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Tyler  Dec 2017
To unlove someone
Tyler Dec 2017
To unlove someone is to travel back in time
To unlove someone is to take back all the tears
To unlove someone is to remember them as they once were
To unlove someone is to ******* watch all your hopes and dreams get washed away as you put yourself through the pain of just waking up in the morning to see their face.
And yet you have a better chance of touching the stars
Then you do of filling the cracks in your heart
To unlove someone is to rip away all the joyess memories
To unlove someone is to let go of a life you could of had
To unlove someone is to stop the passion in your veins
But it will forever be impossible
To regain something you gave away so carefree
And with the bits and pieces of my heart you once fonded over
I give it back to you once more
In hopes it can restore the shattered pieces of yours
Kewayne Wadley  Nov 2016
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2016
I can't unlove because I am
Impatient, selfish.
I love as if I cannot be hurt.
Going on as if nothing is wrong.
I cannot unlove because I know not how.
I spend my nights awake dreaming of how everything should have been.
The speeches I have amongst myself
Lost in complete darkness.
Accepting the sound of my voice as an I told you so.
Seeking a dream that seems so far away.
I can't unlove because I accept disappointment.
The contempt of putting others first without fear.
I truly believe I cannot unlove because I am in love.
Young again in thought running wild, free.
I consider it a perk.
Being the only other person I know how to be.
No longer embarrassed of facing the opposite end of the mirror.
Finding that the most important things bring the most smiles.
I am far from perfect
But I cannot unlove as if I made some sort of mistake.
Purposely mistaking myself as a fool
Jay  Mar 2013
I Unlove You
Jay Mar 2013
I unlove you
I don't care if it's a neologism
It's my heart you imprisoned
And I unlove you for that

You were everything I wanted
Because I love everything you're not
I love it a lot, like a lot a lot
And I love what you don't look like
I've fallen head over heels for
Whose personality you don't resemble
I long for the way your kisses differ
How the *** isn't as curricular
But of course that's not enough

I want to want you
And "you" is an easy word to rhyme with
So that's what I won't do
See how easily I'm distracted away
From what you've got, what I can't say?
Because all I know is what you don't relay
How we share a not-so-bad day
I've got a question... if I may

I should love you for what you've got, right?
For all you are and not for who you're not, right?
If this holds true, we'll descend from the spotlight
'Cause I don't care about who you are, just who you're not quite
I unlove you with my whole heart
And I refuse to dig any further
I like to love everthing you're not about
And I pray that's okay with you
Pauline Celerio Jan 2014
How can I unlove you?
Shall I unsee the luminescent smile you make?
Shall I unfeel the heavy breaths I take?
Shall I undraw your image inside my head?
Shall I unhold our memories instead?
Shall I unwrite the song I made for you?
Shall I untell my heart to stop beating too?
Shall I uncling to my tiny sliver of forever?
Shall I undream of what we can become together?
Shall I unremember the light on your face?
Shall I unrecall my saving grace?
Shall I ungrasp this love I know true,
But the question is...

Is it possible to unlove you?
Laiviv Sep 2014
There will come a time when the night air
won’t send chills down my spine
for it will no longer whisper your name.

I will stop telling stories about you,
for the moon has grew tired of hearing them
and weariness is an awful thing to feel.

The stars would appear
brighter than your eyes,
and I would hear lullabies again.

The winds would be warm,
the seas won’t crash waves,
and I will no longer drown.
Lois  Jul 2014
Unlove you
Lois Jul 2014
I want to unlove you so bad
but you're so bad that It's so good.

You're my downfall
and I'm your parallel line

Falling for you didn't hurt the most;
It's thinking that you fell for me too.

I didn't want to be replaced,
so I felt short in my 5 ft and 8 inches height.

