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Nikkie Jan 2021
We are tied together by space and time.
The earth stands still whenever we are together.
You have shockingly good vibes, they mesh
with the intensity of your touch.

The music stops, time is halted, we lay together,
and just be.
When you go back home and leave me behind,
I turn away so you can't see me cry.

I can feel your energy, though we are miles apart.
You are forever embedded in the chambers of my heart.
heart, love, stand still, time, forever, away,
Simon Jul 2020
Logic isn't logic if it's forced down your throat! Which is exactly why logic can't protect itself against its own reasoning when forced to do something it's never to have been done ever before, since an idea's very conception!
Sometimes logic pieces things together that isn't always "perfection"!
Vexren4000 Mar 2017
Ocean currents flowing from the upper twilight of,
The flowing unending seascape.
To depths and darkest abyssal zones,
Where beasts of fancy and fantasy fight for survival.
Places where time exists almost halted,
Upon husks of great ships, and caverns of ancient animals.
Preserved by the lack of man and mother nature's intervention.
Evolution stays stagnant-slowed.
The ocean depths preserving things of man and beast.
Even whole societies, islands, and villages ****** into the icy depths.
Marked now "property of Davey Jones".
In his treasure-filled, and soul filled locker.


— The End —