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Cave Man Dec 2015
Im just a liar and a theif
I steal **** and lie about being free
Im not a hippie like i once was
When the world kills your dream
Maybe this isnt just all that it seems
Everything seems to be dead
Like the future generations ahead
I shouldnt give up they say
But thats all they have to say
No point
No lesson learned here
Were all broken
These words are being mispoken
Into a fake world
That seems not to care if i was dead
I could **** myself now
And no one would even dare to make a sound
This is the 21rst century
The place where we truly lost the way
Cave Man Oct 2015
As strange as it seems
hopeless by all mean,
life could be free
for open minds live simply

The muse is on her way
straight to the open graves
something can be done
for the ones who have none

life isn't always what it seems
openly and free,
now is not the time to dwell
only you can save yourself

Open the doors
don't stick to one floor
life is on its way
life is on its way
life is on its way
Cave Man Oct 2015
Your life was created
you deserve to be celebrated
Each soul is living heaven and hell
this makes many stories to tell

The wise man lives life simply
the ignorant can't even be fitting
they're so about possession
this world needs recreations

The legend gives life form
coming straight out of the dorms,
with a poetic soul to give emotion
and a rockers heart to devotion.
the man is like a shaman
yelling on stage yeah man!

with the smell of marijuana in the air
there is no time to spare,
Give in to the alternate reality
where its nothing but being happy
Cave Man Oct 2015
We're all like fish
waiting in a tiny fish bowl
till the day we find the hole

your freedom doesn't exist
so you have the will to resist
these days you'll have to risk

Whats The point to all that stands
when no one gives a helping hand
will they be forgiven?The Ones Who Ran.
Death Becomes A Star
Which we conquer Freedom

Its Like Being Reborn
Then Again Through This hell were torn,Not knowing what lesson is to be learned
into this hell we're thrown.
when its time to run and hide
who will be there to protect the sky?

after you've forgotten greed
you will be freed
from this possessions
If there's something you don't understand in this just tell and i'll be happy to explain
  Oct 2015 Cave Man
KarmaRich Shima
There's no happiness in anything, until happiness in self
An honest and beautiful soul is greater than any amount of wealth
Look within you and you'll find the key to your contentment
Don't let your path to money be futile and relentless
Cave Man Sep 2015
I've lost it in the
Depths of sadness,
All in the worlds of
Fake happiness.

I should have let go
During my days of madness,
I've called on the names
Of the courageous.

I've always seemed to be
The one who loses,
Useless oh useless.

Gods have come and
Some are even done.

Love me as I love you,
My heart never really liked feeling blue.

This world is living hell.

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