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Amber May 2016
You use  to  lay your hand on my
chest  and take me to new york
in a heart beat.
(The  coins   fell to the ground )
and empty were my pockets
The rain falls differently in a small town
it  cries   with you
(the grass was never  born)
and the trees in my town are old and
Abounded  houses represent   the
people who left us  behind
every   gated community  promises
security   but   instead it locks up your dreams.
I´ll hold you down (you whipser)
soothing my frustration with  music
It´s like nature itself escaped
through the last   storm.
I´ll  scream  into  forsaken homes
and  put up posters   of  
you in my room
hoping   that you (come and get me)
But the postcard  was sent
from a world (only the unliving can live in)
Amber May 2016
You´re the kind of girl
who watches the moon
as she floats back and forth
between darkness and light.
You need no army nor king
to find rest   in this world
Amber May 2016
You are the pressure  that sits on my heart
the kind that stays  under my skin everyday.
Without  me detecting your  purpose
I have been exposed  to the  kind details of how
weight less your  love is.
Leaving no prints
and without an interaction
I am without a surface
But like the moon I orbit  around you
as you absorb my own reflection
but reject me once   our minds
I would have missed  you,
If it was not for the  delete  button.
Amber May 2016
My mother  grew  up  in the sand
among wolfs and sheeps
The herd  was  her family
She was a nomad
And the first to flee in her generation
She  ran with her family
when  the  bullets  hit our home
My mother carried all of her children
in her arms
Through landscapes she
Saw lions and elephants running
She saw the fear   in their eyes
Our paradise   had been sold to the devil
and  everything with a soul was leaving
When the sky turned dark
she  climbed over spike fences
and crossed the border
There wore   her brothers awaiting
and their eyes glowed in the
Greeting her to safety
My mother  built a house with her hands.
Only to witness it being torn down
My mother   is a warrior,
she  survived  the worst
and gave me the best
a future.
Amber May 2016
I tried to make a home out of your bones,
I tried to escape through your words.
But like  a giselle running from a lion,
I run in vain
These  tears  have turned to dust
My heaven was carried to you
and burried  in a creed of sorrow
You run in circles around me
these ropes are cutting me in half.
While I shook my head  on your lies,
you fell asleep on my sins.
Amber Apr 2016
Chained by  your dreams
Restrained  from your own laughter
the stars shock their head
you fell from grace like a tear drop
in the middle of the night
Abandoned by your own shadow
As   heaven fell from its crown
so did you.
I  use to wonder  
If you  were  a star
ore an angel
What  kind of drugs  
did it take to incarcerat
your demons?
What kind of nightmares
would you have on replay
I wonder  if  death
wasent an ending
but maybe just an escape
from this we call life.
Amber Apr 2016
at  last she is  still
how frigid and shallow she may be
I can never find enough room to escape her.
You swallow me in the mist of everything
from the shadows you slip and fall
into my  wounds.
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