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Denis Barter Nov 2020
The air? Full of tension
with fearful apprehension,
spawning much consternation
that firmly grips the Nation,
due to the Lock Down decree!

Neighbours avoid contacts close:
standing apart - with few verbose.
Though many care to stop and talk:
a brief Hullo - resume their walk,
due to the Lock Down decree!

The stores? No bustling crowd:
only sparse numbers allowed.
Life in general, is now abated.
Needed essentials? Oft debated,
due to the Lock Down decree.

Busy streets - once traffic filled:
rarely seen - their hubbub stilled.
Oft heard and part of daily life?
Angry spats, twixt man and wife,
due to the Lock Down decree.

Few children seen: no school today.
Learning at home, the new found way.
Essential workers - walking brisk,
speed to their task.  A daily risk,
due to the Lock Down decree.

Life once known, has been emended:
habits too, have been transcended.
Stress of every known description,
rules. Patience our prescription,
due to the Lock Down decree.

Across the world, Nations decide
all normalcy must be set aside.
Citizens must abide to rules,
placed to curb, uncaring fools!
So states the Lock Down decree.

Rhymer.  November 26th, 2020.
My thoughts on the situation today. Denis
Denis Barter Nov 2020
Oft times of late, throughout the day,
I  wonder, if somehow I’ve lost my way,
as day after day, hours slip quickly by,
and well laid plans seemingly go awry?
Despite intent, I accomplish naught,
except indulgence in a passing thought.

On awakening, aware day has dawned,
I remain recumbent, as schemes spawned
overnight race pell-mell through my head,
whilst I analyse their merits.  Lying abed
allows me to focus upon the possibility
that some, ever dependant upon my ability,

may be suited for a new poetic exercise?
But all too soon, I see it is time to rise,
so thought is put aside for there’s no time
to sit and consider composing a  rhyme.
Though opportunity knocks, I must dress
and be about my daily chores. Doubtless

all memory of what I proposed to do
will disappear, but this is nothing new,
for age determines memory is fleeting.
Thoughts that can set our muse beating
vanish long before opportunity arrives
and today will be as others in our lives

of late, as we live our ‘elder’ years.
As memory fails, laughter and tears
often allow us to cover our chagrin
and discomposure, but soon we begin
to find, as memory diminishes more,
amusement wanes, and we deplore

our weakness, and inwardly retreat
further into ourselves, afraid to meet
others to socialise. When seen bemused
by vague memory, some are amused
as we desperately scramble to find
rationale within our incoherent mind.

For inability to recall a familiar name
or maintain a train of thought, I blame
advancing years, as do we all at times.
Still I will persist in composing rhymes,
when I remember what it is I would say,
and my concentration does not stray!

Rhymer.  November 14th, 2020.
Despite what one may think when we're young, age does wither!  All too soon.
Covid 19 social distancing, does not help either .  A time when the telephone
proves its worth.  Denis.
Denis Barter Nov 2020
Of late, I tend to reflect on what I’ve seen,
On folks I’ve known, and where I’ve been.
Often consider decisions made - few I regret,
Recording events experienced, ere I forget.

Age offers many pleasures, and so you see,
I doubt you’ll hear many regrets from me.
With countless occasions I’d like to recall,
I doubt I’ll have time to record them all.

I’ve embarked upon wondrous explorations,
Some disappointed: others lived up to expectations
Yet others left me standing agape, at what was seen;
Or questioning what this experience might mean?

From consequences, and soul searching reflection,
My Life’s future intent, then changed its direction,
And from world traveller to the rustic life I went.
Later seen as sagacious, now Life is almost spent.

I relished my days of travel - with some exceptions;
Tried to be honest with all - employing no deceptions:
Sought to be fair minded in all my day to day dealings;
Tried never to slander anyone, nor hurt their feelings.

I kept an open mind, never jumping to conclusion,
Tried to stay objective - this prevents undue confusion;
Gave the benefit of the doubt, whenever it was needed,
Noted body language - its warning signs were heeded.!

Yes, I’ve seen my share of trouble, poverty and strife,
But today, closing towards the final days of my Life,
I feel I’ve been fortunate: have seldom felt deprived,
Whereas many met, think they’re lucky to have survived!

Rhymer.   November 13th, 2020
Of late as I come - too quickly - to another birthday I've  been reflecting on my - almost - 91 years of living, and yes, I have a few health problems, but all-in-all, It has been a grand adventure.  Made all the more enjoyable, thanks to my Darling Partner - Pauline !  With 66 years of marriage togetherness, it's been an exciting and adventurous journey I would not have missed for anything!  I hope those of you reading my poetic thoughts , can say the same if and when you arrive at this milestone.
Denis Barter Oct 2020
When I sit for hours in contemplation,
Do not search for an explanation!
If perchance you should ask me why
I let precious hours, pass idly by?
You’d find no cause for truth in my reply?

