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Eloisa Feb 23
I again visited my garden of despair
Watered with tears of woes and neglect
And now that the pond of bliss is arid
I once again asked myself
What flowers can thrive on these barrens?
Then I glanced at the blossoms of withered memories
Scattered as wreckage from a landslide
The bushes of harrowing pain I found
Arranged in a line of endless thorny shrubs
Decayed trees bearing the fruit of deceit
Still cast a shadow of contorted lies
I then trod as lightly and slowly as I could
Then plucked a fruit from a rotten tree and got its seeds
And with a chalky smile I hummed a quiet tune
Even in the death of my garden
I saw the promises of healing
As I walked past the rusty trellises and tarnished fences
I welcomed my sanguine memories of perfect and scented blooms
Visions of sun-drenched leaves greeted my anguish with a sliver of silver lining
It doesn’t matter if my garden left me with nothing
What now matters most is here in my hands are seeds of hope
Pyrrha Jul 2018
Be happy they say
As if its a command, a switch, a lever
So simple to them
They do not see
How intangible it is for us

The ones who refuse to pretend
To lie to ourselves
To lie to everyone

Be happy they say,
Be happy
My woman
was direly
ephemeral and
indebted to
justice as
she was
ardor and
auspiciously sanguine
where gaiety
always bona
fide would
cry out
certainty lest
sublimity always
bigotry save
her heart
of gold
tiers of agnostic
M Harris Jun 2017
Fractal Fountains Of Her Shattered Grace,
Radiating Sanguine Light Scattered Across Hyperspace,
Cinematic Stories Of Her Synthetic Heart,
A Pianistic Fairy Sonicating Into An Illusionistic Art,

Through Liquefied Eternity & Decoded Divinity,
She Glides With Her Electrified Wings Illuminating Into An Elegy,

Feral Essence & Mellifluous Fluorescence,
Resonating Luminescence Of Her Imperious Quintessence,
Fragile Fragments Of Her Experimental Masquerade,
Sterile Rudiments Isolated Forming Into Crystal Palisades,

Metallic Frequencies & Cherished Reflections,
****** Transiencies Starlit In Her Smooched Seductions,
With A Touch Of Insanity & Afflux Of Ecstasy,
Her Carnal Femininity Bleeds Of Promiscuity,
- 05:09AM
Leigh May 2015
Let's go searching.
With hand over heart to
Set the pace, you can guide our
Way through goosebumps. We'll search
Close and thin for meaning
In fears we're yet to shed.

Let's go falling.
We'll feel fuzzy headed
When the bough breaks
With a crisp crunch and
We'll leave to chance
Whose fall needs fixing.

Let's go shaking.
We'll let blurry white stars
Propagate in petri dish
Pupils; A shudder
At the brink with
Nails buried deep.

Let's go dreaming
Dreams of finding
Soft sands stretched limitless:
A place to land
Where respite paints
Over sanguine lips now still.
Shae Nicole Aug 2014
Sanguine eyes
Rose colored glasses
The way of life
I used to live
No longer there
In mind
Mood disarray
Disposition shattered
Positive negative
Happy sad
Charming tragic
I cannot return
Yet I wish
And isn't wishing sanguine?
Nathan K May 2014
Blackest night
I awaken breathless
No puddle of light
Only darkness
As the voices swirl around my feeble mind
“No more! No more!”
Screaming at the top of my lungs
He whispers back
They all whisper back
Whispers of an abhorrent kin
Writhe in mercurial rhythms
Claw at my frail skin
A liquid most sanguine pouring out from ancient scars
When will it all end?
Their faces, their faces!
The apparitions, the hallucinations
No eyes, no pity
I am transfixed and horrified
Cackling in my misery and despair
Mass hysteria catches in my throat
Words fail me
Never escape these four cushioned walls
I finally realize
I’m never going home
Inspired by what I learned in my psych class :) Enjoy!

— The End —