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Brent Kincaid Feb 2016
I lived through it,
The up and down times
When I sold ***
And did other petty crimes.
I was there when
Hot girls were really guys
Hiding floppy secrets
Between their nyloned thighs.

I loved through it,
Saturdays that started
On Tuesday morning
When I first departed;
Two packs of cigs
And a week’s doobies,
By then a value
Almost that of rubies.

I laughed through it,
A **** *****, your jokes
Were so funny if
You were providing smokes.
I flattered and flirted
Whatever it would finally take
To score a bit of ****,
Even the skimpiest shake.

I lolled through it,
Lying buck naked in your bed
Or with your guests
Whatever you originally said
Because you scored,
You were the source of dope.
Without your patronage
I didn’t have a moment of hope.

I hitchhiked through it,
Long trips back from Malibu
When I had worn out
My welcome to the world of you.
I hope the ride might be
Another adventure; more ****,
Or some food and drink
To satisfy my every begging need.
luapharas Sep 2015
I’m guilt-ridden over wanting what I don’t have
n’ not being appreciative of what I’ve got
scenery is all based on perspective
don’t need a view when you’ve got sweet tunes to relax the mind
cavity craving anything with a good beat

and lyrics that mean something

spend hours flowing from genre to genre

exploring the sounds of new and old
these tunes 
pound through my headphones

feeling the beat through my veins

as though my heart beats 
to every drum solo 

I hum when I'm happy

from sappy love songs 
to classic rock
Im no good with small talk

lets get high and talk about life 
to death,
and everything i n
 b e t w e e n

put on some jams, 
smoke a couple grams, 
and just be 
Cave Man Jun 2015
Take a ****
Inhale the smoke,
This isn't no joke

I love this plant
Let's make a chant,
All hail this incredible plant

Marijuana is the best
**** all the rest,
I'll take this rest

I'm high
While you lie,
There's no time to disguise

So let's take a ****
Inhale the smoke,
Because this I no joke

Marijuana is the best smoke!!!

ellis danzel Dec 2014
That night you told me we were the same kind of crazy.

I take a peek at you through my Wells goggles. I've had a sip too much of my grapefruit ***** and we are the only two people in the bar.

I'm light as a feather and with gin nipping at our noses, we let Jack Frost drive the car that night.

That's the thing though, sober or not it's all the same game. The wells is just gasoline to ignite our volatile roulette.

Drink number two still as pink but this time I'm ******* faster. I'm trying to imagine that the lime at the bottom taste like your lips and I am inching towards your soul.

That night you told me we were the same kind of crazy.

Chemical malfunctions in our past, led us to that moment. Infinite understanding of misunderstanding.

I'm light as a feather and I let you drive home, but I never asked if I could stay.

I cannot do simple math to save myself from blushing. As people start trickling in I count my breath and catch the eye of a familiar stranger.

He was wearing the most arousing scarf.

I wish that was your scarf.

With Jack Frost waiting in the car and grapefruit in my veins I count the steps synchronising the strides with my heartbeat.

**** it's cold. Please let me hold your hand.

Pack the bowl, pack the ****, pack the one-y

Isn't it funny that rhymes with honey.

Glossy eyes and records. Your White as fresh snow sheets.

I digress.

Why do you always make me leave?

I could just lie with you, I'd just like to listen to you.

We talk, but vaguely. I wish you'd open up to me.

I'm sorry.

Comfort keeps us swollen, but what we have is frail.

Maybe I don't love you, but I don't feel cold to you either.

Give me something to think about when you aren't around.

You're my friend.

Platonic, no depth, just silence.

My vocal absence attempts to create space for your stories.

What are you about? How did you get here? What happened to make you untrusting of my company?

These are these things you think I cannot see.

Somewhere in our cloud of smoke is the door to your heart.

I don't want it to be mine, I just want it to tell me stories.
Luna Elora Nov 2014
This burns my throat
But boy do I feel relaxed
It's not often I play with Mary Jane.
But I feel a little less insane
The room is a haze
Filled with smoke
I'm left in a daze
When I ****
I feel amazing
Megan Nov 2014
What if...
I'm as light as a feather and as heavy as lead.
What am I doing here?
Where do I want to go?

What if...
Now something stupid to think off.
We could run in the fields?
And pretend we are kings and queens?

What if...
I can't fathom the universe.
And we are just here?
And we don't exactly know where?

What if...
Let's live more lies.
Do we ever fall in love?
Do we ever know the worst from the best?

Takes hit.
And as the smoke billows out and away,
I wonder
What if?...
I'm too high to care for appropriate or approximate meters right now <3

— The End —