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overtakes a car
in my driveway . . .
just half a slice -
     in the sky
street dogs
settle some issue, while
     the neighborhood sleeps
midnight sounds
of countless crickets –
     air conditioner joins in
out and about
in the rain -
In a tearing hurry, came the clouds
bellies fat, moods dark
They swallowed the moon
They chewed the stars
     each one
          one by one
Whole night the show was on
boom bang – fury & twang

When they were done,
I surveyed my ground:
     dripping trees
          shivering leaves
               wet petals
          twinkle eyes
     an azure sky, and
One angry sun.
[ Translation of Ghazal
“Dil Mein Ek Lehar Si Uthi Hai Abhi”
Poet: Nasir Kazmi ]

Heart flutters –
with a new beat
A fresh breeze is on the move

An uproar in cavern-of-heart,
down goes
     some wall

Fragile spirits
and now, a new scar

Foggy ghosts of forgotten isles
still –
echo your voice

Down the dark alleys
searching …
for you
Ghulam Ali's performance --
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