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Oct 2015
I stand there like a stone, watching you leave sunk my heart
I try to push out the words “please stay” but I just go silent

I miss the smell of your colon
I miss what we had but not what you’ve become

You found love again
I have yet to rebuild what you’ve wrecked inside me

“I’ll always be there”
A lie that caused wounds

You will come back soon
I won’t be here ready to be your rebound

You say you know me but you don’t
If you knew me you would know that I am so much stronger than you think

I was dragged to hell and I crawled back out more than once
Scars placed on me that no one can see

You’re not aloud to control me
You’re somebody I knew that’s it

I learned a lesson from you
I don’t ever wanna close my eyes and think of you again

Without you I feel torn
I will heal though

You will soon realize what you lost
But by then I will have a new hand to hold.
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