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If you say, life is beautiful,
You discriminate the blind

If you say, life is sweet,
You discriminate people that have ageusia

If you say, then, that life is melodious,
You discriminate the deaf

If you comment that life feels good,
You discriminate the people with anaphia

If you say, life a grand speech,
You discriminate the dumb.

So, Life is neither of the five senses,
But Life is the Common Sense.
The mountains loom in the distance;
green, blue, grey
The rivers flow; winding to the sea
The winds blow; gentle and sometimes strong
The sea waves roll; progressive or capillary

so is my life;
sometimes, like a mountain of many colors that depend on the state of the mood,
like a river with many winding pathways,
like the wind with intermittent moods,
or even like sea waves caused by different pressures in my life.
This is my weather of life.
Falling in love is the hardest part,
Falling out of it is the easiest, yet most heartbreaking.
It breaks my loving heart and crushes my  mental well being to pieces
Soccer own goal; against your purpose - disappointed
Score a goal; your purpose is - a celebration
The urge of love in my gut
is a sign that I am still loving you.
Towering mast
looming in the distance
takes my voice to the other side of the world
through the unseen waves
in the sky.
Moon and the stars I see in the night sky
Venus the brightest in the evening and the morning sky
But Serena is the brightest shining star still in the Tennis galaxy of stars.
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