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MSunspoken Jan 2020
A bird cannot  fly
If it carries too much weight on it’s wings-
Instead it will be left to silently cry
As it watches all it’s friends

A roadrunner cannot run
If it eats too many worms-
Not because of any extra weight
But because his conscience holds his feet

A human cannot thrive
As long as they’re alone-
But alone they will stay
If they carry hate in their soul
twenty-six Oct 2019
body shaking
lips trembling
slowly feeling numb
trying to hold it back

heart pounding
heavy breathing
fear creeping in
how long should i hold back

still hoping
but slowly wishing
i could let go
and not hold back

always wishing
i wasn't the one chasing
and now realizing
another tear fell from my eyes
Maia Aug 2019
My love is a flower,
So desperate
To cling to the dirt on her feet-
Breathing the sound of the wind,
Petals reaching
For the ghost of a sun
Long gone,
Sunken under the silhouette of
Are an ocean
I ache to swallow
Afraid I’ll drown-
In your love
Is a drug
Of warmth and light,
It is all I need
In this dark-
natalie Jan 2019
it's the year of the horse...
more wealth, better health, less remorse.

i'm counting down the days til i die,
but leaving myself to wonder why.

is keeping you close what i need?
or are you hindering my paths to succeed?
CrookedMantis Dec 2017
Always feel free
to say what you feel.
Even in secret
it’ll help your heart heal.
Juju Aug 2017
I told them I needed time.
That time I'll take,
To hold face,
gain control.
Then I'll see what feels right,
Trying not to see how you react.
My actions shouldn't care,
Even if my heart does.
I'll try not to see how you react.
Samm Marie Moore May 2016
Swim as fast as you can
To get away
Before the explosion

You can't look back
Otherwise you'll drown
And go down with it

The tension in your soul
He can't hurt you
Ever again

I know you loved him
But you will move on
Everything will be fine

A ghost of the past
Is not a light of the future
Abandon ship and fly

I promise
This one
Is for me and anyone who
Needs it

Let everything hold you back
Because pain is temporary
We will survive
This is for everyone, honestly. We all have something we need to give up in order to feel some sort of release, a catharsis. Please don't give up hope because WE are strong.
JG Fletcher Nov 2015
I really don't understand
Why people think they
Have me figured out
Sure, I'm well mannered
Respectful and giving
My natural introversion
Proceeds me at times
But believe when I say
There's more to me
Then what you see
At face value
I'm layered
And I only open up
To a select few
The worst part is
I haven't opened up to you
I uphold my shy demeanor
But in due time
I won't hold back
And my actions
Will turn admirable
Written on a night when the moon glows yellow in the riptide
Jose Gonzalez Aug 2015
My Heart is parched and my Soul runs low of strength,
rumblings from within in hunger for Love.

I must ration myself as I journey alone,
keeping reserves of what I have to offer.

I carry seeds of love and devotion close to me,
  so they are not grown in haste.

I  store in carefulness of what is tucked away,
so not as to lose for what may be ahead.  

Does that me beggarly? A poor soul to pity? Soured by bitter drink?
No, for I am wiser in knowing of my travels,

To wait for the feast, of The Harvest of Love, when it is time.

Copyright ©  Jose Gonzalez 2015
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