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Last flap of wings,
Tear apart the sky,
As oriole rise above the horizon.
A millions words would not bring you back, i know because i tried, neither would a million tears, i know because i cried.
That what is yet to be seeked is now a passage of reality
Suspire heavily, 'tis a garden of demise.
In amid of prolonged night it blooms.
Sea of night shines long and bright,
Methinks the stars are to blame.
Under such folly the garden dwells.
Nigh onto the envious dawn.

I felt the velvety dews,
Lying at peace over the willows.
Owls of Minerva hoot unsung beauty.
Vile are the fruits of life that demise withhold,
Endeavoured with the phantom of false.

Yes ‘tis our garden.
Ornaments of life violate to death,
Under this night where the cursed garden dwells.
What witered away was not your love but our trust.
Reminiscing memories with your velvety touch.
Beyond the words our story dwells,
Red rosy lips parting a sigh of love,
The bouquet of life now seems to debauch.
Whisper out your heart my beloved!!
For I shall bear it with laugh,
If what thou tongue voice is hatred,
And laugh I shall gladly,
If Cupid has decided it to be blessed.

Whisper out your melodies my beloved!!
Tainted with reminiscence of tragedies,
But still it ought to be laughed,
To close thy scars damped with tears.
Fie the smiles harbouring cries.

Whisper out our stories my beloved,
And I intent to hear with interest,
For my love is no jest.
But if I art thou jester,
Then jest I shall till thee groan with laughter.

Whisper out something my beloved,
Devoid emotion your face portrays.
Why do you feel so cold?!
Wake up love and do tell,
Will you not whisper me farewell?
All thats left was a farewell.
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