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Frannie Apr 2022
How are you feeling right now?

Kind of all over the place, almost like a yo-yo! Being thrown out when I get too close and reeled back in when I get too distant! I wish I’d met you sooner, indicating that its too late! My feelings are hurt, crushed and shattered, but I least I know our fate!

You’ve been a tornado, on. Destructive path, destroying all that get in your way. I know that you’re deadly, and that I should run, but it’s hard not to stay! Release me from your grasp, I need to move on, there is no sense of sticking around. Just let me go, I have to escape, I cannot dance another round. This twisted tango is not good for me, my decisions are clouded and distorted. Im feeling lost, sad and confused, so leave me alone with my feelings to be sorted.

You use honesty as a guise to hide the face that you’re damaged beyond repair. So please just leave, no need to stick around, free me from my despair. You want no strings attached, pure unadulterated fun, no feelings, no titles to share.  But my heart is fragile, its strings are all tangled and and yet you really don’t care.
Frannie Dec 2020
They say you should fear what you can’t see, but I believe you should have faith.

Faith gives you something to dream of, to hope for, to believe in.
Faith with sight gives you much room to doubt, but faith without seeing gives you a glimmer of light.

Seeing is believing but sometimes we just need to trust, for seeing with our eyes can sometimes lead to lust. Keep sight of your dreams, your hopes and your beliefs. For faith can offer much rest, much aide and relief.
Hope gives you courage, strength and delight. Hope can keep you warm on the coldest of nights. To know that one day your hopes will come true! Hope can turn the darkest grey skies into blue.

Be merciful and gracious for you never know the day, when you’ll need to rely on your faith, your hope and your grace.
Frannie Dec 2020
The moment our eyes met, I knew we were meant to be.
The moment we first kissed, I knew your lips were meant for me.
Th moment we first held hands, I hoped that we would last forever.
The moment we said I love you, I knew we were meant to be together.
The moment we shared our fears, I knew my heart belonged to you.
The moment we shared our tears, I knew that our love was pure and true.
Frannie Dec 2020
Frannie Dec 2020
You light up my cloudiest days and my darkest nights
My evening star, you shine so bright.

You warm up my coldest mornings and the windiest days. You make my fears go away.

You fill up my heart with love, laughter and light. You make my soul soar, let’s take flight.
Frannie Dec 2020
Things that come to mind when people say “ How are you”

Cluttered, jumbled,tangled, confused, intricate, acrimonious, scattered, disheveled, torn, complicated, mucky, annoyed!

Things you actually say when people say “How are you”

I’m fine, I’m good, I’m well...
Frannie Dec 2020
Be Brave
Be Bold
Be Bashful
Be Bodacious
Be Bracing
Be Brilliant
Be Boisterous
Be Blue
Be Blunt
Be Blameless
Be Bright
Be Buoyant
Be Bemused
Be Ballsy
Be Baronial
Be Beloved
Be Benevolent
Be Balanced
Be Better
Be Bomb
Be Bountiful
Be Blessed
Frannie Dec 2020
There is something mesmerizing when I look into your eyes
It draws me in deeper, before I realize.

It’s as if your body is calling to me, giving me butterflies.
The soft nature of your touch just has me hypnotized.

You see, I know it’s more to you then what’s between your thighs. Your physique is nice, but your heart is the true prize.
Frannie Nov 2020
Gratitude is being grateful for what you had, what you have and what is coming.

Take nothing for granted because nothing is for certain, except that change is sure to come.

Be gracious, and forgiving because you’ll never know when you will need grace extended to you.

Be just and fair and never expect things from others that you wouldn’t do.

Be open and honest it really helps to share your truth.

But be patient with others and remember that they are on a journey too!
Frannie Aug 2020

Sincerely Self Love
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