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mjad 4d
When you ask to be friends
I try and simply explain
That after tasting Bluefin tuna
How could I settle for a McDonald's fish fillet?
i never posted this
Emily May 2018
Fish of the sea,
Don’t you dare flee!

You are delicious,
With lemon, cheese and biscuits!

Cooked on the barbecue,
Or in a fish stew!

So full of calcium and protein you are,
we won’t have you go far!
My lunch today!
If a puzzle was his peer
and a parallelogram was his shirt
while his tangency threw his belt
where his shoes kept aground
and his step to rather George didn't tarnish him;
with the steeples in bay windows on near side of the street to worship a gathering of wisdom where he'd praise mackerels
and the president with a gray suit.
MsAmendable Jul 2015
Tin can busses fill rapidly,
And bleed like tuna.
This cane to me on a bus where people were all elbow deep in someone else.... Pretty weird but why not write it down?
Ryan Unger Jun 2015
O Toro, my Toro!
You bring me no sorrow!
Just you on a plate,
O my taste buds can’t wait!

Atop a small mound of rice is where you beautifully sit perched,
I know that my whole life it was for you that I’ve searched!
The light dances off of your gentle pink hue like a star,
A phosphorescent culinary delight is what you are.

I embrace you with chopsticks, eyes closed, and place you on my tongue;
And your flavor love-making that proceeds keeps me feeling young.

You’re creamy and buttery in all the right places!
You ended up here with me only by God’s good graces.
Onto my tongue melts your morsels of fat,
Rich decadence coats my mouth and my inhibitions go flat.

I can’t ever get enough; I want more, I need more!
Your soft savory texture hugs my mouth and warms my core.
I swallow you wearing a smile unlike any I’ve worn before,
Your gentle ocean tuna taste lingers and leaves me wanting more

O Toro, my Toro;
You leave me and my appetite so Zen,
And I’ll be dwelling in our memories until we meet again.
You were my cross eyed Mary
I was over on the end
We used to meet clandestinely
Anywhere we can

You fingers froze antifreeze
Always a cold shock to me
My hot hand poured
Out in ecstacy
You Said ,"Set my liberty free"

Your smoke swirled around your aura
You blew into the breeze
I blew a shotgun into you
You coughed and then you sneezed

You were my cross eyed Mary
"But Mary's not my name"
As you slid in frozen fingers
I heard you drop your ring

references :
"Cross Eyed Mary" is a song by Jethro Tull from their legendary Aqualung record/cd

Ecstacy is a drug

Shotgun is to reverse a joint and inhale and then exhale blowing the smoke into someone's else's lungs

sneeze is anything snorted up one's nose

ring is a form of birth control where a plastic ring is inserted over the cervex

— The End —