You created me like a gum
you're my gravity
you're the sun

If this love is a crime scene
you'd be holding the gun

how on earth did that happen?
I let myself wax to you

It was no ordinary
unlikely boring and zoo

To the ends of the earth
I'll love you
even if it means hating myself
I want to unlove you
You no longer cross my mind
I burned that bridge.
You took the wrong hand
and left.
This time my tears became mathematical, as I watched you walk away they drew 11 on my cheeks.
I knew this time you weren't coming back so like dividing a 7 with 3, I remained here.
Thinking about you, thinking about us
Thinking about that last day you came into my room and we ****** i mean it felt so real
I miss U
like I am reciting alphabets and skipped the 21th letter.
I miss you
What 4?
Like I was counting 1 2 3 5 and forgot a numeral.
May my feelings for you Rest In Peace, like our relationship was a funeral.

You were my Hat I couldn't get you off my head,
but now the sun is set, I don't need sun rays protection.
Like a lawyer can I make an objection,
You used to be my babe
now you're my 24th alphabet
Like excuse me, did I date you? What was I thinking
Like Ex Curse you, I Hat you now get off my head.
I gave you my heart but you took my soul too,
I gave you my Hut but you thought you were so High Class so You couldn't Stay.
I called you Rihanna, but you didn't Stay.
Just because I begged you not to leave, you thought I was a street kid
so like choosing not to go to the right direction you left me Standing there on the streets.

Now like a comrade who went exile can you please comeback and UNSAY you love
Comeback and UNHUG me
Comeback and UNKISS me
Comeback and UNLAY next to me on this bed
UNLAUGH at my jokes.
UNSMILE at me.
I want you to UNREAD that letter I wrote you
Comeback I want to UNTOUCH you
and UNMAKE love to you.

Unlove Me.
Adeline Dean Apr 2014
How do I unlove you? How do I unlove my sweetest downfall? How do I unlove the first person who taught me how to love? These questions kept me wondering.How? Can I? Will I?
I always wanted to know,how will I unlove you? I know that you don’t love me but that didn’t stop me from loving you. I don’t even think that any dense reason could stop me from doing so. Yet,I came to this realization, that no matter how much I love you, you could never reciprocate the feeling that I have for you.
I even came to this point where I asked myself,until when? Until when will I love you? Until when will I endure this pain? Until when will I drown myself in the sea of tears that I created just because of the agony that you put me into? That’s when I realized that I was holding onto something that didn’t exist anymore. At that moment, all I wanted to do was to cease my love for you.
But I don’t think I could do that. Well I can,but I won’t. Maybe some can,but if you love someone, that love you have for them just won’t go away. Yeah,you may meet someone better,but once you let someone into your heart,there will always be a piece of them in there. Every person that we love leaves a mark in our hearts. And you left a big mark in my heart. Scratch that. You left a massive scar in my life.
japheth  Nov 2018
japheth Nov 2018
i don’t think
it’s possible
to unlove you

— and i don’t have any complaints.

i’ll just love myself more
until i forget
what it means to
not have someone around

and focus on having
myself around — present at all times.
hello im back after three-four weeks of hiatus. it’s been a rough month for me bc i’m doing great at the job i reallt wanted so i want to focus on that. i’m still practicing how to write happily so stay tuned for more. ily hello poetry community, without u guys, i dont know how id pick myself up
Abbie Rodriguez Apr 2015
Things I have sacrificed
Efforts I have invested
Time I have spent
Love I have given

Thought they were appreciated
By the man I have always wanted
But I was wrong...
It's not what I expected

How do I "unlove"* you?
Asked by a woman named Genie
It was a scene from a movie
That totally hit me

Am I able to hate the one I love
Just because I didn't get what I believe I must have?
Or can I just learn to let go and forget
Of the man who doesn't want to  stay?
I composed this poem after watching a Philippine movie "Starting Over Again."
Sy Lilang  Jul 2014
Unlove You
Sy Lilang Jul 2014
How  could I unlove you?
Coz loving you isn't **easy
Mahnoor Kamran  Jun 2017
Mahnoor Kamran Jun 2017
All my life i asked:

How can you unlove someone?

Truth came from the angel of death:

*You can't.

— The End —