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hayley Leeds Apr 2016
I can only see what you see,
I can show you yourself
but I cannot comment as I have no mouth.
if you choose to change then I will watch you,
If some don't like what they see, they avoid me or break me,
but doing either of those things achieves nothing,
because I only see what they see, they cannot hide from their own mind.
I only see them as they see themselves, i have no mouth so I do not lie.
I can only see what they see, i cannot say that their opinions are wrong or right,
I see them only as they see themselves with their own eyes, what am I?
You never know how broken someone really is until they give you a part of themselves.
K R W Jan 2016
I don't understand how one can hurt so badly
But continue to hurt themselves more

Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Days squeeze us hard                                                                                              Simply because they're pregnant with                                                                   A lot of things ,                                                                                                         Good or bad ...                                                                                                          We are totally depressed and we are completely disappointed ...                        Courage is needed ,but                                                                                            Hard stumbling-blocks prevent us from going ahead ...                                      Patience is greatly needed ,but                                                                                We are greatly impatient ...                                                                                     We run away to the rear                                                                                            Simply because we can not run away to the front ...                                       All ways and sub-ways are totally closed ...                                                       We don't have wings to fly ...                                                                              Hard times besiege all of us ,                                                                              Up and down ,                                                                                                     Rich and poor ,                                                                                                    Strong and weak ,and                                                                                         Near or far ....                                                                                                       That's our way !                                                                                                   ___________________
Sierra Nov 2014

That's all anyone ever cares about
No I'm not mad..I think I've accepted
That it is human nature

So excuse me
While I go comfort my friends
As I myself fall apart

I don't know how much longer
I can care

I don't even care about myself

And all they care about is



— The End —