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If a moment is all we are, then let me seize today as if tomorrow never came. I find peace, ease knowing your there. Its nice to know someone cares. Yet when the time comes, I pray you forget all the wrong I’ve done and promise to let your judgement to be fair.

With you I’m a whole. With you I’m full. However, when we are worlds apart I feel torn. Like I’m half of a whole. Like I’m empty instead of full. Divided by heavens scorn.

Your the perfect melody, that plays on repeat. Singing inside my head and the words reminding me of this sad song that fits the piece. If you could only see the real me. Would your love for me still have words or would your love for me turn?

I’ve cried a thousand tears. I’m standing now fighting all these fears. I’d trade places with the man on death roll, who bares his own cross for my gentile sins I can never depart.

So can’t you see, that you complete me. My heart bares your name. My love for you has never changed. I’m just hoping you feel the same. So when my light starts to go out, please take the time to relight a spark. For my purpose is for you to only know and me to gain. You already know I never cared about riches nor fame.

All I want is you. To be with only you. Forever in paradise. I’m willing to make the sacrifice. So change me. Into the person you knew I’d always be. Let me live today in this moment as if tomorrow will never come. Your promise to me comes undone. I’m still here waiting. Waiting for the next sign.

My love lead me into deep oceans. Let me see the warrior I’ve become. Strengthened with your armor of love. As I bring to others a new hope. As I hold up this shield of faith that can never be replaced. Only strengthened with age. Each passing year that has come and gone and each day that passes I still live on. I life deprived and struggling sings my song.

I wanna feel the flames of your love for me. I wanna burn so brights for all the world to see. I wanna be that shooting star with a secret wish and if it comes true then it was your promise to me kept.  I wanna be your butterfly transformed with wings that sore to the sky. I wanna make you mine.

You can be my bridge groom and I can be your bride. Together we’ll set ablaze this world as the fire burns deep with in our eyes. It’s no surprise. For you hold the keys to hell and when that time comes we will hear wedding bells.
My love for you is ocean deep,
like the secrets of my faults you will forever keep.
I watch you move mountains and throw them into the sea.
I love you with every breath within me.
My soul longs for you and...
my heart holds your name engraved in stone.
Your love ignites a flame that consumes my soul.
I am yours and you will forever be mine instilled in time.

You ease my mind and troubles,
you fight my fears and doubts that entangle my thoughts.
You calm the storm within me just like you calm the sea.
For your love feels like I can walk upon the waters,
with my head held high.
You give me a love that can't be defined.
You are my champion of this world and ...
I will follow you to the ends of this earth.

Like I always told you, " I will follow you until the end of time." Watching as this circle forms a straight line.
There is no turning back but the eagerness to continue forward.
As we love each other until our own times are over.
These voices of ghost swarming inside my head.
Singing sweet melodies of what was unsaid.
The blood that runs through my veins,
with every beat there is no escape.
I can only watch my future shape.

Without you I'd be lost.
As I find out what this opportunity may cost.
I'm giving back all the things that you gave to me.
I'm saving up the price to pay this decree.
I can already foresee how your love is saving me.

Please give me the time and our love will be sublime.
I thought I'd make you mine.
Never realizing that I too would become in twine.

Can't you see how your love has set me free.
Breaking these chains that were holding me.
The melodies are my passion.
Your death on the cross showed me compassion.
Your love touched my heart and all the joys of life I impart.
Thank you for this forgiveness of my own impulsiveness.
I took that leap of faith and left myself behind.

Now I am free falling with an open mind.
Will you be there to catch me when all else fails?
Will our love prevail?      
On this roller coaster ride that is about to fall of its rails.
When twilight comes I am sleep walking on these clouds of air.  
As I feel the warmth of how our hearts flare.
As I watch the sunrise and chase each sunset.
I feel as if my entire life has just reset.
My arms are open wide because you allowed me to spread my wings and fly.

