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Pastell dichter Sep 2015
Sweetheart I love you,
You don't need a mask,
Your beautiful and smart
and sweetheart I love you,
for you and not for who you pretend to be,
You don’t need to try to be any thing more than you,
Because you are strong and brave
and I know you may not love your self as much as you should,
But sweetheart I love you,
So please don't hide behind a mask,
Let me see you as you and not as any one else,
I believe in you sweetheart,
I know you can do it,
I’m not asking you to smile for me,
I’m not asking you to laugh,
I just want you sweetheart,
Because I love you and I want my sweetheart back.
for my maple
Gudden  Oct 2015
My sweetheart
Gudden Oct 2015
My sweetheart is very sweet,
I never thought he could be a cheat..
But my sweetheart being very sweet,
My misconception did beat...

My sweetheart is very cute,
For me he used to play piano and at times flute,
My sweetheart being very cute,
With his flute,  at me loads of love did shoot...

My sweetheart is very important,
He never left me alone and nowhere did went...
My sweetheart being very important..
With his attitude, today went..
Many years ago a young man traveled to a far away land

The sweetheart box

He met a young woman while there
They became sweethearts

The sweetheart box

When Valentines Day came he had never experienced it

The sweetheart box

But he went and found a gold heart box of chocolates decorated with an orange rose

The sweetheart box

He put it in a brown paper bag with a card to give to his sweetheart

The sweetheart box

When he saw her, he handed her the bag and smiled a big, bright smile

He said happy Valentines Day!

The sweetheart box
David P Carroll Jan 2017
My Sweetheart
We dream to sweetheart
Love each other together
Forever we dream
Oh sweetheart forever
We truly dream
Oh sweetheart
Our hearts
Beating together
Dreaming together
In pure love as
We truly love each other
My sweetheart
Together Forever
We shall always be
In love
David P Carroll
My Sweetheart
David P Carroll Nov 2016
Puppies are so cute my sweetheart
Peppers are so hot my sweetheart
Ice is so cold my sweetheart
Beer is so sweet my sweetheart
All just like you my sweetheart
I no you are all these above
But I truly do love you sweetheart
I no you always love me
Sweetheart but not
As much as I truly love you
I love you more than
You love me o sweetheart
I truly do sweetheart.
David P Carroll
I Truly Do
For you sweetheart I would....

...writhe in the ecstasy of the tragic
or behave violently,
enmeshed in ******,
heroic havoc

I would stalk the thing that hurt you and stab-it.
or quickly tie it up and drag it,
as I whisper as a crazed maverick ; click, click, son!
and swallow back the drip, drip, umm....
of the vial of acid...….as I sip, sip, yum-
Facing the truth of the mirror I find myself presently hung

For you sweetheart....!
I would sacrifice the self
relegate my identity to the bottom shelf

I would Focus on  opposites...
and pervert the lost truth of buddhists; preaching and installing the sinful cysts...

of consumerism & material wealth, I hope you get the gist.
I would Climb to the monastery & maliciously yell
“Come on you drunk monk Its for your helllth!”

Doing what you always wanted
by changing the state of truth
from overwhelming presence an unseen, veiled stealth

for you I would jump out of the highest helicopter sans parachute
!ha! writing and dying, but for you,  its such a hoot

For you Sweet love,
I would divide by zero,
March up to physics and blackholes say “hey F-yourself” unceremoniously killing the hero
remembering so vividly
how we intoxicatedly emptied oil on the baby-seals relaxing on the soil of the now empty sea shelf

but for you oh dear, I would empty myself of fear
and empathize with a jellyfish
I hate Jellyfish.

Please Imagine sweet- love,
how we would get married,
and go through all the steps to have a sweet- baby
and in the birthing room while you’re extra weary,
I would ask the simple question to hold and carry
this special
little baby

I would look you in the eyes, smile widely and drop it
While you pleaded, choked eyes pleading for some God to stop it

But thats a little extreme so lets take time and rewind the scene
So that you wouldn’t think of little ol’ loving ego me as being so especially mean

Then, amidst candles start smoothly & sweeten the deal with cannibalistic clipart
Preparing to Dine on the sweet meal of a sweetheart’s sweet heart.

