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Lost out at sea on my only boat,
in my panic I went and lost its only oar,
now I needed a way to get to shore,
oh, by the way, it’s not that I have been here before.

I have been to the beach even as a child,
sea she has always been kind and mild,
waves it seemed to me played with me and smiled,
seashore had my imagination run wild.

Rough conditions and a rudderless boat,
only love for the sea and no one else to see,
telling myself I will reach this shore it’s easy,
praying I will soon do something gutsy.

I haven’t seen a mermaid,
but she was right there for my aid,
guiding me like a beacon that was putting on a parade,
her fins were as pretty even when they swayed.

The night must have passed,
Sun hit my face and the sea was vast,
I woke up wondering why I was not at the shore,
my mermaid was with me I swore,
the lady yelled “are you okay” like a roar,
Her badge said she was from the Marine Corps.

I had seen my Mermaid.
TS. 2019.
There was once a world,
It was filled with turmoil and burned,
sure wasn’t pretty from what I’ve heard,
until the humans arrived as a timely herd.

Building many a wooden castle,
hunting and gathering for a borderless travel,
toiling and tilling for the prize of a cattle,
sweating and smelting for they were worthy of a muscle.
When they grew food, the world breathed happy.

Three pounds of a brainy miracle,
launching many civilizations in a circle,
getting a man on the moon by flying like an eagle,
When they sought new future, the world dazzled in their presence.

I find this tribe is starting to drift,
causing many a rift,
perhaps going back to their roots of borderless travel and mutual admiration,
may become their ultimate gift.
Oh, wait I am part of them,
let me be that human today.
The world can look pretty like before.
TS. 2019. Meliorism - idea that world can be made better by human effort. Took that as the main cue to elaborate my thoughts. Let me know how it reads
I wish I had more time,
maybe slow the seconds on a dime,
double the minutes it’s already daytime,
add few hours to this joint show knowing it’s our prime time.

I have watched her thru pilot season,
grew a bonding even from preseason,
fast forward to now, and grew she did,
walk with me slowly god forbid,
as you are my everything in this unending void.

I thought I wasn’t good enough,
all my instructions and advise I thought were too tough,
yet she knew my acting tough was a bluff.

Amidst all the chatter my mind thinks,
as I wanted to say how I felt,
she wouldn’t let me complete and said jinx.
our walk together was complete,
my mind was ready to binge watch her grow again.
TS. 2019.  Bond between a mother and child from mother's eyes.
I had a globe in my hand,
at an age I couldn’t fully understand,
it was made of rubber,
and could expand,
let it float the creek water,
to play catch on the other side as planned,
alas it floated away before my feet was out of sand.

It was my first terrible loss,
I didn’t know the emotion that I came across,
couldn’t get sleep as I turned and tossed,
blaming and demeaning myself for what I had lost,
at an age when I didn’t know what this pain had cost.

Bright and early the sun beamed,
at a face that felt redeemed,
it was all creek’s fault to have me schemed,
act of nature that took my globe away as it seemed.
quickly moving on not searching for a mossy robe,
focusing instead on finding a new globe.

Denial helped me learn,
living in pain would have me at a point of no return,
I was now on the beach thinking about more important earthly concern.
TS. 2019.  Contest entry - "power of denial and managing pain"
It was cold night at play,
desert was cooler today,
without you and your illusory overlay,
I would have lost my way.

Are you the lucky seven?
guiding us through the vault of heaven,
to show me where I am heading,
maybe gods have come down through sages for a blessing.

Big bear or a little bear,
great wagon or a saucepan,
summit or bucket,
call it what you like,
be our eternal GPS,
and put on any fancy dress,
I will know universe is my own personal God nonetheless.
TS. 2019. Poetry about Big Dipper constellation. Sky watching.
Possessed wings,
         but with fear of flight
worried about what others would think
         until I took flight,
and now others didn’t
         matter at that height.
TS. 2019. Contest entry for 'importance of self image'
I am here to be known as an elf
forever to be myself
riding my reindeer my only wealth.

Maybe I am the start of the next evolution,
first humans arrived when I wasn’t here,
‘tis only fair that I stay when they left as last remaining sightseer,
know I make my own delusions of grandeur.

Happy to build sculptures and arts as a record of honor,
for the next evolution is right around the corner.
I will be the optimistic Elf,
to become famous when the next new mankind discover,
but knowing that now makes me live forever.
TS. 2019.  Contest - if you were the last person on earth, what would you do?
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