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He's burgeon from mind and soul
Trivialized only by what folks sow
A man I hope, life grows to know .

His mettle ways can be so sore
Meddling with one's heart like an open court,
But chafed love knows not of caulk flows
And I'm of trepidation of growing old,
without his love.

But assurance made, cue's all doubts ever feared
Leaving me assuaging in the satiation of life
Its sad how most women think that their lives are all about finding the perfect man and eventually getting married,
But is that really the center of our existence?,were we really made for just that one thing?
Of course we all want love and all but do we really have to do all we can to be perfect enough for that perfect guy?
For starters,noone is perfect,no matter how much you strive for perfection,you will never arrive at it,
There's so much more to life,its great to have a life partner but that's not much of a fulfillment,
Fulfillment is in doing what you love and making other peoples lives bright,
Fulfillment is in draining yourself of all your talents because you're using them,
Fulfillment is in finding your own joy..
Leia R Sep 2014
Just be what you want
and do what you love
cause if that doesn't matter
then nothing really does.

— The End —