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Emily Sep 2018
The wind is it’s first movement,
Cherished and innovative.

For change is in our journey,
The switch and the chaos,
Run with your yearning.

Can you listen to others?
Yes, you will never know the covers.

The covers are the start of a new idea,
Ideas are your beckoning.

Boredom is a sign for the next step,
Do not rest.
Recently moved jobs and 4th week into it, feeling a yearning of the past..
Emily Jun 2018
Ohh it’s the second and last,
Tomorrow is again the start.

Got to make it count,
Don’t let it get you down.

Forget what is to follow,
It will ruin your day if you do so.

Go exploring,
Keep those ideas pouring.

Time is in your control,
With every thought and idea it is sure to lift your soul.
I always need motivation for Sunday’s, it’s such a sad thought knowing I’m back at work the next day!
Emily Jun 2018
We are only at the start of the week,
There is plenty of time to reach our peak.

Don’t let the weekend linger in your mind,
Seriously get on with the real time.

Put your weekend mind at rest,
Unleash your brainier self with the chance to be the best.

Forget the mondayitis,
Make sure you don’t guide it.

Too much focus can be too unhealthy,
Be nice to your brain and focus on the wealthy.

The parts that have grown in your life,
The ones that are special and show your true light.

Monday is for reflecting your achievements to follow,
Let your days and weeks go by knowing that the start of your time is only the shadow.
Emily May 2018
It is surely needed at midday,
For we can’t make it a delay!

Caffeine is our friend,
Make sure you don’t let it pend

That earthy flavour,
Goes well with the lunch and paper,

Make sure it’s at least one if not two!
It’ll make a sandwich taste Devine with virtue.

Don’t let the idea stray,
Make sure you have a top day!
Emily May 2018
Fish of the sea,
Don’t you dare flee!

You are delicious,
With lemon, cheese and biscuits!

Cooked on the barbecue,
Or in a fish stew!

So full of calcium and protein you are,
we won’t have you go far!
My lunch today!
Emily May 2018
You go so far and so wide,
For you can enter with a slide!

You can snuggle but leave so much fur,
Sneaking about being careful not to miss a chair!

Make sure you take every opportunity,
Make sure you keep your sanity.

Don’t go too wild,
As you may not stay a child.

Dog like cat,
You do like a pat!

When held you tend to flop,
Flop your way through until you pop!

You pop like a rocket,
Without notice you’ve got it!

Out of sight,
But stay near the house and away from those flashing car lights!
Emily May 2018
Where is the art?
For we can break it apart!

Break it into little pieces,
To make it a thesis.

With Creativity, innovation and spirituality,
Brings magic and a new reality!

We can’t deny our love for design,
For it always afloats our mind.

Life would be boring without this,
Please do me a favour and promote it.
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