to think she would like me back , ha ha good thought , but she did and she changed my life , thankyou , thankyou for everything ,you are the greatest girl out there and whoever gets to swoop you off your feet is one hell of a luckly man ..... But than again I can live the hope life , thinking one day maybe we will end up togather again , like they say u never froget your first love .... Is that true ?? And if it is and both end up in a situation to be one again what would happen ? But you never know and you can't go on thinking about  it ..... But .... if its ment to be it will happen and you just have to let time play its game and mabey it will be in favor of you , so for now I still sit and think knowing atleast we are still friends and that's what makes these last 10 almost 11 months so great is I.made a best friend out of it no matter what and that's the most important thing I love her and always will and nothing will ever change that and to this goodnight ! .... If I sleep ..............:
pookie Dec 2013
The sound of the wet stone against the straight razors edge,
The rhythmic sound it makes as it grinds the narrow blade,
It's like a song what the cries to be heard yet no hears,
I hear it every night I hear it,
Mabey because that's because I'm the one playing it I don't know,

But I hear it and feel it,
The slow first cut the one with all the pressure,
The skin opens and the red crimson blood spills over the edges,
The ecstasy,
The thrill,
It's unbelievable,
So I do it agin and again,
I forget why I started,
I forget the reason,
But all that matters now is the feeling,
Pure as light it's self,

I play that song and relalise,
That the first cut is always the deepest.
pookie Nov 2013
There used to be man who could stand up to anything,
To the pain and violence of people both loved ones and hated,
He used to be able to be the sheild for his family and friends,
But now stands an empty shell,
Lost never foun and never to be a man to stand up,
I am that empty shell there's nothing left inside,
Nothing to fill me up,
Nothing to give me hope,
I've lost myself once again,
I'm disconnected from life and everyone in it,
Like the wind I float along no purpose but to pass through the lives of everyone I meet,
Never to be rembeted,
Never to be held dear,
Never to be loved,
I am but a small shell of nothingness,
So there once was a man who could
Stand up to everything,
I was that man but now,
I am nothing,
Ad floating away,
Lost on the wind,
Floating through lives,
No one wants a shell.

So I will go away travle the winds Mabey they will carry me to place far away.

For I once was but am no more.
nate mattson Jul 2013
Thinking about her , everyday and everynight , its like  being followed , I try so much to get her off my mind , but I can't , she is just there , everything I do reminds me of her , when I sleep she is in my dreams , when I'm awake I wonder how she is , I miss her company ,  her by my side , the sound of her laugh ,  the sight of her smile , both beautiful things like herself , I just can't stop , I wish I could just fly away , both of us and be together , but its impossible , mehhh ..... She's all I can think about , maybe its  because I felt love , I knew it was gonna end , but I loved her and wanted to make it last , and it did bit now I'm broke like an old record , what do I do , everygirl I see  I want them to be her ,  I miss her , just everything about her , the memories just keep flowing through my mind like a raging river , the photos I see make me smile , I look so happy , from haveing the best birthday in the last 5 years , to looking at the photo we last took togather ,  I'm excited to see her again but also nervouse I wonder if she misses me , or if she dosent even think of me , I don't know anymore , I just want time to play its game faster so mabey one day ill end up with her or I won't.... ,  I just want to know and I can't stop thinking I miss her ....
Twisted Stiches Mar 2014
Mommy screams to much
and daddy's so quiet you'd swear he wasn't there
My brothers where are they?
my razor blade I can't find it
These mental scars I can't hide it!

stitches tape and glue
mabey that will connect the two
peices back together

cause just talking wont help me out
thats all im asking for
but noone can hear me
when I seclude myself to my room

swallow them down choke them up
im to much of a chicken **** to try
so why doesn't everyone else just die