You dried my tears and and opened my secret vault.
That hid the dust, the foibles of my own faults.
I showed you how I was never perfected.
You showed me how the pieces of our hearts were connected.  
As I fall with no directions your love surrounds me with all of your affections.  

Right now I am free falling and I am sleep walking.
Trying to find my way back to you.
Tagged bodies are lined up in rooms of twos.
Our head boss decides for us which ones to pursue.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...
Only the “one” will this Angel of Mercy bestow worthy.
We pray that it will be you.
"   Oh no, I think I recognize this song...
Oh no, I think I know just what is wrong.

    Wake me up when the sad part ends...
Wake me up when the hard part is over.   "

    That girl you thought you knew is dead and gone.
    She is now a zombie in transition, sealed in by all her wrongs.
    The price you pay to lose and to follow the rules.
    Has now stripped away the mask she hides behind.

Don’t wake me up till its over, Don’t wake me up till it ends.
I can already foresee this story’s ending.
My cup is empty, I have no more sympathy.
Stop trying to save me, when I am already numb.

    An empty mind, once clouded by rage, has been erased.
    Every passing day, cuts another one of her ties.
    Will soon free her from this provoked life.
    Emotionless, eases her forgotten fears.
    Free from all the pain, that once brought her down in tears.

Don’t wake me up, Don’t wake me up till its over.
Don’t wake me, Don’t wake me up till it ends.
My gas tanks on E, I’m left with no speed.
All the fight within me, has finally left me empty.
Now I am just waiting.

    Her end is soon to be near.
    For she held all she could bare.
    All of which contributed to her collapse.
    Revealed that all she had to do was snap.

So don’t wake me, don’t wake me up....
Wait till it’s over....finally over...wait till the ending.
Then I won't care if you wake me.

    Her mind may be empty when she is a wake.
    Yet when she closes her eyes and is able to sleep.
    Through the darkness, she finds enough light to dream.
    She dreams of life and death as images invade her head.
    Let “Sleeping Beauty” rest.
"Let me in and crawl beneath your skin.
I lie within and will be the one to win."

Disturbed by madness. Has now ruin your happiness. But can't you see, that little taste of reality. To hell with it, I'll let go of my pride.  For I'm not the one with something to hide.

Questioning yourself every day, wondering if that answer you come up with, will ever change. Foolish little soul can't you see, I have you weak in your knees and I already have you beat.

Don't know what you heard of wise tales, and could care less of the stories told.  But go on, try and escape thee.  Take that step back and watch it unfold. The cost and price, to realize you will never be free.  Now you know.

But you don't care for truth and only want to hear the lies.  All you see is the revise. That is why you have been deprived.  It all makes sense, you however just can’t comprehend.

Allowing your selfishness to win.

The continuous behavioral pattern of make believe and pretend.
As you continue to believe in these fairy-tales.  Like the one of Cinderella with her very own Prince Charming, going to live happy.  Allow me to change the ending, and show you that you will never be happy if one of you are pretending.

Blinded by a love that isn't even there.  My guess is that your delusion covered those feelings of being scared.  Doesn't want to hurt him is what you repeat.  That makes it the number one reason to why you won't leave.

Constantly dissecting the truth thee I provide.  Undiluted truth that will penetrate the haze and infiltrate your mind.

Who's the LIAR now? You or I.  Yet at the end day, at least the wise man can say, “I Tried.”

Reality strikes again.  Leaving you dumbfounded, with nothing to hide behind.  That was just a little tap on you behind. But what you really need is a slap to your face, maybe then it will knock some sense into your tiny brain.

So does it matter what advice the wise man gives you? -Cause honestly, it will never be good enough.  That's why the ones who are blinded live with their eyes shut.

"Under the surface it lies, all the truth it hides.
Lies within, beneath your skin.
A shiver down the back of your spine.  
Like A cold breeze at the tip of you neck. 
 It strikes back."
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