For you I would
I would **** a man and smoke salvia at his funeral
Then desperately plead my case,  
so surreal while I Appeal deliriously and unable
to the divine
or the courtroom of an esoteric, alien race

Oh love.
I would bury myself in venomous spiders
submit myself to mysterious haitian-zombie rituals
To keep you pure and far from pitiful
I would Self-immolate to distance you from pain and the sinful

I would put the world to sleep
so that they won’t stir, wake,
or open their eyes to peep
the pain of the sun,
burning the Sea-t
of their corneas
with its brilliant and all-encompassing,
luminous heat

Oh for you bella, I would put down three 1/5ths of law and turn the key
Oh beautiful, now the mothers against drunk driving are sooo MADD at me
Because for YOU
I Crashed into their headquarters traveling erratically and so haphazardly

For you I would do everything
not just anything

I would chill with monks that do all the ****** up things
Go to a girls house, burn the family, burn the home
have ******* with the survivor hopefully alone
and afterwards take a long time to gnaw viciously through my bones.

for you I would discuss that maybe this voice Isn’t fit for the world
So i just wink out of existence
to protect everything from my impact, characterized as it is, so spun and twirled

For you sweetheart, I would even let this poem go unwritten.
Just so the world would not be smitten
With the space between the righteous and the wrong
the difference, is what we feel,
For you truth I write this song.

Ostensibly and indefinitely, I would infinitely
remember thee
and it all planning to never do it again.
...because my Circuitry is charged with the pain to amend me.

For your own amusement
I would help possibility incarnate
fulfill itself A-moral and without hate
the good the bad and the ugly because …..remember
When it comes to poetic possibility  
The U-and-I-verse doesn’t discriminate

I would free the slaves from freedom
I would emulate pagans and heathens
I’ll be all you don’t need when you seek to amend the world of men

For you sweetheart I would publish this as a children’s night time book
Noandy Aug 2015
I am not a work of art. I don’t have that much beauty in me to help me create one. I’ve always wanted something that might help me with my works. Whispering trees, mocking buildings, silent pavements, weary soil; everything that used to work simply drives me numb now. Being too absorbed into my works for these past few months, I failed to notice a change so near that pretty much sparked me.

Who needs trees with their leaves of wire under the smoking mid-day sun to inspire your art if your standard of beauty lies near to you?

My sweetheart had a beautiful long hair, it went under his shoulder and always managed to fall graciously like  confounded summer leaves. The temperate air would sometimes brush it away from his face instead of his own two hands. My hair is short, dry, and plump. Hanging like a rope up to my chin only. One of the sole reason his hair is the thing I started to cherished the most, and had started to become my favorite object to paint. I still can see the shine glimmering strand by strand; framing his smile in a grotesque manner.

My sweetheart had a long, beautiful hair. It was a pity he did not like it as much as I did, despite taking care of it in the best way possible. I can still remember the unsettling shadow whenever he looked down and was darkened by the dim complexion of his soft raven hair. Always the peculiar inspiration to my art. He was a work of art, an original beauty.

My sweetheart had a breathtaking long hair, it had been an oblivious month or two since the last time I saw him, before isolating myself with tons of faded colors. His long hair ignited me, but gradually it tortured me, tossing me unimaginable fear for I could not paint it in its natural beauty. All I could think of was:

I might ruin beauty.

What a shame, I was filled with spirit before being frustrated all over again.

My sweetheart had a heartbreaking long hair, which he promised to cut sooner or later. My sweetheart had a melancholic long hair, a beautiful thing that led us to a mouthful argument and rough doublespeak. He shouldn’t have planned to cut it, I practically begged him to not to. I am lost within my mind, how am I supposed to continue working if the only thing that I was trying to paint went away?

I had a sweetheart who had a gorgeous long hair and I was a selfish imbecile and a stray soul.

I wouldn’t bear a single thoughts of seeing him without the dark curtains wrapping his head like the parlor of an old fortune teller.

How am I supposed to work with him?

The only things I have are these empty canvases, paint in the colors of tears, and paintbrush.


