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Nylee Aug 2020
Fall asleep forever is my night dream
I'll linger tonight in your dreamworld
In your mind creation of my creation
shared space, counting numbered days
in your mind space, making permanent place
My limited time running out
I hope I'll meet you in next dimension
Hope we'll see tonight, watch sunsets together
When you'll fall asleep, you'll be with me
Good Night!
Urmi Jan 2019
In the midst of a summer day,
With the sun gleaming golden brown
I wake up to find a flickering ray,
That interferes with my thinking crown.

I'm sitting down on my bed,
And travelling to far-off harbours
I cannot think of anything else,
But just the magical grandeurs.

I've reached the Crow's shore of Ketterdam,
And am sailing for Hogsmeade
The Ferolind's joltingly reached Nottingham,
And I'm not thinking of nothing else.

The purple tulips, the marvellous castle,
All shiny on a shining day
The wind's whistles, the leave's rustle,
All make me delightful on this day.

The world seems so tiny,
From up above the blue skies
The Firebolt I'm now riding,
Seems to supress the little lies
I used to take in as a child.

Suddenly everything's so harsh,
I think I'm in the land of the White Witch
I crave for Turkish Delight so hard,
That I know not of the awaiting risk
Into the dark castle, as the daughter of eve.

I was so lost in the mysterious magical whirlwind,
I think I've travelled far, but not even a mile
When I open my eyes, I clearly see the still wind
Of dust, crime and fraudulence all in a pile
That tempts me to snivel for the fair play,
Since I'm the lost girl and the world, a treacherous display.
Abbi Oct 2018
Goodnight starlight
Bring my dreams closer through your depth of night.
Shroud me in your shadows and bring peace upon my conscience
Lay me to sleep with the crickets songs so constant
Echoing scenes dance before me
Really of what really means all the more to me.
The figment red battles of my complex curiosities
Never to be spoken and only felt within,  
To never have the daylight courage to act upon a whim
But lucidly the barriers are broken and so ****** myself into them do I,
For tonight,
in my mind,
Soon then they come to life.
My dizzying vehemence leads me down a corridor, o’ wanderlust,
Minds eye to explore, always searching to know more and more
About myself, my subconscious desires,
Emotions set a flame, a giant roaring fire.
Minutes feel like eternity,
In a world of abstract autonomy,
Down the rabbit hole, over the moon,
Back through the green pastures,
Deep into the woods.
Come across a fiddle and a laughing pooch.
Oh what nonsense this dream has overtook
I’m stirring in my bed,
most never really do make sense,
The tone then changes and the dish ran away,
Some other entity emotions have come out to play.
Before I can greet them and ask for their motive
Daylight comes through and glistens o’er them.
A new day to start and with no recollection
Of the hallucinations that guided me away and away and away.
Tonight I’ll dream deeper to meet those entities,
Decipher what they’re meaning and what they mean to me.
Khushi Saha Aug 2018
There is a place where i go whenever i feel like,
where joy dwells and happiness grows,
where i keep my treasures,my secrets and my cheers,
away from this world nowhere near.
The only place i can call my own,
where i am its queen and no one to fear.
Where everything is possible ,
with no wear and tear,
Peace here is no extreme,
which i proudly call ‘My Dreams’.
Aaron LaLux May 2018
Can’t escape her,
not even in my dreams.

Last night she was there,

in my dream,
I was crying,
these eternal tears,
& instead of running away from me,
she took my head placed it on her shoulder,
& told me she was there for me & always would be.

Then I woke up.

FREE Book:
If I asked you to come with me,
travel overseas,
to a place where we could be who we wanted to be

where nobody put us down,
nobody told us "You can't make it,
be realistic,
and stop acting silly."

we could kiss all day,
make love all night,
be young,
and be free,
like fish in the sea

if I told you nobody could part us,
nobody could hurt us,
we could be ourselves,
nothing to be blamed

you could live your dreams,
and be with me,
how would it be?

If I told you "Let's go",
Would you take my hand,
come with me,
into this world...
For all eternity?

Let's go, my love
some nights
I dream of worlds
that must have come from childhood fairy tales

people work happily in various trades
politicians are actually fighting for their citizens
    to make life easier and more rewarding

skin color does not matter
    nor does religious orientation
a person’s character creates distinction

women don’t live in fear of getting *****
nobody is sold into slave labor or prostitution
education is of high quality and free
    from grade school to college
financed by affluent corporations
whose shareholders just get a bit less

when I wake up
I recognize
the dream was just a dream

our reality is different
Prerna Sinha Aug 2015
i am in a world, a dream world
my eyes are closed but i am awake
this world is so close to the world i have always dreamt of living in...
i can feel the joys and sorrows of life
yet it's so different from the world i am living in
i want to be a part of this world ,forever
Here i am , with my eyes closed, my mind relaxed
i can think what i want to,i can feel what i want to and i can desire what i want to...
it's a pleasure to experience this...
i am luxuriating in this world of mine,
with no hassles, no obstacles,
no tension,no frustration,
it's just a world of xpectations and negotiations.
with my eyes closed, I can feel the outer world,
the one blessed with fakeness,mistrust and selfishness...
but i am proud to have a world of my own,
that inspires me to create wonders in every world that i step into...
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