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Imagine my heart
Without you
Oh sweetheart
Imagine my life
Without you
My beautiful wife,
Imagine myself
Without you every day
I'd be truly lost,
Without you my
Beautiful wife..
My Sweetheart Love
Sweetheart ...

to your eyes ...
i'm talking with ..
always and every time ...
even when i dive in a asleep ...
i drew your eyes ...
so deeply inside me ...
to keep talking with you ....
about my longs and desires ...
yes ...
desire you sweetheart ...
I crave to your sleepy eyes ...
and for a  touch your hand to my hands ...
desire you in every night ...
crave to an endless hug ...
until the sun rise ...
while my heart beats...
between your hands ...
to feel it's desire ...
while it beats ...
only for you ...

yes sweetheart ...
as a rare sunshine ...
your beauty face is ...
as a deep sea ...
your eyes are ...
and as this big world ...
your loving heart is ...

desire you ...
long for you ...
only you ...
sweet angel mine ...

love you sweetheart ...

hazem al ...
katie Mar 16
he called me, "honey" as if it was second nature
and in his presence, i felt comfortable and calm
does he know that these tears are a result of longing,
and not of my evergrowing qualms?
i dreamt about my love, and there he called me his darling.
isabel mayaka Feb 17
I am leaving, sweetheart
No you mustn’t cry
I want you to take my soul
I give her to you

She sings, sweetheart
Beautiful melodies, you’ll love them
I hear my requiem deep within me
We’re saying our goodbyes

She dances, sweetheart
Around and around the table
Boat rocking on treble waves
I feel the rhythm in my toes

Don’t cry, sweetheart
My body may be dying
But all I am, all I have ever been is with you now
Keep her safe for me
A B Faniki Jan 5
My love even in anger she looks pretty
because of the subtle smile that sneak
upon her face like the beautiful light
of the morning ray that creep upon dawn.
if you ask me what stuff are great dreams
made of the answer is simple "My Love"
for she is to me like rain
is to the earth and like sleep is
to the body good through and through.
© A BFaniki 01/05/2020 A free verse poem about love.
David P Carroll Nov 2019
Take my hands and feel
My love touching you,
Kissing you slowly
Holding you in my arms
Gazing into your eyes,
Remember your forever
In my arms and forever
In my heart sweetheart.....
His Heart
Onomatopiyya Nov 2019
They can say No
They will always say No

But my Darling
If you have the WILL
You'll do it
Even when they say No

LIVE your LIFE sweetheart
They won't always be around for you
But You WILL always
Have to live your life
No matter what

Stay strong
Love yourself
Let them say No
You build your life better
Who else gonna make your life better
If it's not YOU
You will survive
it's absurd to let a sweetheart slip away
but impossible to keep her around
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