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Your side of the bed
remains as cold as always.
Please make your way home.
 Oct 2015 Talha Ansari
Looking at the opposition we face,
We don't get it even a bit!
Surprised at how most of the world,
Treats the lovers as aliens!  
But we are happy being aliens,
Astonished they will be!

Watching at their angry faces,
We wonder wot crime we committed!
Stunned we are,
They call us mad!
But we are happy being mad,
Astonished they will be!

We will come to collaborate,
In every single stage of life!
They will see our love,
They will start believing in love!
And then too,
Astonished they will be!
 Oct 2015 Talha Ansari
A source of great misery, clouded with the illusion
of a better future.
But the idea of finding myself   in peace,
in complete happiness one day.
Is what carries me all the way
to the comfort. I strive for.
I overload, unload
of stress every day.
I distress,
in each organism
I can find.
There is beauty
in all that I see.
I am here,
alive and well
drown me
I want to
One-hour love
The kind of love nobody talks about.
Get-to-it love
Makes you want to howl and shout.
Not buying the cow
Just going go ahead and try it out.
One-hour love
The kind I can’t really do without.

Just an hour
That’s all it takes.
Anything less
You are no great shakes.
Just sixty minutes
And your world gets rocked.
Like changing your oil
On your engine block.

Not talking marriage
Nothing about forever and ever.
Straight up front truth
Just two people loving together.
No ring or anything
No possessivity, no never.
Just monkey love
Working ourselves into a lather.

One-hour love
It really shouldn’t take too long.
Hop-to-it love
Quit before anything goes wrong.
Impromptu love
Often the hottest you ever saw.
Shout hallelujah love
Never end up with a mother in law.

Just an hour
And you’re ready to run.
So little time
But so very much fun.
Just sixty minutes
And life is worthwhile.
Just the kind of exercise
Could make a statue smile.

Two-hippies love
Free love and all of that stuff.
Afternoon love
Without all the romantic guff.
Truck-driver love
Hard-driving without any fluff.
Sledgehammer love
Proving you both are tough.

Just an hour
That’s all it takes.
Anything less
You are no great shakes.
Just sixty minutes
And your world gets rocked.
Like changing your oil
On your engine block.
speak, also you—
the night is cut
and the moon is beheaded;

a mound of silence
outlasting the lucid hymnal.
the clinking of glasses,
the guffaw of the gull trilling
  on no cypress.

god has meant locks
   and keys.

chiaroscuro is the form
   of oblivion, river is the voice
   of the dead: the throb of lure-call
  poised at the hollow of the hand,
    this evening.

there is a sadness that is drunk
   with something a lasting recall
   wuthers without a name:
the wayward moon hangs,
  the guillotine of stars
     spreads black blood on the tulip,

drinking as if there is no water,
    only that of wine and something
   that has brought us together,
     separated in the evening

our life, pithless against the wall,
     engraved there, unnavigable writ:
      sundered, washed ashore.
An auspicious feeling sounded the bells
See you, calm and deadly towards the new
I can feel the vibration from my hell
Do you have a name, dear? Where is your crew?

Lonely sailor, you know theese islands well
My tears are already smothering me
Never heard the old tunes. I’m on a shell.
If this dark room is my fate, agony.

Today I saw the ship ropes being slit
Wait, where are you going? Don’t you see Jack?
As I approach you in despair, I quit
Bang Bang, you shot me in the neck

Who would have thought this miserable end?!
A filthy pirate for which my heart stands
 Oct 2015 Talha Ansari
 Oct 2015 Talha Ansari
I stand there like a stone, watching you leave sunk my heart
I try to push out the words “please stay” but I just go silent

I miss the smell of your colon
I miss what we had but not what you’ve become

You found love again
I have yet to rebuild what you’ve wrecked inside me

“I’ll always be there”
A lie that caused wounds

You will come back soon
I won’t be here ready to be your rebound

You say you know me but you don’t
If you knew me you would know that I am so much stronger than you think

I was dragged to hell and I crawled back out more than once
Scars placed on me that no one can see

You’re not aloud to control me
You’re somebody I knew that’s it

I learned a lesson from you
I don’t ever wanna close my eyes and think of you again

Without you I feel torn
I will heal though

You will soon realize what you lost
But by then I will have a new hand to hold.
The truth about love
Is that there is no truth
Love is a chemical imbalance in the head
It doesn't last and always leaves depression in it's wake
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