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Denis Barter Dec 2018
May your life be merry, may your load be light:
May your joys be many, and your future bright.
May the road be smooth, for the friends you know,
And may you make many more, wheresoe'er you go.
To all of you - grand folks to know - we raise a glass
And pray sincerely, that Peace soon comes to pass.
So to achieve this end, may our voices be raised.
As for Internet Folks?  Heaven be praised!
Let's keep the postings coming and let the rhetoric fly;
Be it solemn, comic, or inane? We'll either laugh or cry
When we read such opinions or indulge in idle chatter,
But all discussion should concern us, so let's natter.
While there's the Internet, and we can keep in touch,
Whether we write frequently or not very much,
The camaraderie enjoyed here, is second to none!
So to One and All - and I'll bet you're glad I'm done?
May everyone enjoy A Very Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful  New Year .

Rhymer. December 29th, 2018
Denis Barter Dec 2018
We often meet in a small corner cafe.
A brief exchange, then we’re on our way!
Powerless to check my raging appetite,
I hasten to take you out into the night!
Loath to let you go, I will hold you near.
Need speak no words, for my intent is clear!
Though to be too impetuous is wrong,
My demands cannot be stayed for long!
Quite unable to stop my eager lips
From brushing yours! I take fearful sips
And savour the sweet bouquet they foretold.
Instantly, my pleasure is fourfold!
Though further draughts set my lips afire,
To appease my wants is all I desire.
Once satisfied, I’ve no further need of thee!
I discard the plastic cup that held my tea!

Rhymer December 23rd, 2018.
Denis Barter Dec 2018
My breath billowed in the winter air,
to hang suspended, and shimmer where,
it drifted as a glittering cloud of frost;
then it was gone!  It’s presence lost!

Stamping my feet, for the air is cold,
and I, no more a lad, am growing old,
thought of the days, when we’d feast
on roasted chestnuts, a dozen at least.

Returning home, to warm up inside,
after a pleasant, jingling sleigh ride,
I would marvel at the winter scene,
and how conifers contrasted green,

with the hard whiteness of the snow,
and how winter sun did sharply show
trees in silhouette. Ice that would adorn
the eaves and paddock fence at morn,

was ever a grand sight to behold. A sign
winter was here to stay awhile. Benign
at first, but clouds racing across the sky
foretold snow would, in the short by and by,

fall to gladden the heart of this country boy.
One who accepted Winter’s gifts with joy.
No matter what the  weather might be?
In truth, it was ever a fun time for me!

Rhymer.  December 23rd, 2018.
Denis Barter Dec 2018
I am the Right Honourable Will Wright.
A Wheelwright, possessing the right to write!!

Alright said the wheelright, Will Wright,
I will exercise my right to write
on a rite, that’s the basic right,
of all to write their Will as they will.
Will this be all right with you?
If so I’ll exercise my right to write
my Will as is right for all.  Right?
Right-**, said wheelwright Will Wright!

Will was a writer embarked on a rite
to write his Will. As writer Will Wright
said, it’s the right of all to write a Will.
I’ll exercise my right, to write,
and by using my right,  I will write
as Will Wright to Write my Will.
A rite that is the right of all, and a rite
long established, as our basic right,

whereby all, not only Will Wright,
the wheelright, has the right to exercise
his right to write a Will.  Right?!
All right? Sure nuff, I’ll write!

Rhymer.  December 22nd, 2018.
(A little light hearted linguistic nonsense)
Denis Barter Dec 2018
I am a wiser, rhyming poet,
because of this, I know that
for rhymes of any description,
I need follow no prescription
for my procedure is not complex.
I then choose a topic, and give thought
to the chosen theme  I’ll undertake.
Then decide as to which format I’ll use?
So sit back, watch and take your ease,
and no interruptions whatsoever, please!
As my poetic Muse becomes excited
oft times I become eagerly delighted
when words flow of their own accord.
With no need to consult a dictionary,
I make ready to write my rhyme, then I’m away,
as another new poem gets underway!

As another new poem gets underway,
I’ make ready to write my rhyme, then I’m away!
with no need to consult a dictionary,
when words flow of their own accord,
oft times I become eagerly delighted
as my poetic Muse becomes excited:
and no interruptions whatsoever please!
So sit back, watch and take your ease,
then decide as to which format I’ll use
to the chosen theme I’ll undertake,
I then choose a topic, and give thought
for my procedure, is not complex.
I need follow no prescription,
for rhymes of any description,
Because of this, I know that,
I am a wiser, rhyming poet!

Rhymer.  December 2nd,, 2018.
Denis Barter Nov 2018
When two together, are found to be entwined,
Surely twao together, are far too much to find,
But should two together, be made to unwind,
Would parting the two be thought too unkind?

If two together as one, are separated or untwined,
they’d be no longer two together, inter-twined:
nor could they be two, seen as one, ill confined,
Though the two together, may not be well defined.

If two together are seen as one, in close knit bind,
and would act in unison, so would we really mind?
But when the two united are thought too much to find,
we should insist the two together, must unwind!

Rhymer.  November 13th, 2018.
Denis Barter Nov 2018
I was somewhat surprised this morning,
when out for a morning jog,
I met an old fellow, well known,
who greeted both me and my dog.
His was a face most familiar,
but to see him - took me aback,
for being late leaving this morning,
twas myself I met coming back!

We acknowledged one another with pleasure,
but found it hard to believe our eyes;
on hearing words uttered in greeting,
even my dog seemed surprised!
At first we discussed the cold weather,
and indulged in more idle talk;
then with a cheery Goodbye, on leaving,
he continued on with his walk!

It was a moment of rare pleasure,
to meet one so pleasantly polite:
So perhaps tomorrow I’ll rise early,
to see if we’ll repeat this delight?
For it is rarely one meets another,
with a temperament such as their own,
but perhaps it’s best I forget it?
For tomorrow he might not be alone!

Rhymer. November 5th, 2018.
Put it down to the weather!  Cold, wet and boring.  Garden work on hold for now.
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