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EpiPen 2d
Residual energies keep bringing me back
         Longing for the love felt in a past life
Something about you beckons to me
                Pulling me closer to be right beside
But I Can’t decipher your current vessel
               Undeniably they have changed the game
Looking closer to see inside you
          I know your soul is still the same
On the tip of my tongue The name I called you
              Terms of endearment for a different time
Memories of Love’s burning embers
                Tender Moments That Feed the Flames
Certain Angles and one Rembers
                        Lifetimes of Love, Joy and Pain
    Although now you present so different
                     And the time, and the place has changed
No need to tell me what isn’t
                     I know your soul is still the same
EpiPen 7d
I am a cold star
Never got to burn
I am in between
And Blending in with most interplanetary things
Never was a bright star
Not meant to light up the sky
You won’t see me from afar
And I won’t see you where you are
EpiPen Nov 10
The bitter persimmon the fruit of reality
you have choked my throat a sign of  frailty
I am awakened now from my delusions
I am Sober now pardon my confusions
I mistook you for more than you were
You were observing, taking note
You were counting taking rote
of inventory and money spent
we were brethren no, much to arrogant
Equal but apart
It was that way from the start
divided among stratum, gender and class
boundaries defined but broken like glass
You may see only in black in white
you want to keep separate the darkness and the light
But there is twilight in between
somewhere In the hazy sheen
There is dusk and the dawn
when the lights go out, you turn the light on
EpiPen Nov 10
He sang the words beautifully
But we chose not to hear it
The tortured musings of a broken spirit
He showed us again and again his plan
And we watched with open eyes
Then why now that it's done
Is it such a surprise
And when bright stars burn so bright
And flicker out and the end of night
Please stay for the morning

Written 11/10/2017
EpiPen Nov 10
I was fallin out of the sky
Fallinout love
And falllin  back in
Love again
Caught in somethin
trying to get out off
Screamin to get back to
But in love  
with some
One else
I know I know  that this can’t go on like this
I can’t hold on to somethin that is not
While hoping for somethin that is
I feel selfish for wantin it
Greedy for havin it
There was Not enough before
I feel shady for the past that’s broken
It’s hard.
So hard when all you have claim to
Was never really yours at all
So Let Go
It gets harder and harder
To fall
         By Contrast
It should be easy
Easy to run away from somethingthat scares you
Things that impairs you
You were never the same after all that happened
It should be easier than this
The weight should be lifted and you should be claiming your love
You could Fly.
Fly away with this feeling
This power your gifted
You have all you desire
Easier than this
EpiPen Nov 10
Sum of Love Songs
Add it all up
All of the Love Songs Rolled into one
I have Loved and Lost and come undone
The burning heart with desires flame
The crushing blow you don’t feel the same
Oh babe Love shouldn’t hurt like that
You know it’s true
It’s because of Love I do what I do
A song of Love to prove its true
What you do with that is up to you

Add it up and you think I’d get it
I won’t fall for this Again
I won’t forget it
But I just can’t help it
Love song gone wrong
Love too hard and Fall too fast
Love too long and make it last
Do you really want it ?
love forever? Love that’s haunted
Ending Never...
Tiresome after so many years
Eternity with frozen tears
Poems I was too shy to post at the time..
EpiPen Nov 10
Calm Before The Storm
Warm Breeze
You tease
And I know now
You will never let me in

Your here but distant
A specter
I guess just basic but surreal

I can feel it happening
This build up
We’re reaching the pinnacle
Can’t wait to tumble down

I’ll let it all out

In the free fall

The hurt
The tears
The pain
The fears
I’ll let it all out
Till I just feel nothing at all
In the free fall

And I hope it finally hits me
And I hope it Hurts enough for me to get it this time
When it’s dark I tend to forget
You don’t love me anymore
And this isn’t enough
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