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16/F    different eyes see different things
In the stars    My mind wants nothing more than to feel normal again, so since I have heard that writting about things that come to your mind is ...


Tyler  Dec 2017
To unlove someone
Tyler Dec 2017
To unlove someone is to travel back in time
To unlove someone is to take back all the tears
To unlove someone is to remember them as they once were
To unlove someone is to ******* watch all your hopes and dreams get washed away as you put yourself through the pain of just waking up in the morning to see their face.
And yet you have a better chance of touching the stars
Then you do of filling the cracks in your heart
To unlove someone is to rip away all the joyess memories
To unlove someone is to let go of a life you could of had
To unlove someone is to stop the passion in your veins
But it will forever be impossible
To regain something you gave away so carefree
And with the bits and pieces of my heart you once fonded over
I give it back to you once more
In hopes it can restore the shattered pieces of yours
Kewayne Wadley  Nov 2016
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2016
I can't unlove because I am
Impatient, selfish.
I love as if I cannot be hurt.
Going on as if nothing is wrong.
I cannot unlove because I know not how.
I spend my nights awake dreaming of how everything should have been.
The speeches I have amongst myself
Lost in complete darkness.
Accepting the sound of my voice as an I told you so.
Seeking a dream that seems so far away.
I can't unlove because I accept disappointment.
The contempt of putting others first without fear.
I truly believe I cannot unlove because I am in love.
Young again in thought running wild, free.
I consider it a perk.
Being the only other person I know how to be.
No longer embarrassed of facing the opposite end of the mirror.
Finding that the most important things bring the most smiles.
I am far from perfect
But I cannot unlove as if I made some sort of mistake.
Purposely mistaking myself as a fool
Jay  Mar 2013
I Unlove You
Jay Mar 2013
I unlove you
I don't care if it's a neologism
It's my heart you imprisoned
And I unlove you for that

You were everything I wanted
Because I love everything you're not
I love it a lot, like a lot a lot
And I love what you don't look like
I've fallen head over heels for
Whose personality you don't resemble
I long for the way your kisses differ
How the *** isn't as curricular
But of course that's not enough

I want to want you
And "you" is an easy word to rhyme with
So that's what I won't do
See how easily I'm distracted away
From what you've got, what I can't say?
Because all I know is what you don't relay
How we share a not-so-bad day
I've got a question... if I may

I should love you for what you've got, right?
For all you are and not for who you're not, right?
If this holds true, we'll descend from the spotlight
'Cause I don't care about who you are, just who you're not quite
I unlove you with my whole heart
And I refuse to dig any further
I like to love everthing you're not about
And I pray that's okay with you