You’re sure to think I’m wasting time,
And my sitting has no reason or rhyme.
Why must I always give a lame excuse,
For doing nothing, and just sitting loose!
Does relaxation always need a use?

Of course, I could be making a big decision,
Which needs careful planning, and precision.
Chances are, that would be a blatant lie!
With no urgent plans, with which I’ll do or die,
Aimless thoughts drift like  castles in the sky!

When I sit motionless, making no sound
I like folks to think I’m being profound
Resolving philosophies, fathoms deep!
It’s an impression I would have them keep.
But truth to tell, most times, I’ve fallen asleep!

October 19th, 2020.
Fooled you!  Lol.
Denis Barter Oct 2020
Once again the Season changes and there’s a story to tell,
of events that took place overnight, when Nature wove her spell.
A glorious transformation was seen: the world was rearranged,
for when the world awakened, the countryside was changed.

A canvas was set there before us, with hues that defied description,
as a cure to banish blues, they’d prove the ultimate prescription.
With a dazzling kaleidoscopic mix, of orange, yellow and red
she’d splashed colour everywhere, with hues to turn our head!

From these canopies of colour, now complete and widespread
first leaves began to flutter down, to carpet the ground we tread.
Even Poplars and Aspens, that sport summer’s greenest cloak,
had changed to burnished gold, along with the mighty Oak.

To see trees in their Fall regalia, is a feast for wondrous eyes,
but as this marks summer’s end, it comes as no surprise.
Within the arboreal forest, clothed in captivating attire
colours incandescent, are brightened with daybreak fire.

But their beauty is short lived, for winter waits at the door,
and scenes at which we marvel, will shortly be no more,
for when the forest closes ranks, under its forbidding shroud,
then surely winter draws nearer, as Nature has avowed!

Rhymer October 14th, 2020
Awakening this morning I thought a 'wildfire' had broken out, but it was nothing more than the colours of a mid October morn as the sun rose and our world lit up with the colours of Maple, Oaks, Birch inter alia!  Sadly it soon departs.  Denis.
Denis Barter Oct 2020
Autumnal leaves keep falling,
with their colours fading fast,
as winter’s days come calling,
so their beauty will not last.

With their colours fading fast,
leaves lie heavy on the grass,
so their beauty will not last,
as autumnal days now pass.

Leaves lie heavy on the grass:
having drifted ankle deep:
as autumnal days now pass,
so Nature goes to sleep.

Having drifted ankle deep,
as a blanket for the soil.
so Nature goes to sleep,
and rest from daily toil.

As a blanket for the soil,
and keep winter’s cold at bay,
and  rest from daily toil,
is ever Nature’s way.

To keep winter’s cold at bay.
As winter days come calling,
until Spring returns our way:
autumnal leaves keep falling.

Rhymer. October 3
Trying my hand at another format apropos to the Season.
Denis Barter Sep 2020
Sweet Summer’s reign now nears its end,
Even though it’s been a welcome friend,
Perhaps it will linger round for longer still
To delay the returning cold - a bitter pill!
Everyone who enjoys her warmer days,
Must be thankful for summer’s ways.
Being benign and graciously delectable,
Every aspect of summer’s stay is acceptable.
Remembered when the cold winds blow!

In winter, when storms of sleet and snow
Smother the earth, then we’ll fondly recall

Autumnal September, as was loved by all!

Kaleidoscopic colours brilliantly displayed
A profusion of pastels, are quickly greyed:
Leaden skies, herald cold winter’s returning.
Even though we rejoice in the solstice turning,
Ironically it is also a time for serious dismay,
Due to summer’s torpid weather, having gone away.
Only the plethora of colours, given as a warning,
Soothe the angst we start to feel.  Every morning,
Cloying fog shrouds the low valleys till midday:
Ominous reminder, the cooler days are here to stay.
Preparing for the winter, that will soon be here,
Everyone hustles hastily, from the cold most fear!

Of certainty, Autumn now makes its presence felt:
Fallen leaves are piled, and pungent smoke is smelt.

Cobwebs adorned with dew, sparkle in dawn’s first light:
Overhead, geese fly south in skeins, on migratory flight,
Leaving before the snow appears - seeking a warmer place.
Others leaving for warmer climes, increase their pace:
Urgency is in the air; for some, it’s time for hibernation.
Red Foxes marauding, cause hen house consternation!
Skunks that pillage noisily, disturb our nightly bed.

Butterflies such as the Monarch, prepare for their trip ahead:
Returning to their winter haunts, Swallows and Martins fly
In a quest for warmth and food.  Sadly we say to them “Goodbye”.
Gone all too soon are summer’s pleasant and languid days;
Having run their course, now comes Autumn’s brief displays.
The flamboyant fore-runners, forecasting Winter’s unpleasant ways.

Rhymer.  September 29th, 2020.
I love writing An Acrostic. This is an earlier one I had written and thought to post it now September is almost done.
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