told me it'd be better if I jumped off a bridge
had a pine box bed to roll around in
what if i really did
would you feel guilty
would you feel triumphent?
cause your pushing me farther
and farther to jumping.
alebastard jones Feb 2014
This is it
my perfect bliss
the perfect kiss
at the end of her ruby lip stick
now picture this.
a young man who had fallen inlove
age 16, the protagonist of this story thought he had finally won.
the jackpot.
well that's a thought,
his perfect world came crumbling down when his girl got caught,
straight leaning.
going into bed with other men
right then he felt his mind start to break and mend.
he was broken,
A shell,
A pain unspoken.
he's now in hell,
with his pride stolen.
thoughts of suicide Plague his mind,
The voices in his head screaming "DO IT NOWS YOUR TIME!"
but he was scared,
and he cared,
about his family.
why should they suffer because he discovered true insanity?
now what's next?
the steps,
to full recovery?
he doesn't want pills or to sit for hours in therapy.
there's only one way to make what's wrong right,
go out in the night, with this knife, and take this man's life.
that's what they said
the voices,
inside my head.
its him or me!
i thought about it last night iwhile i layed in bed.
the only way to stop these voices inside my head,
is ether **** him dead or to take my own life instead!
lets face it,
I'm not a real man,
those ******* voices telling me "THIS ACT CAN NOT STAND!
this is it.
its time.
to tie the knouse,
and hang from this celing fan until my face turns blue.
in hindsight,i couldve made a better choice.
Now I'm in jail, with no bail, and alone with this voice.
i tell the judge "I HAVE NO REGRETS, WELL MABEY ONE.
The capitals represent his inner demons talking and finally his inner evil took him over completely in the last lines.
Twisted Stiches Mar 2014
I can fly no more
My wings are spent
As is my incentive
Mabey its time

To let go of the past
And finally rest
So please catch me
as I fall from this blue sky
Illya Oz Jan 2017

Falling forever downwards
Into a hole that just grows
Deeper and deeper
And darker and darker


Digging my hole deeper
With every mistake I make
Every time I mess up
Every time I hurt someone


Crying tears fall from my eyes
The shame and embarrassment
Saying sorry is not enough
For me to be forgiven


Remembering every mistake I made
No matter how small they are
Or how bad my memories is
They will never stop replaying in my mind


Begging for forgiveness
For things they probably don't remember
And that probably don't care about
But they need to know that I do


Hoping that one day they will forgive me
And that I will forgive myself
For the things that create my hole
And then mabey I will stop...

I always seem to get hung up on every little thing I do wrong or was yelled at about. I will spent hours lying awake in bed remembering and feeling bad about something I did two years ago.
Tilda Jun 2018
I look up to your face,
Oblivious, you gaze down,
Every cell a brilliant shade of blue,
Eyes reflecting a greenish hue;

You don't realise were you are,
Fields of colour you ignore,
African sunsets I know you would adore,
People, places you never even glance at,
Too engrossed in adverts- adverse to books and that;

This haven you think you've created,
It's really a jungle- endless and endless,
Constantly chopping down trees,
Searching for a way out,
But forgetting to open your eyes:

Loosing yourself in an electronic jungle,
loosing yourself in your phone,
loosing yourself in your selfie- self harm; self loath; self hate;

Look up,
Get up,
Mabey you wont feel quite so...
                                                                ­              L
                          ­                                                                 ­               
                                                 ­                                                                S

Just irritated by all the people stood around on their phones, together but apart.
Vexren4000 Jun 2017
If people do recall,
A time where merriment was simple,
Where technological stimulation was limited,
Where television was the next big revolution,
Mabey we could come to appreciate,
The value of a simple dance,
With a sweet lover,
Mayhaps we would not have forgotten,
What it truly meant to feel free,
Or we may never have known the feeling of peace,
Since the very beginning,  of man,
and their subsequent rise in complexity.  
Removing from them,
What was once so cherished,

Nikita Dec 2018
a rebellion is my love for you

forsaken and opposed by many

still somehow i feel its lost

my heart says one thing and my brain another

this constant rebellion may go on forever

and stop mabey never

at the end of the day its for us to decide

whether to give in or to turn out to be a rebel

and fight till the last breath

it may prove destructive for us

but all is fair in love and war

and love has no boundaries

not now not ever

i feel that you are the one for me

it may be opposed by my family

and many more

but my love is mine forever

my breath is the promise

and my soul the witness

it may not be the same for you

yet it is a rebellion

a rebellion against the world

you and me are the rebels

the odd ones out

we can either choose to stick together

or give in and fail....
Rebecca Huitson Nov 2014
Life was hard
When you past
No one to love
No one to go to

It never got easy
I thought If I asked
Just once
Mabey just once

It get easy
Please leave your comments on what u think
Melissa Taylor Jul 2019
Yes...i have questions.
Good one's at that.
The kind of questions that
i feel need answering to.
The one's i think about
each and every day.
The one's i would never say. 
You thought you understood.... 
When really you didn't......
Mabey You thought you did
everything you could....
When infact you didn't..


When it mattered you
stayed hidden. 
Oh were there....
To kick me when i was down....
you were there.
Maby i'm not being fair.
After all i'm only
seeing it from my
point of view.
I'm not pointing fingers
at you or you.
There's no one to blame here. '
It just hurt that's all.

when i started to see clear....

At the age of 16, 
to find that in my hour of need,
there was no body near.
I wrote this with my family in mind when i was younger...and still quite angry as you could probably tell...

— The End —