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Jellyfish Nov 2023
Everything is connected,
I feel like a volcano that has been dormant
but want to release all of my tension.
I want to show you my emotions;

So you can see I'm not a doormat,
I just keep my feelings below the surface,
It's resulted in my body doing the same
Which is why I'm in constant pain.

My trauma has created tunnels of magma,
I can't tell where they end or begin
It's frightening and leaves me upset,
There's no one I can share this with.

I hope for one day to lay out my feelings,
Let everything flow;
Like tears, they'll roll out of me
Covering everyone I've allowed to see

Then will come the tricky thing,
to never bottle anything again.
I don't want to reap havoc on them,
I want to stay empty and peaceful

To know where I end and begin,
It would solve something, wouldn't it?
But I feel like a volcano.
Physically and within.
The mind and body are connected.
samantha Feb 2018
millions of souls starving for a taste of humanity - obsessed with the desire to fill any empty space they can find - a neurotic pattern can be found within this society - the open and shut of relationships like a kitchen door - you see nothing more than a glimpse of everything and everyone - genuine and candid have bee erased from the dictionary - forever no longer means 'for always' -
mistyholly Jul 2015
weak and pathetic
you fell to vriska
the devil herself
broken legs
and sad faces
- Jun 2015
The girl with a sense for justice
Along with two red eyes
She looks to you as the leader
But you cannot guide her

The girl with clear, teal eyes
Sisters, you are
Until revenge takes it's toll
Now you're the scourge

The girl with twisted feelings
You take her hate and corrupt it
So she can see again
But only see black

The girl with a wicked smile
You help build a legacy
And friendship, even more
Blows to dust

The girl who can control not her feelings
But the mind she sees
And then tears roll out
Onto her necklace of pyrope
i fond over you
too much
it hurts like hell

— The End —