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He scanned his whole life
But found pure lies...then he hugged
The ultimate truth...
Whether u're poor or rich... A king or a beggar... One day ur designation will be vanished, when u will face the ultimate truth : the death...

(Taking a small break from here to complete my assignments and other stuffs....

Will be back soon 😊)
Maria Mitea May 2020
I plainly could see your infinite demure.

I understood your yearnings for bluejays and loons.

You cuddled me with all your splendor and virtue.

You loved me as your own child.

Today, Canada
I am crying with tears of joy.
We are all dreamers and long for exploration and challenge, and yet it can take some time until we find grounding in our new home.
Survived Aug 2018
In the world where everyone want to share
their emotions and feelings to get free from it.

She hugged me and told me "I'm always there to listen to your problems and solve them."
Star BG May 2017
I traveled to the mountain to have feet hugged by Mothers sacred soil.
Came back dancing in steps, as heart played gracefully.

I traveled to the forest to be hugged by the tall ancient tree masters.
Came back wrapped in mind with wisdom and peace.

I traveled to the chapel of my dreams to hug my essence in the moment.
Came back feeling empowered, grateful, and free.

StarBG © 2017
Inspired by Sun Smriti's poem Unspoken Thoughts. Check it out. It rocks.
Sitting in the car,
I looked out the window
and there you were.
I tell her, "that's him!"
My heart was racing
as I opened the car door.
I hurried over to you,
we hugged
and I felt a million
I love yous
in less than a minute.

— The End —