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The girl was red,
all fire and heart
the boy was blue,
sad from the start

time drew them close,
their worlds were collided
what came next
new colors they provided

it shone so brightly
what they painted anew
like lavender, like violet
such a deep purple hue

life became yellow
like the sand and the sun
no time for hardships
when life is so fun

settling down nicely
yellow became green
small house, three children
peaceful and serene

Green became brown
like bark on a tree
their bones grew brittle
it was harder to see

Age made them weaker, but
their love was still strong
impossible to stop
this halcyon song

Yet all turned black
with a note from a doctor
“Five months.” he’d said
this time he had locked her

They sat in still silence
not saying a word
at this mortal news
for which they’d just heard

Weeks went on
they wept in dark dyes
a song interrupted
by soft subtle cries

It was then they decided
not to end their song sung
not wade in blue shadows
but live life as young

Black shot to yellow
in the blink of an eye
they danced and they laughed
and flew through the sky

When the time came
for her to lay down to rest
it was not a sad day
it was one of the best

This symphony of colors
which he had played such a part
had flipped his world round
painted red, his blue boy’s heart

He joined her shortly
his world turned white
and nothing could dull it
as he walked into night.
It's 3am

I'm on the phone
No one's awake and I'm alone

It's 3am

The radio's on
Songs are played on lonely station

It's 3am

I'm in my bed
My eyes are open and sleep has fled

It's 3am

I'm on the balcony
The sky is dark and just quite scary

It's 3am

Some windows have lights
Could they also not sleep tonight

It's 3am

I'm still awake
When will life ever give me a break
Insomniac nights are the worst. And it's been going on like this for quite awhile.
The Sun leaves auburn shadows,
There's purple clouds in sight,
The evening fades down the skyline,
We lose the golden light.

Purple paints down the horizon,
The sun, not putting up a fight,
The evening's gone and this day is done,
And now it's time for night.
When eyes talk to eyes
All of world stands still.
Time waits and the nature listens.
They invite the inquisitive while all of existence celebrates eternally.

-The Silent Poet
Expression of love without words is the most strongest love there is.
It is difficult to laugh
than to cry.
It is difficult to live
than to die.

It is easy to do wrong
than to put something right.
It is easy to forfeit,
all without a fight.

It is easy to yarn
than to share.
It is easy to be indifferent
than to show that you care.

It is difficult to sit
and to patiently wait.
It is difficult to love
rather than to hate.
 Jul 2017 Vaibhav Kumar Jha
You act like a *****,
girl where is your switch,
to turn you off,
'cause I'll push you
down a cliff!
Thoughts that linger  past my mind,
Remind me of people ,from these surroundings divine.
Thoughts of joy,thoughts of sorrow,
Thoughts from the wise past and those of hopeful tomorrow.
Thoughts that break,thoughts that bind,
Thoughts of a lover left undefined.

Thoughts that linger past my mind ,
Remind me of my existence.
Of  my breakthrough in this worldly  place,
Of the  first magical word spoken by me,
That was called,'mother',
Words of broken -unbroken  promises,
And of faithful  friendships and hubris.
Of those nights that raged like a stormy sea,
And those days spent  pondering over the window  panes.

Thoughts that linger past my mind,
Remind me that this world is a mystic place.
Of how these thoughts influence every being,
At once they afflict,at once they allay.
I just don't understand
Whether is there any meaning in my living ...

Am I just passing my days in this place ,
only as a tourist ...

And if so,
Is the  journey ever going to take me to an interesting destination ....

As the  journey proceeds
and takes  me to so  many interesting locations
It has dawned upon me

The journey in itself  is so full of thrill and experience ...

Reaching the destination has just become a passing thought !!
Past - where my foundation was laid
Present - Is my stepping stone
Future- yet to come , which I believe I am ready to face !!

Future says --
Are you ready?
(Anti Funky) playing out loud

Present--- Yes I am ready :)

Wrote this particular piece on
9-11-2016 much ahead of joining HP.
Thought it is relevant
for my in between status .
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