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You saw my message
But didn't reply
you ignored me,
please tell me why.

I approached you as a stranger,
Wanna be your friend
But your ignorance
Brought all that to an end

I wrote a poem for you
Just to make you smile
But you didn't even notice
Even once for a while

Is that your ego
Who's not letting you to be open
Or its your attitude
To make me feel broken

So answer me now
Why was i ignored
Do you think its your friendship
which i cannot afford?
Teri zulfon k chav mei
chamakta yeh chand sa chehra,

Aab isse jyada mai tujse aur kuch na keh raha.

Sunane ko bahut kuch hai
Par sun ne ko koi nahi.

Mana galti thi meri
Kya mai Maafi k layak hu nahi?
The beauty of life is as bright as the Sun
I sit here thinking all the battles i won

the beauty of life is an extraordinary thing
all the joy that this beauty can bring

the beauty of life makes me stop and look over
how I got through has made my mind Hover

the beauty of life I'm thinking today
the life that I've lived I could be in my grave

the beauty of life has finally been good to me
and the beauty of God he has set me free

the beauty of life God has in his plan
for a woman to have a very good man

the beauty of life God send him to me
because for his purpose it was meant to be

the beauty of there is a beauty in you
the beauty of life there is beauty in me

the beauty of life combine both together
the beauty will show us being together forever
She's an angel,she's a fairy.
Her cheeks are soft, lips like cherry.

She's very charming, she's very funny.
She's very sweet like a jar full of honey.

Was blessed to talk with her for a second or so.
Her messages always made my face to glow.

I'm sorry for all wrong i did with you.
Now let's be friends, we'll start a fresh new.
today i woke up to see the sun rise
but her face came in front of my eyes

difficult it was to make myself realize
that her love was only her beautiful lies

she left me because of some reasons unknown
but her absence made me forever alone

don't know why im still in love with that girl
don't know why i still believe her as my pearl

my soul cries
my heart dies
when i see her in
my dream skies

i hate her
but i love her
as i can't love
my hate for her
I know my its fault
and im sorry
I wanna talk
Take a walk
With the blooming glory
This should not be the
end our love story.

I was wrong, you were right
You took everything very lite
Where as i
Hadn't slept the previous night
Thinking all non sense in my mind
Trust me i was not of this kind

So let us rewind
Everything were i went
Don't let urself remind
When i ignored u for such a
Even you know
that im not that
To live without you......
A million stars up in the sky
You shines brighter I can't deny

I feel like heaven when you are near
Even in my dreams only you appear

You always know just what to say
just talking to you makes my day

A love so precious a love so true
a love that comes from me ends at you

All this were my hidden emotions
high as the skies deep as the oceans

Love you baby with all of my heart
together forever and never to part.
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