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Nirali Shah Apr 2018
You know that feeling?
It's raining outside
Well, monsoon just started
That kind of rain, you know?
When you're not sick of it already.

You just had a warm bath after making sure you've locked the main door because you live alone.
You come out, your hair all up in the towel turban.
Not dripping because he's not around and he likes it that way
Honestly, this is more comfortable
Its not soaking your bra all wet.

You smell of your new body wash. You decided to change the brand because the previous one reminded you of him. You did the same thing with your shampoo.
You hopeless romantic.
Who stops eating garlic bread because it reminds them of their 'ex' .
And you go around telling people that you did it for 'Health reasons'.
You fool.

But one thing you'll never give up.
Your fairy lights.
Because they make you realize how beautiful everything can look. Despite the peeling walls.

So you bask in yellow lights
Write poems that scare him away.
He probably does love them, you know?  

Come home already. Will you?
April 1,2018
Nirali Shah Mar 2018
My succulents died today
Clearly pouring stale pineapple water in the soil was a failed experiment
I tried planting it in fresh soil
Tried to water it
Tried to give it some sun
But the leaves
I didn't even ID it yet.
It was so soon.
I thought I could nurture nature with her own remains
But what goes around
Doesn't always come around
Like human 'love'
Not the kind you shower upon puppies and kittens
Or cows and horses for that matter
That does come around.
I'm talking about the one that fades
When you stop answering calls
Or returning them
That phone keeps vibrating and ringing it's ringer out
Yet you don't ****** bother.
Jeez it was just a cigarette
Why does my poetry turn out so dark.
March 30,2018
Nirali Shah Aug 2015
Endless,anxious and cold is the night
Just wouldn't allow her
A wink of sleep
Into a lucid world
Into her lucid world.
A world colored with hues
Of blues and blue.
A treacherous color
Turning darker and darker
Till it's all grey and black
And lighter again
As the light falls
Upon her weary eyelids
For a clear sky
A new sky
Nirali Shah Aug 2015
The only moon
Of a lone world of life
Shrinks as the breeze sighs
And rests upon the fallen trees.

The only sun
Of the bigger world
Awaits to see his moon
The one of the lonely planet of life
His life.

He wished this happened a little more often
Nirali Shah Jul 2015
Once broken with innocence,
Built again with care.
If shattered on purpose,
Pieces wouldn't be found.
As for the ship in the bottle,
She'll find another sea
And another sky
Or a maelstrom of deceit
Or maybe create maelstroms of her own.
For she knows no bottles anymore.
Why the false sense of security?
When she can have a crew of her own!
Without worrying about the shattered glass
And it's piercing dust
That cuts through her.
That's been cutting through her.
All this while.
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