Gather your material, prepare for the bristles.
It could be made of various materials,
Animal hair,
Such as:
Horse hair, from the mane and the tail,
Or any other kind of animals with long hair,
Needle trees and grasses,
Synthetic hair,
Human hair.

Second, prepare the handle of your brush.
bamboos, sticks from one's own yard are recommended,
For a professional look, we suggest doweling.

Next, select a strong adhesive to attach the bristle to the handle. You would have to spread the adhesive glue to the tip of the handle and attach it with the bristle.

After that, wait for the glue to dry before you carry on to the next step.
Find a strong material like metal or rope to bind the handle and the bristle together.

And there you have your home-made personal brush.

Despite making it in a rush and on a drunken heart, I pretty much loved the result.

If only you did not argue to cut your hair.
If only I could think clearly, better than this,
I could still see my sweetheart’s eloquent long hair in its most proper and beautiful form, to ignite my heart even more.
Not in the form of this ******, hellbound paintbrush I made myself in the most abhorrence manner.

I should not have gnashed your head to the tip of my easel after you told me your little desire of having a shorter hair,
I should not have been that ill-tempered, overflowing your head with warm red liquid.

Ah well,
My sweetheart had a beautiful long hair and a fresh thick blood.
At least I would still have the chance to work with him though I can see him no longer.
I have his soft hair attached onto my paintbrush, giving me the wildest dream,
And his blood in the color of blooming red Chrysanthemum,
It should not have happened,
But what could be better than this?
David P Carroll Nov 2016
Every moment I'm with you sweetheart is truly beautiful your my love your my dream come true my favorite place is inside of your warm
Heart knowing we are warm together Love I love you sweetheart I love you sweetheart our love blossoms like a pretty yellow flower love me and I'll
Always love you sweetheart i love you with every beat inside my heart and more than anyone knows your
My beautiful Angel from above may our hearts beat together in true love never alone never apart but my sweetheart your are always deep inside of my beating heart I truly love you forever.
David P Carroll
I Love You Sweetheart
David P Carroll Nov 2016
Will you let me love you sweetheart
Will you let me hold you sweetheart
Will you let me kiss you sweetheart
I'm dreaming of a life with you sweetheart only you and
Truly loving you my sweetheart.
David P Carroll
Will You Let Me Sweetheart
Morgan Mercury Oct 2014
My love is vast.
My love is strong.
My love is driven by the thought
of you noticing me one day.
Although I am told that some love never blooms
like flowers struggling during the bitter colds.
I have nothing to offer you.
All I have are my bones.
They hold me up
on days I feel like a bird with broken wings,
but I will always love you with the lights on.
I will care for your wounds
until you're able to fly again.
Until you can reach the moon.
So play your guitar
and sing your songs.
I will admire you from afar
as you carry on.
Don't worry about me.
I'm not trying to come off as a creep
but I love your eyes,
and how they look like dark coffee.
I love the way you speak.
Each word a melody.
Every sentence a song.
I'm caught on your hook.
I could listen all day long.
I'm lost in your music
while you're lost in this madness.
So don't worry my dear,
the flowers will someday bloom.
I shall save these words for you.
I'll read them out to you,
but only once during the blue moon.

You're a sweetheart and a really brave bird.
So walk with me to the edge of the earth
and I will share you all my secrets,
and you will share me yours.
We'll tie them both to balloons
and let them go.
Lay with me down on this pearly dew-drop grass.
We'll watch the clouds travel to and fro,
just stay with me in this perfect spot.
You don't have to go.
hazem al jaber Nov 2016
take me sweetheart ...

take me darling ...
back again to you ...
take me from my loneliness...
i can't live anymore with out you ...
lonely i feel ...
lonely cold nights ...
boring and so deep ...
i can't bear at all...
take me sweetheart ...
please do ...
i can live without you ...
missed you ...
missed your smell...
your smile ...
your warm lap ...
and every part in you ...
yes i do ...
please take me again to you ...

alone i am ...
only with my dark nights ...
feel cold...
feel lost ...
only counting stars ...
into my dark night ...
so long are my nights...
while you are so far from me...
get me back to you ...
give me the life again ...
through you breathes...
i need so much you ...
i can't live without you ...

please do ...
my sweetheart...
take me again to you ...

hazem al...

— The End —