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Äŧül Dec 2016
If I could,
I would recall them all.
The messages saying I love you,
The messages saying I hate you.
If I could,
I would recall them all.
Because I don't want your memories.

'Coz you were not destined to be mine.
It's my destiny that I will meet my match.
In the next rebirth if not now.
And we will meet again for forever.

HP Poem #1328
©Atul Kaushal
Love is what is but total sacrifice
Of life ,health, wealth and property
This is price of the sweetest spice
Of wonderful and gorgeous beauty

Love is God beauty is its real trait
Fortune dances on its eternal peak
Love is but beauty's real soulmate
Truth on its eternal edge to speak

Love is an embrace in total silence
Less tongue every part just speaks
Every sensible becomes but senseless
Beloved is silent but her heart speaks

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Julie Grenness May 2016
Here you are again, O Dawn,
I've become Dame Washalot reborn,
Of suds, I am a champion
of expertise in washingdom,
What did we trade off for golden rings?
Is it still that biology-is- destiny thing?
Are all men such total duds?
Do you ever feel the need to suds?
Or am I queen of the rotten mongrels? Tough!
Now,  I have to vacuum, **** it up!
Vacuum now, or wash later?
Why I am a procrastinator?
This multi-tasking womanly thing,
Are wedding rings washing bling?
Whinging is fun, but no one listens,
See this washing glow and glisten!
So, here you are again, O Dawn,
Here I am, Dame Washalot reborn!!
Bit of fun. Feedback welcome.
Spider Murphy Aug 2015
Can we truly erase the mistakes a pack of lies we built this wall now its simply stands upon shifting sands and a awkward silence.
Another cruel ***** another lost ***** consumed by ego.

Did the fire simply smolder or did we do all to destroy it ourselves my dear?

Painted pictures are simply things to collect dust like worn romance novels and assorted fairytales lets fix together least maybe we can drown in this misery together aside from others  *******.

In strangers touch and a soul to lost for you to care .
the pawn  no place  held for the queen how I remember you in tatters long before this scene.

Lets drop the act simply to see it die.
Burn it down to the rafters  and enjoy the bliss of chaos so perfectly divine.

I no longer care and you just no longer mask your lies as well as before.

Two doses of poison never meant to mix .
Seems were the perfect storm it  was a beautiful summer in hell.
A edge to sharp to stand so we simply fell for lack of nothing better to do.

The illusion has long passed .
And now only are scars remain.
Peace, the perfect total peace in me today
When there is serenity
In my mind, heart and soul
All in harmony with the portion of me,
'The portion of my existence'.
Jack Lucid Jul 2014
In my eye there is desire
In the depths of my soul burns an unquenchable fire
consuming my flaccid resolve like flax
sinking in  tooth and claw
my sworn enemy is  addiction
whispers in my ear and melts away conviction
Will i conquer this or perish in agony?
Will i commit to love or die tragically.
Like an elephant on my chest
this beast of burden grants no one rest.
Martin Narrod May 2014
You were totally something else. Like a calm respite overcoming an instance of excitement. Magic and other prime words that can dictate the inarticulate adjectives that was this afternoon. Happiness and pleasure. A coexistence. To coexist. Soy.

— The End —